50+ Sample Home Checklists

What Is a Home Checklist?

A home checklist is a piece of document that provides you with the breakdown of the different parts and features of the house. There are different types of what a home checklist may look like. Some checklists focus more on buying a fully constructed and fully furnished house or apartment. Others may focus their attention on moving in and moving out of the property. In some cases it even tackles a self constructed house. No matter what the focus is the main goal is still the inspection of the house.

What Are Included in the House Checklist?

For house hunting and house evaluation: Include all the rooms and identify their common purpose. Understanding what the room is all about gives the vision of what it should look like and how it should function. With this the checklist will be divided from the general idea down to the small details of each room. This will be the basis of the house evaluation.For moving in and moving out: In terms of moving in and moving out of the house, the basic components would be a time schedule. For example, 1 week before moving out, 1 day before moving and the day of moving. In some cases the after moving day is still included.

How to Create a House Checklist?

With the help of the templates given above the process will be much easier and faster. The only thing left is to modify them to suit your style and taste.

For House Evaluation and Inspection:

Step 1: Overview of the House

Know the interior and exterior details of the house. Mainly, a house is composed of kitchen, dining, living, bedroom and bath. But, for some cases there are additional rooms such as offices, movie rooms and powder rooms. In some cases there are secondary dwellings or otherwise known as granny flats.

 For the exterior know the size of the lawn and backyard. It will help in knowing the function and what should be inspected.

Step 2: Identify the Functions

After listing out all the different parts of the house, start identifying what should be included in them. Take note of adequate lighting and proper ventilation.

For House Moving:

Step 1: Set Time Table

Schedule will be the greatest obstacle in moving in and moving out of the house. First identify and set a solid time table. For example, a month before, a week before, a day before and the day of moving.

Step 2: Breakdown the Tasks

Divide the larger task and break them down into smaller tasks. With this you will know what to prioritize first. With the time table set, you will know what to do according to the schedule you have created.


What to prepare when buying a house?

Step 1: Get Finances Ready – The first step in buying a house is having enough money. Save enough budget for the down payment. Also, set a goal or a limit. Make sure that the house you are looking for is within the affordable price range.

Step 2: Real estate agent – Hire a trusted real estate agent or ask for recommendations from people you trust. With this you will have different options.

Step 3: Mortgage – Having a mortgage plan will prove your credibility. This will prove that you are eligible to purchase a house.

Step 4: House Hunting – Last but not the least, look for your ideal house. With the help of the checklist above, you will get the best possible option.

What are the basic necessities of a house?

The basic necessities of a house are there should be enough food and water, there should be furniture and appliances, there should be window covers and bedding and cleaning materials.

How to properly clean a house?

It is important to know what are the tasks and tools needed. To save time and effort, check out a template of our house cleaning checklist.

Having a detailed home checklist will guarantee that you will not forget the important factors to look into. With this document, house hunting, house evaluation, moving in and out of the house and house buying will become a walk in the park for the user. A checklist guarantees that you will choose the best possible option available.