48+ Sample Call Sheets

What Are Call Sheets?

A call sheet is an official document sent to the cast or crew to inform them about the who, what, when, where, why, and how of an event or production. The call sheet would have the members’ contact list, daily shooting schedule, production rules and regulations, and other related details. And with the presence of such sheets during pre-production down to post-production, expect a smooth run on the process.

Did you know that the worldwide movie production and distribution sector had around 60,000 active businesses as of 2018? And Statista’s survey proves how the field of movie production grows gradually.

What to Include in a Basic Call Sheet

A lot of helpful information can be present in a call sheet. And some of the basic details to include there are the following:

Title and Name List: What sets the call sheet’s introductory statement is the title. It could be a production title or whatever your purpose is. And expect to name every single cast or crew involved in the said project. Such details will be useful for checking attendance.Contact Information: Call sheets normally contain every member’s contact information so it would be easy to call or reach out to them when needed. For example, a stage manager might have a hard time tracking a cast’s whereabouts. Hence, the phone and email contact list will help.Time, Date, or Schedules: Call sheets also recognize every time, date, and schedule associated with the project or production. So the sheet should display what time and date the production starts and ends. The same goes for the possible weather, change in schedule, and more.Venue: Where will the set location be? Or perhaps, what are the different venues involved in the whole project? Write the exact addresses of each venue here.Others: Leave an others section for extra elements. Details like the emergency hotline, parking information, model listing, additional notes, and many more can be written in this part.

How to Create a Call Sheet

Now that you gathered enough information about a call sheet’s meaning and basic elements, how about you take your knowledge further by making the call sheet itself?

Step 1: Understand Your Purpose

What is your call sheet for? Besides the production industry, you could also consider a call sheet for the school roll call, general employee list, and more. Identify your call sheet’s purpose ahead so you would know how to lay out the sheet’s content and what details are worth writing there.

Step 2: Pick a Template to Work On

The easiest approach to set a call sheet pronto is by using the sample templates of call sheets listed at the top. Select your preferred sample until you can edit it to your liking. Just change the title and other details until you can make the sheet. What is even better? You can use different formats for the document. You may use PDF, MS Word, or even decide whether to use a soft copy or printed copy of the sheet.

Step 3: Insert the Needed Elements

Never ever forget to add the important elements of a call sheet. And you were already guided with what to include in the sheet as discussed before. Down from the title to the others section, include them. You can even insert more as long as they are relevant to your purpose. Hence, you may create a hybrid version where the call sheet also covers the budget sheet of the event, business plans, etc.

Step 4: Go for the Easy Route

As much as possible, make your call sheet user-friendly and easy to understand. Depending on a call sheet that affects too much time and effort is a no-no. That will only delay plans and cause issues in the long run. To keep it simple, you can just enumerate words rather than writing complete sentences, add clear instructions, or use visuals like tables and charts. Finalize the output afterward to launch the document.


Why is a call sheet important?

A call sheet is crucial because it details the overall strategic plan of a project or production. Without a call sheet as your blueprint, it would be hard to remember the who, what, when, where, why, and how of a project. Thus, it boosts your success rate to run a smooth operation.

How big is the global movie production industry?

Based on a survey, the worldwide movie production and distribution industry reached about 60,000 active businesses in 2018, making it one of the growing sectors globally.

What is a call time?

A call time refers to the specific time a person should be at work. So in the production sector, the cast and crew should already be on set during the call time instead of being late.

Thanks to call sheets, the cast, crew, and members of a project will be updated about their call time, shooting schedule, venue, contact details, and so much more. But, the information inside won’t be as helpful if you do not create it well. Using the available sample call sheets above, work your way in making the best versions of call sheets that benefit your production or project. Download now!