50+ First / New Apartment Checklists

What Is a First/New Apartment Checklist?

A first or a new apartment checklist is a curated list of furniture, appliances, and other household items that are essential for everyday activities. The list identifies which items to bring and which items to leave to avoid clutter in your new apartment. It also allows you to avoid overspending on things that you already own.

The average monthly rent for an apartment in America is $1124, according to data collected from Statista. Knowing what necessities you bring into your apartment is a great way to save money and be put in other categories, like rent or bills.

Information in a First/New Apartment Checklist

The checklist takes into consideration the owner’s budget. Remember that the items on the list are subject to substitution with something more practical and durable.

Living room items: A comfortable living area brings life to an apartment. Furniture included in the living room is the couch, coffee table, end table, and a tv stand. For decor, couch pillows, rugs, and indoor plants. Appliances seen in the living room include television and a speaker or radio.Bedroom items: Investing in a high-quality mattress is recommended, knowing that you’ll get a good night’s sleep. Included in the list are sheets and pillows. Remember some bedroom furniture as well, like a bed, dresser, and a nightstand. A full-length mirror, alarm clock, and a bedside lamp are good options too.Bathroom items: Always remember to stock the bathroom with toiletries. Towels, toothbrushes, soap, including a trash can and a plunger, are the most common bathroom items you’d need. The list also includes a shower curtain.Kitchen items: A full kitchen or not, it’s advisable to have essentials kitchen supplies ready. Start with using disposable kitchenware and ease yourself into purchasing a kitchenware set. Dish towels and food containers are included in the list as well.Cleaning supplies: Before placing your items into each room, consider cleaning around the apartment first. Cleaning supplies include brooms, liquid cleaners, paper towels, trash bags, toilet scrubber and cleaning solution, dish soap, and sponges.Tool kit and first-aid kit: A tool kit comes in handy when moving into a new apartment. It helps with small maintenance work or building shelves for the apartment. It is also necessary to have a first-aid kit in the case of accidents.

Steps in Moving Into a New Apartment

The checklist helps before the move and when unpacking items. However, remember that there are still things to consider to become thoroughly prepared for moving into a new apartment. Remember these steps to save time and effort into your new living space.

Step 1. Read the agreement and Contact the landlord.

The lease agreement is an essential document to familiarize yourself with before the move. Remember to read and understand the lease agreement to avoid misunderstandings and violations about your stay in the apartment. Before moving in, raise unclear sections of the lease and schedule to meet up with the landlord to assure the agreement is clear on both ends.

Step 2. Compute the expenses.

Moving into the apartment means paying for the first month’s rent. Include the utilities in the apartment rent, such as water, electricity, gas, and internet payments. Make sure to register any other fees into your expenses, for example, security deposit, administration fees, and even pet deposit.

Step 3. Learn to pack the items.

Using the new apartment checklist, prepare the essential items for your move. It is also advisable to learn how to pack the items accordingly. Use some towels to pack fragile items to save space. Take photos of the wires of the appliances and other fixtures before taking them apart. It would help when it comes to assembling them at the new apartment.

Step 4. Ask family or friends to help with the move.

Asking the help of family and friends can save you the expense of a moving service. It is wise to inform them when you’re moving to avoid conflict of schedules.


Types of apartments

  • Studio apartment
  • One-bedroom apartment
  • Convertible apartment
  • Loft apartment
  • Two-bedroom apartment

Benefits of owning an apartment

Statista revealed that 24% of people in New York live in apartments in 2019. Why do people prefer to own and live in an apartment? The most obvious reason is to have your personal space and privacy. Having the apartment to yourself also means that you live by your own rules. A work-from-home setup is also an advantage when you own an apartment. It is also easier to cut back expenses while living alone because you can control your utility costs.

Where can I buy furniture?

Furniture stores in America sold up to $65.83 billion in 2020, according to Statista. There are plenty of furniture and home furnishings stores found across the United States. These include IKEA, William-Sonoma, and Crate & Barrel.

A new apartment is a new beginning. It brings about new memories and experiences that you would carry for the rest of your life. Having an own place is a big deal, and it’s a step to acquiring life skills that you’ve never learned before. Keep in mind that moving into a new place brings different challenges. However, with the right mindset and prior preparation, living alone is one of the many decisions you make into adulthood. In the famous words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.” Check out the checklists above, and step into your new apartment with a bright beginning.