What Is a Corporate Fact Sheet?

A corporate fact sheet is an informative document that companies may have various uses for. The document is a compilation of various useful information such as company background, figures, statistics, etc. These tend to be included as part of an official company press kit or used for other promotional reasons. 

According to an online article published by The Balance Small Business, there are several common mistakes to avoid when crafting a company fact sheet. Guy Bergstrom enumerates five things to steer clear of: using small font, stating too much information, allowing sources to bury the facts, using outdated information, and focusing too much on your business.  

Parts of a Corporate Fact Sheet

A corporate fact sheet may compromise a variety of information, depending on the company’s needs and preferences. The following examples are some of the most common elements that you can find in a corporate fact sheet: 

Company Overview: This section usually kicks off any corporate sheet. It serves as an introduction. This section can be assigned other names too; some companies use ‘About Us’ or ‘Who We Are’ as the heading. It should not be any longer than a paragraph or two. An overview is meant to provide a brief and general background about the business to a potential customer or client. Mission and Vision Statement: A lot of companies include a mission and vision statement in their corporate fact sheets. This educates the reader or client regarding the guiding principle that directs the company. A mission statement is typically a single sentence. The same goes for a vision statement. Sometimes, these statements are often intertwined with the company’s core values. So it is not uncommon for a corporate fact sheet to contain a mission, vision, a rundown of core values, or some combination of it. Key People: A corporate fact sheet will often feature the organization’s people too. These are actual team members, but other times it is a brief description of the company’s founder, CEO, or president. In other cases, a corporate fact sheet may highlight the company’s leadership and key team members. Yet some companies do not necessarily identify people in this section but instead describe the company size or how many people actually make up their organization. Figures and Facts: A corporate fact sheet is mainly for the purpose of educating and informing. So it is only natural for an organization to want to provide the most important facts about their company. These facts and figures could be anything from charts to bar graphs to recent statistics. The purpose of including facts is to paint a tangible picture of a company’s performance and success. Infographics are increasingly becoming the preferred way of expressing facts and figures. Incorporating graphics can make it more engaging as opposed to just plainly explaining facts in sentences. Brand Portfolio: This section does not apply to all companies. But for businesses with multiple brands under their belt, having a section dedicated to your different brands is a helpful and impressive way to showcase your company’s success and versatility. Ideally, a corporate fact sheet should be brief so it is best not to go too much into detail about each specific brand. Instead, enumerate them by arranging the different logos in an organized manner. Achievements: This section of the corporate fact sheet is important if you want to impress clients and sell the idea of success in your business. You can opt to meticulously list down all the past achievements of your company or pick out the ones that truly stand out. Enumerate them neatly in bullet points and include the year it was awarded. You can arrange your recognition and awards in chronological order too, with the most recent one as the first entry. Customers and Clientele: It could also be helpful to include a short description of who your company’s primary customers are. Explain briefly the profile of your target market. This can help give the reader and prospective client an idea of what kind of services or products you offer. You do not have to go into specific detail, you just need to identify and characterize the customers or type of clientele your corporation primarily serves. List of Services: Another important section of any corporate fact sheet is a list of services and/or a product portfolio. Depending on the nature of your business, it would be useful for customers to get a general idea of what your company can potentially offer them. You could also describe your company’s different areas of expertise in this section. The main objective is to inform the client or customer regarding what you can give them in exchange for their patronage or investment. Basic Information: In addition to a company background or overview, you may want to include other essential information such as general contact information and relevant links to affiliate sites and social media pages. You can also indicate your company’s headquarters address or location of global satellite offices, if yours is a multinational corporation. Include the company’s founding year and other relevant dates or milestones in its growth.

Tips for Making a Corporate Fact Sheet

A corporate fact sheet may seem straightforward, but too many companies miss the opportunity to truly paint an informative picture of their business to prospective clients. There are several tips that can help prevent your fact sheet from being too forgettable and unengaging. When creating your corporate fact sheet, try to keep in mind the following:  

Get Creative: These days, if you do not stand out, it’s easy to be overlooked and dismissed as just another business or corporate organization. Creativity is becoming more than just a skill, it is a worthwhile investment. If corporations do not innovate or make the effort to update their methods, it can prove to be detrimental. Infographics are fast becoming the preferred method of conveying information. Not only are they substantial and educational, they are visually appealing as well. If you want your corporate fact sheet to stand out above the rest, you need to tap into your creative side. Use bold graphics and relevant imagery to boost your information campaign. Use fonts and sizes to your advantage by ensuring the text is able to emphasize key points and facts. Highlight the Noteworthy: Just like any promotional material, you want to impress other people with what you choose to highlight. Ask yourself, what is worth highlighting? What will capture the reader’s attention? Maybe it is an important recognition that your company was recently awarded. Use figures and numbers to your advantage by sharing hard facts about your company’s success. For instance, if your organization was able to help an entire community or improve an entire system, highlight these by including data-driven information, figures, or supporting testimonies. Keep it Brief: No one wants a lengthy, drawn out article that goes around in circles. It is best to keep your corporate fact sheet to a maximum of two pages. The aim is to be able to give general yet relevant information about your company or business. The ideal is to keep to a one-page quick rundown of facts. In addition, it also helps to divide your fact sheet into sections that are easy to digest. Sections should be clearly separated by using proper headings and by using the right layout.Be Mindful About Format: It is easy to get drawn into the facts and completely disregard proper formatting. Because you need to keep in mind the visual aspect of your corporate fact sheet, you need to give importance to layout and format. They are just as vital as the facts themselves. Layout is important; so always make sure that spacing and margins meet the standard. A corporate fact sheet that lacks order and looks disorganized will not be visually appealing, and it could easily be dismissed as too uninviting to read.

How to Create a Corporate Fact Sheet

To create your own corporate fact sheet, you need to incorporate several elements from the ideas above then customize the sheet to fit your own needs and preferences. If this is too time-consuming for you, using a ready made template is your best bet. It will save you time and energy, and also act as a helpful guide as you craft your corporate fact sheet. Follow the simple steps below to get started:   

Step 1: Incorporate a Logo

A corporate fact sheet can serve multiple promotional uses. It can be the cover page of a company media kit or it can be a single-page handout for business conferences or expos. And like any branding strategy, your company logo should be identifiable. Even if your fact sheet is but one page, a logo will help establish a more credible and official corporate fact sheet.   

Step 2: Cover All the Basic Information

You want your corporate fact sheet to be as informative as possible. This does not mean you need to delve into every minute detail about your company. Provide just enough relevant information that could be useful for a potential customer or client. You can divide your fact sheet into several parts such as the company overview, historical background or timeline, achievements and awards, list of services, contact information and links to affiliate websites or social media pages. 

Step 3: Use Graphics to Add Character

Nowadays, people cannot discount the added benefit of creative material. Your corporate fact sheet does not need to be serious and boring. With the right effort, you could very well turn it into a conversation-starter infographic. Make it aesthetically pleasing and compelling by incorporating interesting graphics. Do not just settle for a piece of informative paper. Engaging content deserves engaging visuals and graphics as well.   

Step 4: Use the Right Format

Again, it is easy to simply disregard format and throw away quality standards when doing something as simple as a corporate fact sheet. It is closely related to graphics and imagery; because a good layout and format can also contribute to aesthetics. Organized and symmetrical design can emphasize graphics and imagery. If you prefer not to worry too much about format, using an editable template is the most convenient option. You only need to input your own details to customize a corporate fact sheet.  


What is a corporate fact sheet?

A corporate fact sheet is a quick rundown of basic information on a company or business. It can either be part of a compilation, such as a press kit, or a stand-alone document to serve different educational and promotional purposes.

What should be on a company fact sheet?

It is possible for a corporate fact sheet to contain a number of different sections. Depending on the preferences of the company, a corporate fact sheet usually includes a company overview or background, list of services, brand or product portfolio, key people and leadership, customer base or clientele, statistics, achievements, and a mission vision statement.

How do you make a corporate fact sheet?

You can use a variety of applications to create a corporate fact sheet. Basic applications like MS Word and MS Excel are two convenient tools. But if you want to incorporate graphics and other media into your fact sheet, more sophisticated and advanced software may be required. And if it is convenience you are after, it is best to use an existing template to save time and effort.

A corporate fact sheet can be an important information tool that will help generate awareness about your company, service, or product. A good corporate fact sheet should not only be informative, it should be visually compelling and aesthetically functional as well. Browse the different sample corporate fact sheets above and find one that suits your business needs!