It is needed to prove how much we have lost with the disasters. A home inventory checklist is better to be done early, before a disaster strikes. The insurance company will need this kind of proof to be able to grant us our claims. The amount of money that can be given to us will depend on how much can be found that was left from us if we do not make a home inventory spreadsheet early. It is because our personal property will assess how much we can claim.

What is a Home Inventory Spreadsheet?

A home inventory spreadsheet is a sheet that contains our home inventory list. A home inventory is a list that contains our personal belongings that can be found in our home. It includes all the appliances and furnitures in our house, together with our jewelries and other personal things. It tells the item, the actual value of it, and a brief description about it. It also has its receipts. This is to prove the actual price of the items. It can tell the coverage of our claims. A home inventory sheet simplify the whole process of claims because the insurance company can tell the actual value of all our assets. When they know how much is the price of our properties, they can price our claims according to it. So it is better to make a home inventory worksheet ahead of time. This way we can keep the receipts of our assets to be shown for future use.

What are the Things That are Included in a Home Inventory Spreadsheet?

You should be aware of the things that are included in a home inventory spreadsheet. Well, it absolutely includes all the things in your house. But you should know what are the things that you should list about it in your home inventory list. To have a complete record, you should put these items:

Name of the Content

This is the name of the particular item. It has the product name. It tells about the brand and also the model of the product. This could tell how expensive an item is. If your item is branded, you must be definite about the brand because it costs a higher insurance amount. So it is good to buy branded things for insurance purposes.

Description of the Content

The color and dimension are written under this category. The description must be definite so that it will be easy for the insurance company to check your things when needed. If your item has distinguishing marks, you should put it as it will also make everything easier. All the stock in your house must have a proper description. The model number of each item must also be written. In case you do not have a receipt, it would be easy to track it.

Cost of the Item

The price of each content must be listed. You can list the price on the receipt if it does not tell the price. Or you can allot a column for the prices of all the items. Price is really important because it was what could assess the value of our claims. The cost must be recorded honestly because there would be always a chance that the insurance company will know the actual price of all our property.

Serial Number of Products

Things like gadgets, TV, appliances, and other electronics have serial numbers and it is also needed. It will make everything all easier to be tracked. Just a few click in the computer and our assets can be assessed.

Bill of Sale of Products

Your receipts must be placed in the home inventory spreadsheet. This is a proof of sale that can make your claims stronger. Be sure to keep every receipt of every item you purchase. You might never know the things that can happen in the future. Receipts are usable for insurance. If you will keep your receipts, you can show some proof for all the claims that you are requesting for.

The Date of Purchase

The date when the product is sold to you is also important. This will tell how old the item is and will assess its value. An old computer has less value than a new appliances. The older the item is, the less value it has for the insurance. Dates must be stated clearly to know the exact value of claims.

Tips on Home Inventory Spreadsheet

We have to be wise in making a home inventory spreadsheet. Anyway, it would be used for insurance purposes. Get started with these tips to make a magic home inventory.

Have photos and videos of all your properties. Show proof of your items by taking photos and videos. All the things in your home can be properly documented with this. It can take your spreadsheet to a higher level. The insurance company will see your belongings better and they can easily check your items. If the process will become more convenient to them, they can grant your claims faster. Take a shot of your every property. Have a good shot that shows all their brands and distinguishing marks. If your property is some advanced product, have a video on how it performs to show that it has some fair value. Your claim can be higher if you will show how expensive your assets are.Separate lists for each room. Make a list for each room. It would be better to do it this way because with this system, the insurance company will have an easier work when they assess your property. All the things that are listed will be easier to see because they are all placed in each proper room. When the checker visits your house, they will have an easy work.Make a detailed information about your property. Be as detailed as possible in listing all your items. Put the cost of each item, its descriptions, its receipt, and all the important information. Be sure that you put the right details. It is important that everything was detailed properly to not raise any questions. The insurance company can work with you better if your spreadsheet is properly documented.Be sure to put the dates. Include the dates that is associated with the products. Put when it was purchased. The insurance company will be sure looking for it. They will of course ask about when you have purchased each specific items. If you will put all the dates when you have bought your property, no time will be wasted for asking about it. Sometimes it was hard to recall when you have purchased a particular belonging so do it beforehand. By doing so, you can properly list all your items just when you have come to own those things.Record even your smallest stuff. Every cost could count. So do not forget to add all your small belongings to your list. These things are your clothing, shoes, utensils, and all other accessories. Whatever is not noticeable in your house, you can add up. Do a thorough inventory for you to not forget anything. Search for every room, examining every cabinets and tables. There must be something of value in each place. These can add up to the amount of money that you can get.Show proof of purchase. Keep your receipts and include it on your list. You can scan all your receipts and have a digital copy of it that you can clip or paste to your home inventory spreadsheet. These receipts would be the hard proof of the actual value of all your properties. The price of your claims can depend according to these receipts. So be sure to keep all your receipts. Do not miss any of it by letting it to be lost somewhere else. Just after you have bought something, put your receipt in a safe place where you store all your files and documents. You can also scanned it right after so you will be sure to have a copy of it.Remember your garage and backyard. There can be outdoor properties that can be lying just in your backyard and garage. You must also put all of it. It can also add up to the amount of your claims. Put all of these in your home inventory checklist. These things may not seem to cost anything, but that may not be true. Even if it costs just a little, it could still help you. Actually, if you have many things in your garage or backyard, it can cost something. You might never know how many valuable things can be in your outdoor property.Always record a new stuff. Just always keep your home inventory spreadsheet open somewhere in your house. Every time you buy some new stuff, instantly record it to your spreadsheet. With this, you will not forget anything and you can list everything in your spreadsheet. You can also list them accurately. You will be accurate with the dates and everything that was there in the receipt. Also, if you will be reminded of taking care of your spreadsheet as soon as you have bought something, you are more likely to keep every receipt. The things in your contents inventory will be more updated if you will record early.

How to Make a Home Inventory Spreadsheet

You may be curious to know how to create a home inventory spreadsheet. Follow these steps:

Step 1 Choose a spreadsheet where you will record your home inventory.

This inventory management needs a spreadsheet. You can choose an excel spreadsheet. There are google sheets and excel templates that are available. You can also find a free home inventory software. Sometimes it can be easy if you will make your own spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Just choose where you can put all your home inventory list. Select one that would be convenient for you to use.

Step 2 Check room by room.

Have a thorough examination in all your rooms. Have an assessment of all the things that you can put in your spreadsheet. Make a fast inventory control before you will actually put things in your list. It may take you more than a day to finish all your inventory so consider everything first for you to know what you will do next time. You can trash all the unnecessary things if you want to make the inventory easier when you would actually make it.

Step 3 List all your properties.

When it is your actual time to do the inventory, start in a spot that would be easy for you to record everything. You can list all your things per room. Things will be much more visible with this. Go from room to room, listing all your properties, from the biggest to the smallest. List all your appliances and furnitures, clothings and jewelries, and all other belongings. All your things must be recorded. Every thing would add up to the cost of your claims so you must be diligent in putting it. Whatever you can find in your house, do an inventory of it.

Step 3 Put all the basic information of your properties.

Record all the details about the things you have bought. Put how you have bought them and where you have purchased them. Have a description for each item. You should tell how much each product costs and record its brand. Have a column for the model number and serial number of each item. All these details are needed by the insurance company. They will examine this information to know whether they will give you a claim or not. Clip all your receipts to each item that you listed as this was necessary. It is better that you can show some proof.

Step 4 Review your home inventory spreadsheet.

After you have finished the list, read everything to be sure about mistakes. Check everything. It is the proper way of doing inventory. Maybe you have missed on something so read and check it. Be sure that you have properly put the price of each item. That every item has all its description and number. Check each item if it is clipped with its right photo or video. If everything was right, it is ready to be presented to the insurance company. If you will not going to present it yet, be sure to update it by instantly listing all the new things that you have bought each time you have purchased anything.


Do I Have To List Even the Littlest Things in the Home Inventory Spreadsheet?

No, you may not necessarily list them all. But you should also include small things in your inventory spreadsheet. Those things may cost something. Every money counts. Especially, you are going to make a claim. Meaning that you need money. So include small things in the home inventory spreadsheet.

Which is Better? A Home Inventory Spreadsheet Before or After a Disaster?

It is better to make a home inventory spreadsheet before a disaster. Your spreadsheet can be more accurate and you can list all your things. It is because you can list all the new stuff that you have and you can have better pictures of all your property. If you will do a spreadsheet after the disaster, maybe some of your things may be broken. It would be a little hard to tell its value.

Making a home inventory spreadsheet could be fun. You can have an inventory list in your spare time. This way, you can prepare for the possible disasters that can happen. It would be easy for you to take a home insurance claim. Start doing an inventory of all the properties that you have. This would help you in future times.