What is an Agency Worker Contract?

An agency worker contract is a document that an agency makes with individuals whom it helps to land a job with employers. It is an agreement between an agency and job applicants to get a fee from the salary of the job applicant who will then be known as an agency worker. It is hard to find a job these days that agencies are the resort for us to easily find a job. They have many connections with employers who can be the owner of the companies where we can work. They provide the staffing needs of these companies. That is why it became possible for us to enter these companies. We can use their connection to have a job even at a company where we aspire to work. All we have to do is to apply to agencies and they can arrange everything for us to have a job. They will not only help us to get a project but complete employment. The only basic rule is they should deduct a fee from our salary. Working as an employee of an agency can have many benefits though we can also find some disadvantages. We can get private employment through any recruitment agency and we can have fixed-term contracts that we can renew for a particular time. That is how standard employment goes with an agency. But before engaging into any staffing agency, be sure that they consider agency worker rights. The question ‘Can employment agencies charge fees?’ is not a question because we should know that they really can deduct fees in our salary, but you should know your rights in the deduction salary. Some agencies may be breaking the rules in deducting so much fee from the salaries of their workers. So, if you want to work as an agency worker, you have to negotiate first and be sure that you can accept the fee that they will require from you. When the fee is acceptable, then you can work for them and can get a job through their help.

Elements of an Agency Worker Contract

Have you seen an example agency worker contract? Whether it is an ending agency worker contract or a temporary agency contract, you can notice that it has several components. Without these elements, the contract will not be complete. Consider the following and learn some of the elements of an agency worker contract:

Information of Both Parties

The details of the agency and the agency worker are written in the agency worker contract. The name of the agency worker and the employer or the agency must be clear in it. The agency is referred to as ‘the Company’. Be sure that you can put the right details of both parties.

Start Date

Indicate the date of commencement or the date when the agency worker will start working. The work schedule should be agreed upon and should be written in the contract. You should tell what time the worker will work on a weekly basis. This is important so that the worker can report to work at the right time.

Length of Employment

You should include the length of employment of the agency worker. Usually, the agency worker contract is good for a particular time, maybe about 6 months to 1 year. Then agency workers have to renew their contract. You must be accurate in stating the exact length of employment so that the workers will know when they have to renew the contract.

Salary Terms

The amount of salary that the worker will receive should be stated in the contract. You and the agency have to agree on a particular amount that you can receive per month. You should also agree on the payment terms whether will you be paid weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You should also talk about the fees that the agency will subtract from your salary. Things must be clear that the worker knows that the agency will do this to compensate for its effort of providing a job for the worker.

Company Benefits

The benefits should be talked about and stated in the contract. There should be benefits that should be written in an agency worker contract for services. Some of these benefits are medical services or insurance.  It can be dental insurance or health insurance. There can be also incentives like when employees get sick and they can get something from the company. Paid time off can be given. Employees can even have advantages like using the company car. They can also get some help in getting a diploma.

Supplemental Pay

The agency should be able to provide supplemental pay to the employees. It should give a bonus if the performance of the worker deserves it. The bonus can be given quarterly, annually, or even monthly if the company will be generous.

Dispute Resolution

The contract should state how two parties can resolve disputes if ever they will happen. Sometimes, we cannot avoid misunderstandings to occur like when one party will experience something that is not according to the contract. You have to settle disputes so you have to provide some terms on how you can do it. Make a clear dispute resolution in the contract so that you can settle any dispute that may take place.


This is the provision that will state that the agency worker should not say anything bad to the company. The worker should agree not to tell anything unfavorably to the employer. If the worker can comply with the terms, he or she can get severance pay that will compensate for following the rules.

Non-compete Clause

The agency worker should agree with the non-compete clause. Workers should not work with the rivals of the agency after their contract with the company. They should pass a particular time that will be written in the contract before they can work with the agency’s competitor. Usually, the agency will request that they cannot compete with the company for 2-3 years.

Employment Terms

Every agency has its own rule. All the terms of the employment will be written in the contract. These are the things that the agency worker will do as long as they work for the agency. All the terms will be written in the employee contract. They should comply with it as they work.

Termination Clause

There should be a termination clause in the agency worker contract. If one of the parties will find that they are not happy with the contract, they should be free to end the agreement. So, they must put some terms that can be a basis for the termination of the contract. They should also put that they can be free to end the contract if they feel that it does not benefit them any longer.

Tips for Agency Worker

An agency worker contract of employment is the best resort if you cannot find a job easily. To work as an agency worker, you need some knowledge so that you can work at your best. Working self-employed through an agency needs some tips so that you can work better. Whether you will work for an agency long-term or will just have an agency worker fixed-term contract, you can consider and apply the following tips:

Research the Agency: To find the best agency where you can work, you must research. Find a site that showcases the most reputable staffing agencies in the world. You should find an agency that is right for you. Know the agencies first so that you will know if they fit your needs. You will also know what they require so you will know how you can apply to them. Know the work that they offer and see if any fits your preferences. Many agencies around the world can help you. You just have to be diligent in finding them so that they can help you have the job that you aspire to. It will be best that you research them. This will give you a great opportunity to be accepted by these companies.Excel in the Interview: Do not take the agencies for less. They are the ones who will bring you to a job. You should be serious about your interviews with them. You should dress at your best. Be professional so that the employer will see that you are fit for the job. Be good at communication and be polite to them. Be on the interview at an early time so that they will see that you value the job. You should make the agency impressed with you. Remember, they are the ones who have connections to many employers. And sometimes, to the company where you truly want to work. You can have a dream come true through them. So, be sure that you can start a good relationship with the agency.Be Prepared: You should know that you should take some time to prepare for the interview. You should be prepared so that if the agency will ask you any questions, you can answer them confidently. You should not struggle with the answers or this can destroy your credibility in the eyes of the agency. Be prepared. Be sure to bring a well-written resume. Make sure that you can provide sufficient references if the agency will require them. Practice answers to questions about your experience so that when they will ask you, you can provide the best answers. Know how you can showcase your talents and skills in the best way.Be Honest: You have to be honest when applying with an agency. If you do not like the job that they offer, you should honestly tell them. It will be good if you will tell them the job that you aspire to so that they can help you rightfully. Do not accept a job that you do not prefer. Remember that they can help you if you will just be honest with the work that you like. If you have gaps in your work history, you should be also honest with them so they will know how to help you. Honesty will set you to have a better relationship with the agency that you will work for.Be Open-minded: You need to have an open mind when applying in the agency. Sometimes, they can offer you temporary work and you should be open-minded to accept it. This kind of work can be converted to a full-time job opportunity if you can show a good performance. You need to be patient and not waste the chance that can come your way. Temporary work can widen your professional network. This can be a lot of help for you in the future. Jump to the opportunity of getting temporary work because the agency may have a better offer in the future. It is better to have a job than to have none.

How to Work with an Agency

Do you need an agency worker contract template because you are about to enter an agreement with an agency? We have given you some tips on being an agency worker. But if you need some steps on how you can work with an agency, you can have the following:

  • Step 1: Find an Agency

    Many agencies can be available for you to work with. But, of course, you have a particular job in mind. What you need to do first is to search for agencies that can provide the work that you want to have. When you have found several agencies, research those agencies. Know which one of them can be the best for you. When you have picked the best possible agency, know its contact information and start reaching out to it.

  • Step 2: Negotiate About Your Needs

    You have to be clear to the agency about your needs. You have to tell them the job that you want. It will not be good for you to accept any job that they will offer. You have the right to request the job that you desire. If you need them to negotiate on your behalf to get the job that you want, you should be honest with them. Start a good relationship with them because you may work for them long-term.

  • Step 3: Check Legalities

    You have to be sure of the legal aspects of the job. Check the employment details. Know if the payroll taxes is right. Be sure of the worker classification. You should check if you will be an employee or an independent contractor. Know all of the legalities before making a contract with the agency.

  • Step 4: Keep a Good Relationship

    The best thing that you can do when you work for an agency is you have to keep a good relationship with them. This way, you can renew your contracts in no time. They can give you better work if it is possible. They can help you to the fullest if they will see that you value their company. You will have good work with them for long-term if you can keep a good relationship with them.


How Much is the Salary of an Agency Worker?

The usual salary of an agency worker is $14 – $15 per hour. Some agencies can pay better which can reach $26 – $28 per hour. Choose the agency where you will work and inquire about the salaries if you want to have a better salary.

Is Working in an Agency Worth It?

Yes, the agency can help you to find a job when it is hard for you to find one. They can even offer different jobs. They know many employers that can give work.

If you are very eager to have a job, there is nothing wrong to engage with an agency worker contract. You will just have to pay a fee that can be deducted from your salary. But you can have a job that can make you earn a living. So, it can be proven that this kind of contract will do you good. Do you need a template for an agency worker contract? This post has 3+ SAMPLE Agency Worker Contract in PDF. Download now!