50+ Sample Packing Lists

What Are Packing Lists?

A packing list can be defined into two. The first, or the most common definition, is that a packing list serves as your official checklist of what to bring with you on a certain expedition. Take traveling for a road trip—for example. The packing list helps you remember the essentials so you have everything packed in your bags. Meanwhile, a packing list can also refer to the details of what a package contains. And this second definition applies more to the shipping and logistics sector.

It is known that 68% of Americans have plans to go for a summer vacation.

The Components of a Standard Packing List

Yes, battling forgetfulness is one way to use a packing list. But do you ever wonder what a typical packing list looks like? Packing lists are expected to have the following components:

Title: A clear title of ‘Packing List’ should start the document. And you can add a more specific title so you won’t mix it up with other packing lists may it be a beach packing list, an international delivery packing list, or any other function.Itemized List: A list obviously contains a numbered or itemized set of lists. Expect all the things needed to pack to be enumerated so you will be guided accordingly.Checkboxes: Just like a to-do list, packing lists contain checkboxes or blanks where you can mark all the things that have been packed or done already. So when all checkboxes are marked, that means you achieved in packing everything.Tables and Categories: Lists become more organized when there are tables, charts, and categories. This idea is how you divide your list of things to pack. For example, you have one category mainly for bathing essentials, another category for food expenses, and so forth.Notes: Leave an extra spot for additional notes in your document. You never know some notes and attachments might come in handy someday to ensure packing runs smoothly.

How to Formulate a Packing List

Now that you have been introduced to what packing lists are, take a step further by applying your current knowledge to the test. Are you ready to make your own packing list? It is very simple! You only need to follow these four steps below.

Step 1: Finalize What Your Packing List Is For

What is your packing list’s purpose? Whether it is used for a logistics invoice, a holiday cruise, or any other reason, be reminded of that purpose so you won’t lose track of what to make use of that list. And you can state your reason right in the title as a quick reminder.

Step 2: Review What to Pack and Insert the Packing List’s Elements

Yes, you need packing lists to remember what to pack. But what exactly are they? State them individually until you come up with the full list. Don’t forget to be very specific with your items and that you won’t mention the same things twice or you might get doubles. Next, insert the relevant components of a packing list, which you already learned earlier.

Step 3: Download a Sample Packing List

For a better experience, use the sample packing lists listed above. You only need to transfer what you prepared to the template of your choice rather than starting from scratch. In fact, you can change the list’s format, content, design, details, and more. And you can decide whether to have printed documents or soft copies only.

Step 4: Customize Your List in the Best Way Possible

Work on the customization process. Remember that having a user-friendly or easy-to-use list also depends on how you prepared the document itself. So be sure you set your preferred format, style, and other alterations where you can use your list smoothly. Conduct final evaluations as well to change mistakes. And once you are satisfied with the results, launch your packing list.


Is a logistics packing list the same as a commercial invoice?

No, logistics packing lists are not the same as a commercial invoice. Although logistics packing lists contain details about parcels and other documents needed in a shipment, they still can’t replace commercial invoices, which are important towards customs and fees.

Is a summer vacation packing list necessary?

Summer vacation packing lists are not entirely required. But they are useful to ensure you have everything packed when you reach your summer getaway. In fact, Forbes reported that 68% of Americans go on a summer vacation, meaning this packing list is relevant to ensure a successful vacation.

What should I bring in a one-week trip?

For a seven-day trip, be sure to include your packing list with at least five shirts, three bottoms, one pair of shoes, one pair of flip flops, a hat, enough food, toiletries, underwear, and other things you really need. Also, packing light is the key so you won’t have to carry too much on your trip.

Regard packing lists as your lifeline, especially when you or anyone you know is very forgetful with what to bring for travel. It is safer to be sure that you have everything packed and under control than be sorry about realizing your mistake when it is too late anyway. In fact, sample packing lists make lives easier since crafting such lists from scratch is unnecessary. Download now!