Definition of SEO Report

First and foremost, it is a must to know and understand what SEO is. SEO is an abbreviation for the term search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the process of improving the traffic into your website both in qualitative terms as well as quantitative terms. Simply put, by the means of SEO, your site will be easier to search and be more visible to your audience.

The SEO report is a statement or a review of the goals, activities and milestones accomplished within a specific amount of time.

Key Elements Included in the SEO Report

The person in charge: First and foremost, it is a must to know who is responsible for conducting the activities as well as formulating the report about the SEO strategy and status for the website. It is important to include their basic information. This will state their name as well as their position or job description.The goals: Next, it is a must to know and understand the goals and objectives of the client. What are they trying to achieve? It is important to understand the goal statement of the client or the company in order to properly execute the plans of action.The key performance indicators: Key performance indicators or more commonly known as KPIs are a set of measurable standards. These factors are what you usually measure, track and improve. These are what corporations use for evaluation of the milestones and overall goals.The progress: It is also a must to indicate the status or health of the overall project. In line with determining the status of the project, it is also important to discuss the status of individual activities. This is the main point of any report. It is a must to for the higher ups as well as the stockholders of the company to understand how the project is going. The SEO report is also similar to a project status report.The activities: What are the activities that are being implemented? There are numerous ways in order to improve and increase the value of your key performance indicators. It is a must to list down all the SEO strategies in order to have better and easier understanding of the report.The insights: The section for the insights will discuss all the new discoveries during the duration of the time stated in the SEO report. SEO reports are usually done once a month. This means that in that one month what are the new things that were discovered? This may also discuss the new risks that are hindering the success of the project or the new risks that are expected to arise in the near future.The conclusion: The paragraph for the conclusion will integrate and summarize all the key details that is needed to be retained by the target audience. This section will once again go over the all the milestones that are achieved in the time period that is given. This will also elaborate on the next course of action that is to be observed and executed.

Essential Key Performance Indicators in the SEO Report

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic means that if a user typed a keyword and then clicked through your website. This is usually measured by google analytics. This is usually what the client will look at in a report. The higher the organic traffic is the higher the chance of increase in the sales.

Conversion Rate

Following the organic traffic, it is a must to include the conversion rate. Conversion rate refers to the number of products sold through the website. The conversion rate is calculated through the formula: items bought divided by the number of website visitors then multiplied by 100.

Page Level Traffic

Page level traffic will refer to the article or the topic that the website visitor clicked and landed on your web page. This is included in the key performance indicators as this is a big help for the client as well as the employee to know and understand what the direction of the market is as of the moment. In simple terms, understanding the trend will help in improving the site.

Page Speed

From the word itself this KPI will determine and discuss the speed of your website. Having too many pictures or videos on a website can slow it down. This is not a good thing for both the client and the website visitor. One of the main things that the client must consider when someone visits their website is a great customer experience.

Time on the Website and the Bounce Rate

Another factor that needs to be included in the time that a visitor sticks on the website. This will answer whether the content of the website hooks the attention of the reader. On the other hand, bounce rate refers to the number of visitors that quickly navigate to another website after viewing the landing page or the home page.

Ranking of Site

The rankings will determine if the website has gone up or gone down in the search engine results. This is an important factor as not all users will search through multiple pages of google.

Step by Step Process in Creating your SEO Report

Step 1: Utilize a Template

Browse all the provided templates above and choose one. The use of a template is a must in order to convey the essential pieces of information in a clear and organized manner. This will give you a guideline on what is necessary to include. It is also to make use of the same template for every report. This is done in order to easily check and evaluate the improvement from the last report.

Step 2: Identify the Specific Goals

The first thing to do is sit down and have a conference with the client or the higher ups and discuss what they would want to achieve. It is important to make sure that the objectives would fall under each category of the SMART goals.

The usual goals of business websites are to:

Improve the SEO ranking and health

This means that through the different search engine optimization strategies that the employee utilizes, the ranking of the website should improve. It should be more visible to search engine users.

Improve the health of the backlinks

What are backlinks? Backlinks are links on different websites that will refer back to your website. There are different types of websites that can be used for your backlinks. They can be categorized based on their relevance. The first is industry relevance. This refers to a backlink on another web page that is closely related to the industry you are advertising. The second one is geo relevance. This refers to a backlink on another web page that is in the similar state or country as your business website.

In a backlink you will measure 2 factors. They are trust flow and citation flow. Trust flow will pertain to how reliable and dependable the website is. Simply put, it will determine the quality of the website. The next one is citation flow. This will pertain to the number of backlinks that a website has.

Generate leads and sales

The last goal and probably the most important for the client is to generate leads. The main purpose of designing and creating a website is to attract potential customers. A web page that has a high ranking will be easier to look for with the use of search engines. This leads to more customer interaction. In line with more customer interaction, there will also be an increase in the number of sales of the business. Remember that clients would want to see their revenue go up.

It is also a must to explain the overall goal of the client and break them down into smaller manageable goals. This is done in order to identify the different milestones and activities that will be observed and performed all throughout the duration of the work.

Step 3: Identify the KPIs

Next thing to identify are the key performance indicators. These are the different categories that will be measured and reported to your clients. It is a must to remember that in reporting your KPIs, you should use concrete numbers in order to easily assess their growth and improvement.

Step 4: Identify the Activities

In line with identifying the key performance indicators, it is also a must to state the different activities that are in play. These activities must be in direct correlation in every KPIs that are mentioned. In order to be more clear and organized in the report, there should be a list of activities that are being implemented for each key performance indicator.

After identifying goals, key performance indicators and activities, the progress of the project will come naturally. It is a must to identify the first 3 items in order to effectively convey the processes and achievements that have been accomplished.

Along with identifying the progress of the project, it is only natural that along the way the person in charge of a particular activity will come upon certain roadblocks and hurdles. These risks are also a crucial factor to include in the SEO report. Given the risks that are discovered and stated, it is a must to come up with a risk management plan. Take note that it is important to be honest in conveying the report, even though there are bad results, it is crucial to include them. This is done in order to prevent them from happening again and come up with a plan to resolve them.

Step 5: Review and Finalize

It is a must to review and check the report before submitting and discussing it with the clients and the higher ups. Check the numbers if there are any errors. The search engine optimization report will usually consist of hard numbers. Make sure that all the data and pieces of information stated are accurate.

How Is the SEO Score Calculated?

There are different categories in calculating the total score of your website’s SEO. They are:


The technical aspects of the website is an important criteria in determining the ranking of your website. Technical search engine optimization will pertain to how the website and its optimization helps the search engine crawl and index the website. This should be the top item in your priority list as this is weighed the most.


The actual content of the website is also a factor in the rankings. A good content will attract more viewers and will make them stay longer on your website. A good content will reduce the bounce rate of the website. As for the priority this will be the next on your list.


This will answer the question whether your website is accessible through a mobile phone. Is it adaptable and can be displayed through a mobile phone? As mobile devices are now one of the main means that users search the internet, this has become a factor in ranking the SEO of your website. In the priority list this will be next to content.

User Experience

The experience of the user will also play a factor in the rankings. More visuals and an organized web page will definitely increase the time of the visitor on your website. This will be considered in the SEO score. As for the priority, this is the last item.

The search engine optimization report of your website will determine whether it is ranked high or ranked low. A website with a high ranking will be more visible and easier to search through different search engines. Improving the SEO ranking of your website is done in order to generate leads and sales. The higher the ranking, the more visible it is. This will lead to an increase in customer interaction. Improving the SEO ranking of your website is an important strategy nowadays. This is essential especially that we are in the digital era. This is a part of the marketing strategy plans of different corporations. Make use of the templates that are available above in order to create a relevant and solid SEO report.