What Is a Wedding DJ?

A wedding Disk Jockey specializes in providing the best wedding entertainment, designed to keep guests of all ages entertained and dancing during the wedding reception. Their ability to select appropriate music will keep everyone entertained and engaged throughout the evening. They can serve as an announcer for the evening reception, introducing the bride and groom for their first dance, cutting the cake, and making other announcements as needed. They have massive collections of songs in what are now commonly digital DJ systems, allowing you to create a highly customized playlist for your event and letting attendees make a range of requests.

What Is a Wedding DJ Contract?

A wedding DJ Contract is a legally binding agreement between the DJ and clients such as event planners, venue owners, and people who engage mobile DJs to perform at their wedding. The responsibilities and expectations of both parties on the day of the event are clearly outlined in this contract. A contract outlines how the DJ will provide the service, how much the client will be charged when payment will be made, and what will happen if the contract is canceled. Coming up with a format may be difficult, we suggest viewing a sample DJ contract for the wedding.

Things to Expect When Hiring a Wedding DJ

If you are like the majority of people, you are probably expecting a wedding DJ to simply show up and start playing music before leaving. A wedding DJ, on the other hand, does a lot more than you might expect. Keep your mind open as DJs won’t simply plug their device on an auxiliary cord and tap shuffle. With that in mind, here is a curated list of what you can expect if you hire a wedding DJ for the big day.

Wedding Party Intro: When the DJ arrives at the wedding reception, they will play some music during cocktail hour. After that, they will play a song or two to introduce the wedding party. The music will usually be energetic, but if you have a specific song in mind, you can request it ahead of time. Some couples opt for a single song for the wedding party Introduction, while others opt for separate songs. A skilled DJ will assist you in planning your introduction and will guarantee that everyone’s names are pronounced correctly. This is crucial because you don’t want to be embarrassed if the DJ mispronounces your guests’ names.Toasts: The best man, father of the bride, maid of honor, and anyone else who wishes to deliver a toast will be given a wireless microphone by the DJ. The DJ will most likely introduce each guest who will give a statement. They will most likely not play any music during this time, and they may add elements to make the toasts and speeches more entertaining. However, if the DJ intends to do this, or if you want the toasting part to be humorous, speak with the DJ before the big day.During Dinner Hour: You can expect the DJ to play background music while you and your guests are eating dinner, but don’t expect it to be too loud because the DJ understands that guests will most likely be conversing. People wouldn’t be able to hear each other if the music was played too loudly. Instrumental music, such as piano music, jazz music, or classical pieces, is likely to be played. This time in the reception is meant to be a calming atmosphere so DJs know what the ambiance to go for.Special Dances: One of the things the clients may look forward to the most as a newlywed couple is their first dance during the reception. Your DJ will introduce the wife and the husband at this point, and they will play the song that has been requested. They will also present additional dancers, such as the bride and her father, the groom and his mother, and so on. When it comes to how long each dance will last, your DJ will give you an estimate, and if the dance ends sooner than the song, the DJ will know when to put the fade out.Open The Dance Floor Up: The DJ will open the dance floor, which means they will play music for the rest of the evening. You can give them a list of songs you would like to hear, and the DJ will play them, but they will most likely be mixed. But don’t worry; a professional will make sure everything runs smoothly and that no tracks skip or sound bad. Most competent wedding DJs will acquire a sense of the crowd before playing music that is appropriate for them. Consider who will be attending the wedding and then select music accordingly, and make sure to inform the DJ in advance.Last Song: A hired wedding DJ will play a special song for the newlyweds at the end of the night. The couple has the option of choosing the song or allowing the DJ to do so. After that, the DJ will express their gratitude to everyone for having them, and they will depart for the night. Always keep in mind that not all wedding DJs are made equal. When it comes to selecting a DJ, take your time since you want to make sure you get the best. You want to select a good DJ because they can make or break a Wedding Event.

What to Look For in a Professional Wedding DJ

Now that you are familiar with what a DJ can do during the wedding, you should also be aware of what elements there are before hiring a DJ. Especially when you are not reaching out to a company such as a freelance DJ, which may be tricky but could also save you money. Keep these tips in mind so that you won’t waste your time, effort, and money in contacting a wedding DJ.

Who They Really Are: But when you are looking for Wedding DJs on the internet, make sure the DJ you are looking at is real and that the person you book is the same person who will perform at the wedding. Some shady DJs and companies take DJ bookings only to subcontract them to a completely other DJ who is then told to show up and perform under their name. That’s not to suggest you shouldn’t hire a DJ from a Company, but you should feel confident that if you read about a DJ’s experience and past client evaluations, you will receive the same individual.DJ Performance Style: The musical taste and performing style of your chosen DJ is perhaps the most crucial considerations. While most professional Wedding DJs have a wide range of musical tastes and don’t specialize in any one genre, if you are looking for something more contemporary and don’t want to hear specific songs under any circumstances, you should think about your DJ’s general personality. You should also decide if you want a DJ who is highly involved and conversational or one who prefers to let the music speak for itself and only makes announcements when requested.Experience and Background: Check to see if the DJ has experience performing at weddings and other private parties. A club DJ is not the same thing as a wedding DJ, and you need to know the person you hire has the experience and equipment necessary to provide a decent DJ service for the wedding day. Review the DJs’ previous client list to make sure they have played at similar quality Venues. Booking a great new DJ with a basic level of experience is fine as long as they have the equipment. In contrast, experienced DJs bring their entire skillset as they play.Great Photos: You may get a sense of what a DJ looks like and how well-presented their DJ system is at events by looking at their images. Good DJs take care in having attractive sound systems, and you should be able to see what they have in their promotional Photos. You should be wary of DJs that have no online presence or evidence of images from their previous works because they might not be who they are.Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Check to see if you can read authentic consumer reviews. On their websites or affiliated companies, you will find a wide variety of past client reviews. Going through reviews and testimonials is important because you can get a grasp of how they worked with previous clients and how their performance has been rated. You wouldn’t want to hire a wedding DJ who may have performed great but has terrible attitude issues. All the more, you can’t hire a pleasantly kind DJ but has zero skills in playing songs.Equipment, PA, and Lighting: Professional grade decks, PA, microphones, and disco lighting should all be used by the DJ. The higher the quality of the equipment, the better the sound will be during your event. This is a big reason why some DJs are more expensive than others. Most excellent DJs can provide a variety of PA and lighting system sizes to accommodate various locations, but the size is less significant than the quality of the equipment employed. The Support of a Reputable Agency: If something goes wrong, there is no agent and no backup. If you book a DJ directly and they disappoint you, either purposefully or inadvertently, you will be on your own to locate a replacement at the last minute. This would not be enjoyable on the Wedding day. Not to generalize though, since some freelance wedding DJs can be reputable.

How to Write a Wedding DJ Contract

Securing a contract form can be challenging. It could be difficult for you to browse through the contract and select what to include and what to leave out. A wedding DJ contract, on the other hand, isn’t very complicated. There are some professional expectations for how a contract should appear, as well as several crucial provisions that should be included in every wedding DJ contract. Make sure the contract covers the following topics when drafting it. Check out the sample wedding DJ contract available for your use.

  • 1. Event Description

    One of the most crucial aspects of a DJ contract will start in this section. This is where the specifics of the event are written down and agreed upon. The date, time, and location of the event, as well as the power outlet, sound system, and amps required, are all given here. It also specifies how long you’ll be performing during the event. Additionally, make sure to include the names of the client or the wedding organizer, and the DJ you are contacting.

  • 2. Scope of Service

    This area should be used by the DJ to describe the services they will provide at the event. Also, make a list of the services you will not provide. As has been provided for you in this article, you can go over the services included that DJs will perform throughout the reception. It is better to define the Scope of Work that they will be doing so that no confusion or extension of capabilities will be made.

  • 3. Payment

    It is the most important aspect of a DJ agreement. It is your job as a DJ to state the payment due date, late charge, and deposits. Many DJs ask for a security deposit at the time of contract signing, with the remaining payment due on or before the event day. Make careful to factor in any additional fees for playing time beyond the event’s end time. Also, if there is a non-refundable deposit, make sure to mention it.

  • 4. Cancellation and Termination Policy

    Occasionally, unusual circumstances may emerge that force you or the client to cancel the contract. This is why a Cancellation clause must be included in the DJ contract, stating what will happen if the contract is terminated. If the client cancels this contract within certain days of the event, for example, they will forfeit a certain percent of the entire amount. It is the DJ’s responsibility to offer an appropriate replacement DJ if the DJ is unable to perform.


Why do DJs charge more for weddings?

If additional speakers, microphones, or updated sound equipment are required to properly serve the crowd, large weddings may result in a higher DJ fee. If the wedding DJ is required to set up outside, additional equipment such as power cords and other items may be necessary, which will raise the cost. If you are thinking about hiring a DJ for the wedding, bear in mind that the average cost of a wedding DJ in the United States is roughly $1,000, with most couples spending between $780 and $1,495. The expense of larger sound and lighting systems would be higher.

What is the difference between wedding DJs against ipod playlists?

If money is tight, you might be tempted to construct an iPod playlist and hire a sound system instead of hiring a wedding DJ; however, while playlists may include all of your favorite songs, they rarely get the entire crowd moving. What can seem like a great music choice at home when you are putting together your playlist can turn out to be a terrible one once the party gets into full swing.

What happens if the DJ is ill?

Problems are quite rare, but if the unimaginable happens, certain companies will assist you. If the DJ you’ve booked becomes ill, you’ll always be fully informed and involved in deciding on a replacement DJ if you give us enough warning. If you are unhappy with the replacement, you have the option of selecting another of our DJs or receiving a complete refund. If there is an issue on the day of your event and we are unable to contact you, we will contact your venue and send the nearest matched alternate DJ to ensure you are not left in the dark.

You have reached the end of the article so you are more than prepared to begin making a DJ contract for the wedding reception. If you are pressed for time, then you can make use of the readily available contract templates prepared for you. Make sure your wedding entertainment contract is free of errors so you won’t have to do changes at the last minute.