Only after a few months that they opened again but there are eminent changes. Some of the companies operate not as the same way as before. Some are forced to make the rule of work from home agreement. It is the remote work agreement where the employees are implemented to work from home. For the meantime, employees became under a temporary remote work agreement. It was to prevent the spread of Covid 19. Work from home (WFH) became in the mode because of this. A lot of people just work at the comfort of their own homes at this present day. Other reason is the new state of technology. Teleworking or remote work became normal. Temporary or permanent, this mode of work has helped a lot of people.

What is a Work From Home Agreement?

A work from home agreement is an agreement between a remote employee and an employer. This is an employment contract that designates employees to work for the company remotely from their homes. The current technology suggested this kind of work which is also called telecommuting or telework. The employees do not have to face anymore the hours and hassles of commuting going to work. They just have to log in and telecommute through the internet. Because of the fast technology, WFH agreement became common. A lot of companies hire employees with this kind of working arrangement. It benefits every employee as they can work comfortably in their own home. They could save a lot of money that they could have spend on their transportation. They could also save their time. A remote employee contract is something that every person should try to have as this is something good. To work from home means safety at this time of pandemic, for one thing.

Important Sections of Work From Home Agreement

There are elements that are included in a work from home agreement. They are the following:

The Agreement Objectives

The work from home agreement should have an overview. It should have objectives. The reasons why it was good and the goals that you can achieve at work is essential to include in your work from home agreement. This will direct the employees to be good at work and to be effective in the work from home arrangement.

The Employee Eligibility

The things that make an employee eligible for this kind of employment were included. These are qualifications that an employee should have in order to be eligible in a work from home arrangement. It could tell about the certain attributes that a company was searching for a remote worker. It can also state terms of technicalities about the equipment that the employees are going to use in their work. Of course, everything should fit in order for them to work properly. All eligibility must be confirmed proper before an employee can work for the company and have a remote arrangement.

The Work Arrangements

Working conditions are essential elements in a work from home agreement. It should be stated clearly. Whether the work from home agreement is temporary or permanent, it should be included in the contract. Some WFH agreement are just temporary because of the pandemic. As soon as it lifted up, the on-site work would resume. But others have a permanent work from home position which just fits the technology nowadays.

The Names in the Contract

The name of the employee is an important section in a WFH agreement. Their personnel number should also be included. The name of the supervisor or the name of the manager can also be seen in a work from home agreement. It was because they are the ones who give the approval for the WFH agreement.

The Communication Plan

Ways of communication is asserted in a work from home agreement. It is imperative in this kind of arrangement because communication must be clear. The employees will be working remotely so they should have the proper means of communication. There are things about work that need to be discussed and it is a must to communicate. We have to consider that workers are far from each other. So the communication processes must be included.

The Justifications

Reasons why we should be working in a WFH agreement should also be written in the contract. Employees may choose to work at home because they need to take care of children or elders in the family. Some may have medical reasons or disability conditions. Inclement weather may also be a reason. Your working from home must be justified. Put some justifications so that the company would understand that you really have a need to work from home. This way, they can grant you the chance to temporarily or permanently work from home.

The Address of the Employee

Employee’s address must be mentioned. It is because this address serves as the main office of the employee. This is where the company can send important things about the work if the need arise. There are things like hard documents and company’s tools that sometimes have to be in the hand of the employee that could be needed in work.

The Checklist

A checklist should be listed in a WFH agreement. It should describe the workstation desk and the work environment. Of course, the employees should have a proper workplace in their houses. They should have a working table and all the office equipment. Their working place should be a noise-free place. The company should ensure this thing for the employee to be productive. No one can work well in a messy and noisy place. This thing matters much in a WFH agreement.

The Work Schedule

The hours of the remote work must be disclosed in a WFH agreement. It should also tell if they should have overtime or not. Their work schedule must be clear, the exact hour of the day that they have to work or their shift schedule. If they could change their schedule, it must also be stated.

The Termination of Work

The timeline of the job must also be plain. Tell the proposed start date and the proposed end date. This is for temporary WFH agreement. For permanent work from home arrangement, you just have to put the date of the employment of the remote worker.

The Security Considerations

Things like data access and device management should be also written. It is important that the employee would know how the sharing of data is possible. Because the employee works remotely, their work should have to be secured in terms of technology.

The Performance of the Employee

There should be a certain performance that should be required from the employee. All their duties and responsibilities should be clearly cited. Things that they have to achieve at work and their everyday tasks must be clear to them. The company should tell what they expect from their employees.

The Terms and Conditions

Of course, there should be some terms and conditions to follow. Put clear terms that both the company and the employee could observe. These terms and conditions will help both parties to get benefits from the work that can be done.

The Employee Acknowledgment

The employee should have a consent that they would work remotely for the company. At the end of the contract, they should sign it, meaning that they perfectly know the things and consequences of a WFH agreement.

Tips For Employees Who Will Have a WFH Agreement

Maybe some of you are inclined to work from home in the present situation of Covid 19. You can use these tips if you are someone who are just having a WFH agreement.

Have a good morning routine. Okay. You will not go to the office. But you still have to maintain a good morning routine. You should still wake up early everyday. You still need to be punctual in your telecommuting. You cannot be late at work. Being just at home does not mean that you have to chill and relax, and you would just let time to run by. Make a routine for your work. Set your home as your office and be diligent at work.Make good use of your commute time. You save time by having a WFH arrangement. Allot this time for self-care. On the average, we spend 30 minutes to 2 hours if we will commute to work. You can spend this time doing exercise or practicing yoga instead. You can also read and do some things that can improve yourself. If you would like, you can also spend this time on preparing for work. You can study things about your work to make you more productive and effective. This will greatly benefit you as you will become a better employee.Follow the dress code. You may be at home, but you must follow the dress code that your company have. With it, you will have the mindset that you are going to work. You will be more productive because you will sense the urgency of your job. Dress properly because eventhough you are at home, there are chances that you have to meet your colleagues on video. So you better be prepared.Have a dedicated workplace. Your work environment is important. It is needed that you should have an office in your home. This place should be comfortable and should be free from distractions. It should be somewhere where you could have productivity. Remember that you are working, so a proper workspace is needed. Before you start working, you should set an office in your home first. You cannot work in your couch. You should have a nice working table and desk. All your office equipment and tools must be placed properly. Some companies check the workspace of their employees so prepare a dedicated workplace ahead.Go outside and recharge. Take a break and go outside your home for awhile. You can stay in your terrace or walk a few blocks in your community. You have hours of work inside the house so a breathe of fresh air would be good to you. This will give you a time to relax and gather your thoughts.Have regular video meetings. Conduct video meetings regularly. This would set a good pace in your work. You and your colleagues can discuss important things about your work and all of you can achieve good results. If there are certain things that need to talk about, you can discuss through video meetings.Follow your work schedule. Be consistent about your working hours. Be sure to do your work within these hours or be present at work at these hours. Do not watch TV or procastinate just because you are at home. Keep your self-integrity and be honest to do your job even if your boss does not see you or no one can notice you.

How to Have a Work From Home Agreement

There are workers who rather choose to work at home than to work at the company’s office. For those who want to have a WFH arrangement, you can follow these steps.

Step 1: Do a research.

Make some research about companies who give a work from home arrangement. You can search through the internet to find companies that grant this kind of chance. Approach the HR Manager to find out about the remote work policy. Make a strong proposal that you can present to your desired company.

Step 2: Negotiate for a work from home arrangement.

Sometimes it is not easy to ask for a work from home arrangement. You should have to compromise because sometimes the boss will ask you to have a trial period first before actually giving you the work from home position. But you have to be honest in this kind of thing so that the boss will understand your need. Negotiate well and you can have the arrangement that you like.

Step 3: Reassure your boss about everything.

You have to reassure your boss with all the possible implications. You have to somehow prove that you are able to work effectively with a work from home arrangement. All the concerns to have a transition of a remote job, you must take care of. If the company will be reassured that you can work fine remotely, they can give you a chance to work from home.

Step 4: Understand the rules in a remote job.

You must be aware of all the things that you have to consider when having a remote work. If you will know all the rules in a work from home agreement, you can start to work remotely. Understand the dos and dont’s in a remote job. If you know this, you can also make the boss to accept your offer to work from home better.


Can You Define the Work From Home Program?

Work from home program is a set of policies regarding a work from home protocols. It has gudelines which employees can follow. It makes remote work a lot easier.

Which is Better to Have? A Temporary or a Permanent Work From Home Agreement?

Both of these are good. There is no such better thing. It is up to the employees what suit them better. If they prefer to work from home for the whole time, they can prefer a permanent WFH agreement and search for companies that give that thing. But if the employee just need to work from home for awhile for a particular reason, then the temporary WFH agreement is better.

With the current digital age, the chance to work from home is a good thing. We can earn money while we are just at our houses. It make things easier and more comfortable. You can opt with a WFH agreement anytime. All you have to do is to secure a laptop and an internet connection, and off you can have a job in the comfort of your home.