What is a Home Maintenance Schedule?

What is a maintenance schedule? Is it something that you should completely follow to have the assurance that your house will be safe? Yes, it is. If you will not do maintenance for your home, it will easily be broken. Maintenance is an important thing that we should do for our home. A home maintenance schedule is something that we should follow to keep our house safe and clean. It is a checklist of cleaning hacks that we should do in our house having specific times on when to do it. You can have a maintenance schedule that can be done weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also have an annual home maintenance schedule that can be done every winter, spring, summer, or fall. The schedule is a preventive maintenance and it has cleaning tips that we can apply for our home. Deep cleaning is necessary once in a while, and we have to check every part of our house if it still have a good condition or if it is broken. Not checking can make our roof or wall to fall off and our drainage and garage to be dirty. Broken things are dangerous to us and dirty places can make pests to live in our house. We must avoid these things. Our house should be a comfortable place to live and we shuld not let these things happen. So home cleaning and maintenance schedule is a must for every house.

Sample Home Maintenance Schedule

A weekly home maintenance schedule may be a good thing to do, but sometimes a yearly home maintenance schedule is what can work for us. Maybe we do not have all the time to do the property maintenance. But if we can schedule the cleaning in all the days of the year, we can have room to clean the whole house. You can use the following schedule in making a home maintenance:

Winter Home Maintenance Schedule

It is extremely cold in winter. There are some things in your house that you need to check. You can do the following preventive maintenance every winter:

Spring Maintenance Schedule

Trees start to bud in spring and it is a very good time to prepare your home. A spring cleaning is a good thing to do and you can have this house maintenance schedule:

Summer Home Maintenance Schedule

We enjoy the warm weather in summer, and the household maintenance schedule is the last things that we can think of. But still, there are a lot of maintenance to do in summer. They are the following:

Fall Home Maintenance Schedule

Fall is a moderate weather that is a perfect time to do property maintenance. Whether you may need a professional or not, you can do the following on this property maintenance schedule:

 11 Tips on Home Maintenance Schedule

A house cleaning schedule is essential in maintenance. Perhaps you need a home maintenance schedule app that can help you in cleaning and repairing the house. But to help you better, you should use some tips on home cleaning maintenance schedule. Consider the following tips:

Check the power outlets. Yearly, you must check the power outlets in your house if they are working or not. You must also check if they are broken. Broken power outlets are dangerous so you have to ensure that it will be repaired. Hire a professional electrician that can fix the problem. You must check also your GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter). Be sure that all your power outlets are working properly.Vacuum the exhaust fan. It is essential that you should clean the exhaust fan. You must do it to avoid molds that can live in it. It will destroy the exhaust fan and it can make it stop working. The molds can also give a bad smell in your house. So, regularly, you have to clean the fans so that the smell and moisture in your house can be cleaned out.Check for detached downspouts. Check around your house if ever there is a detached downspouts. If it is faulty, water cannot go away from your home completely and it can be a source of foundation issues. You must make sure that every downspout is working properly and that no water are stucked in it.Clean the pipes in the house. You must see to it that the pipes in your house are properly drained. Do not wait until they are clogged. Use a clog remover tool in cleaning the pipes. Remove all the dirt that are stucked in it so that the water can flow properly away from it.Keep track on your water consumption. You must check your water bill. By studying it, you can know whether there is a problem with your water system. If it gets high in some months without a particular reason, the chances are there are something broken somewhere. You can avoid spending too much if you will check on your water bill. You can fix the problem and your bill can return to your normal consumption. Do this regularly so that you will not spend to nothing.Check if the doorbell is working. A doorbell is a useful thing in the house. You will know if someone is there outside the house even if you are on your busiest moment. You must check on your doorbell to ensure that it is properly working. If you found it faulty, you must consider replacing it. You can learn from Home Depot’s DIY how you can replace your doorbell. It provide easy steps on how you can do it.Clean the gutters. You should have a gutter maintenance twice a year. Your gutter must be overflowing with debris, so you have to ensure that it will be cleaned. It will not work anymore if you will not clean it. You must check on it regularly and seal every leaks if there are any. You should also replace your gutters if they are damaged.Have maintenance on your roof. Roof replacement is so costly. It is something that homeowners do not want. To avoid this thing, you must maintain the roof of your house. You can add to its lifespan if you will do so. Hire a roofer so that you will know what to do to take care of your roof.See to it that there are no cracks in your house. You must check on cracks in your house. Look in the walkway or at the wall. Make sure that the foundations of the house are firm. If you will find any crack, you must repair or fix it immediately. Worst cracks can break down your house so you must take notice of it.Do a touch up on the exterior of your house. If you do not notice it, the paint of your house can have cracks already. It happens as years go by. You must repaint the exterior of your house. It can give durability support to your house and it can add beauty to your home. Do not take paint cracks for granted.Trim the trees in your yard. Branches of trees grow and can make some serious harm. You cannot afford to let this happen. Do you know that fallen branches causes $1 billion house damage yearly? Do not let your house be one of the cause of this loss. Moreover, you should not risk the safety of your family. Fallen branches denote hazard so you must trim your trees to avoid any possible accidents. Do this regulary so it will not be hard for you to trim the trees if it becomes so high and bushy. Or you can hire a professional tree trimmer to do the trimming.

How to Make a Home Maintenance Schedule

Do you need to make a yearly maintenance schedule or a monthly maintenance schedule? Maintain a home maintenance calendar and use the following steps in making a home maintenance schedule:

Step 1: Plan all the tasks that you need to do.

The first thing that you can do is to make a task list. Consider some cleaning hacks and cleaning tips so that you will have an idea of what you can do. Apply these as you think of all the jobs that you need to do in your house. Remember that you are not going to do the minor cleaning, but the maintenance of your home. You should know the difference so that you can pinpoint the things that you need to do.

Step 2: Assign a time for each task.

You have to decide when you will do every maintenance task. You can consider on doing it monthly, quarterly, or twice a year. Make a column where you will list all the tasks and you will put prior to it the time when you will do it. Put the frequency for every task. You can also assign tasks according to the seasons of the year. You can do them every winter, summer, spring, or fall.

Step 3: Make a home maintenance schedule calendar.

Now, consider a home maintenance schedule calendar that can make you to record your tasks better. Repeat what you have written. Record the tasks carefully so that you will not forget anything. Your house should have a proper and preventive maintenance on its every part, so you must not forget any important task.

Step 4: Put some reminders.

In your calendar, you must provide some space where you can put some reminders about your tasks. Put these notes so that you will have a thorough maintenance in your house. The notes may be about how you can do maintenance better or some tips for every tasks. So, reminders are important because maybe you have some things to say. After that, your schedule for home maintenance is prepared.


What Could Be Your Best Advice for Home Maintenance Schedule?

You should check regularly the parts of your house. You should also always have the supplies that are needed in fixing your house or for doing maintenance. If you can avoid worse damage, you can keep your house neat and safe. So, before anything worse happens, you must see to it that your house is properly maintained.

What is the Best Frequency for Home Maintenance?

The best frequency is twice a year. Through this, you can avoid any possible damage in your house. If you want, you can assign seasonal tasks for your house. It is also good because you can ensure the good condition of your home throughout all the seasons.

Our house can have damages as the years go by. This is a thing where we should act. Damages are hard to avoid. It is part of living. But we can do something to make the damages minimal. We should have a proper maintenance for our houses. This is the reason why we should make a house maintenance schedule. Do you need some help on it? This post has 13+ Home Maintenance Schedule in PDF. These templates can help you in making a home maintenance schedule. Download now!