33+ Sample Cleaning Contract Templates

What Is a Cleaning Contract?

In a household, anyone can be a cleaner. Parents assign their children with some chores as practice in the first place. However, doing serious house cleaning or janitorial cleaning service where employment is part of the picture is a different story. Are you looking for regular cleanups? Do you require the same cleaners for this job? Everything gets settled by using the contract and agreement. In other words, a cleaning contract refers to any formal agreement, whether it is binding or non-binding, between you and the cleaning business on how cleaning arrangements and terms get managed. Indeed, cleaners tidy things up; however, there possibly are standards and stipulations not met along the way. With a contract, lesser confusion and issues about the service take place.

Did you know that approximately 3.24 million Americans worked under cleaning services back in May 2018?

Also, Statista added that the average janitorial services revenue in the U.S. as of 2019 was around $61 billion.

Moreover, the World Health Organization stated that 45% or 3.4 billion individuals worldwide used safe management in terms of sanitation services in 2017.


Cleaning Contracts: Why Are They Important?

Back in history, mere water was considered as the most dependable cleaning chemical. When you think about it, water washes away certain particles. More so, it is a universal solvent that other substances can work with it for different applications and functions. However, things changed in 2200 BC when the ancestral Babylonians discovered a more efficient way of cleaning with water. The Babylonians washed water to some utensils enclosed with wood ash and animal fat. And just like that, by accident, the three particles formed one of the oldest soap combinations. Now moving forward, today’s generation contains a massive range of cleaning products and tools. However, cleaning is not the only concern since the effects afterward matter too. It is more than just a simple soap combination because business comes to play. What is the point of this? The effects help you recognize the importance of cleaning contracts.

With a work contract for sanitation services, you identify the full instruction for cleaning service. Janitors may be capable enough about doing all sorts of services, but the client possibly just wants a few services, as specified in the official document. Next, what happens to the client’s things or home when cleaners do wrong at work? A contract tackles on the liabilities and fines for that matter. The agreement also mentions the agreed price to pay by the client after the cleaner does the tasks. On the other hand, what if the client wants such services done regularly? Thus, you present a business proposal about the cleaning service dealership that you employ such a cleaning company regularly for the next days, weeks, and months to come.

The Sweeping Benefits of a Cleaning Contract

Cleaning provides numerous benefits. In fact, a lot of people got benefited from sanitation services globally. According to a study, 3.4 billion people observed safe management for sanitation services back in 2017. Improving such statistics can still happen for many years to come, and working with a cleaning company under contract is one way to make that work. Remember that cleaning contracts provide benefits as well. And these sweeping benefits consist of the following:

Organized Cleaning Plan

A strategic plan, even for cleaning service, is necessary. Otherwise, services might not run as expected or perhaps, delays happen. For example, which area requires heavy cleaning first? Contracts include the specifications of what to do first and last to save time and hassle. Aside from the incorporated instructions, planning helps boost the success rate. Merely sending out janitors to an area to clean without a plan may lead to results that could be undesirable to the client. This reason is why written business agreements like contracts exist in the first place, which is to specify the plan.

Polished Performance

You expect skilled cleaners from legitimate cleaning companies. Having professionals do the work lets you expect great results anyway. That is, all thanks to training. Aside from having someone who gained experience from house chores only, of course, you choose someone with excellent commercial cleaning experience since he or she has worked to other establishments aside from houses.

Clear Pricing

In 2019, Statista mentioned that the revenue average for janitorial service in the U.S. is $61 billion. The cleaning service industry is no joke too because the big numbers mean big business. Now when you deal with a business contract, you cannot skip the payment agreement. Maybe a client’s payment is not enough for the expected price for paying these cleaners. Perhaps, an oral deal happened, and the janitor did not accept the floor cleaning bid. How would you expect that contract to be signed then? So all parties agree on the payment offer, it should get settled under contract.

Purified Environment

The everyday saying cleanliness is next to godliness is not for naught. It is always useful in keeping a cleaned environment that may be at home or work. With regular cleanups, you promote sickness prevention. Nobody wants anyone sick from the workplace at some point because of the bacterial buildup in the environment. The best part is you assign people for sanitizing areas rather than doing the entire work yourself, which is hassle-free.

What Are the Essential Elements of a Cleaning Contract?

Aside from knowing the advantages of cleaning contracts, you proceed to uncover the common significant elements found inside too. You aim to incorporate such elements into your next contract, so it passes the standards and makes the contract more legitimate. The essential elements of the cleaning contract are the following:

Cleaning Contract Basics: Any contract has basic sections that should never be absent. For example, you determine the involved parties first. You state the name of the cleaning company and the one interested in hiring them. More so, your concern lies in the explanation of the exchange of value. Of course, an agreement is not one-sided, so both parties must receive benefits. Finally, you decide if this is a binding contract or not since legal purposes play a pivotal role here too.Terms and Conditions: A critical part of any contract is the standard terms. Rules and regulations are vital to ensure no conflict arises. An example is to specify when the services expire. Aside from duration, you determine how insurance, liabilities, and breach of contract will be dealt with here. This section prepares any possible litigation that could take place if ever one party fails to fulfill the stipulations.Services Provided: Listing and explaining every cleaning service that must get performed is essential. Is the cleanup required weekly, biweekly, or maybe monthly? Moreover, you state if there are other services necessary besides cleaning. A renovation contract and repair service agreement contract could be part of the deal. This part should clear things out if you need window cleaning, floor lamination, and so much more under a service agreement.Payment Information: Payment obligations become expected. You may agree with the company about how the payment plan works. Will it be through cash, bank, or any other setup? This section includes the estimate of the total amount, additional fees, and the like. That way, no more questions get asked regarding payment terms.

How Do You Form a Standard Cleaning Contract?

According to Statista, around 3.24 million Americans worked in the cleaning service enterprise in May 2018. With that numerous employees, you can expect a variety of contracts made among deals too. The question is, how do you create an acceptable cleaning contract? Never fret since it can get managed easily by following these steps:

Step 1: Draft Your Plan

Come up with a plan about how you wish cleaning services will be conducted first. Drafting is the perfect way to establish that since mistakes are still welcome. You only change some factors as you slowly perfect your draft. Your first concern would be which area needs cleaning. Is it a housekeeping service or a different type? Is the service required for real estate, a restaurant, a construction site, or any other example? What matters most is that you have listed down enough on what you can include in your cleaning contract template soon.

Step 2: Select a Cleaning Contract Template

You choose the correct template from our sample cleaning contract templates next. Many examples are up for use, and you could also edit their content afterward. With professionally-made templates, typical adversities found in conventional contracts need not happen. After downloading, you transfer the listed items in your draft to the template to slowly label and fill in the details. To avoid missing anything, you better use a checklist for everything needed to input.

Step 3: Recognize the Parties and Their Relationship

The cleaning contract basics mentioned about the party information. Therefore, you start identifying who requires the service and which cleaning company got chosen. Avoid filling in the blanks with incorrect spelling and other possible mistakes, or the contract itself might be null already. You can always talk with these parties through oral agreements first anyway to know what to write in the document.

Step 4: Insert the Other Discussed Elements

Aside from the basics, you already know that there are other elements in a contract. Thus, you enumerate those on the form one by one. An example is to provide the total amount for the corporate cleaning quote. Maybe additional services like the HVAC maintenance contract got forgotten, so you need to review it again. Aside from many specifications, you better keep the signature line present. Signatures confirm that parties have read and agreed to such contracts anyway.

Step 5: Scrutinize for Clarity, Particularly with the Terms

Final inspections are necessary in case a bunch of mistakes is still evident. Look after such errors on the terms and regulations, perhaps, because getting wrong there can affect a lot of things. A confidentiality agreement, additional payment, and many more may be around but were not expounded thoroughly. If you are confident that everything is crystal clear after a final review, then you are on the right track.


How do I get a license for a cleaning business?

In obtaining a business license, you begin asking for the requirements accepted by your state. Laws may vary, and the same goes for the requirements. Furthermore, you expect to pass for a housecleaning license too. And, you register your company and get your employer identification number next. The rest will eventually be introduced to you, so be guided.

How much is it to clean a house?

Expect a $25-$50 an hour for the average cost of paying a house cleaner. However, the total amount can vary according to the house’s size, address, and required cleaning services. Learn to compare the costs from every cleaning business to know which is more cost-effective.

What is the fastest way of cleaning houses?

The fastest way depends on how professional the given services are. For example, the business could have been very prepared and well-trained, which led them to be quick. The same goes if they use advanced technology with their cleaning services. Aside from using conventional brooms and mops, vacuums and other advanced products can produce much quicker results.

If you treat cleaners as servants or anything inferior, shame on you, what stays true is that keeping things clean and orderly would not happen without their help. Bigger homes and commercial establishments are even hard to maintain for one person. How much more if regular cleaning is a concern? Thankfully, assigning professionals from a cleaning company can save your hassle and the environment at the same time. Let that happen with a well-thought-out cleaning contract for a clear service plan instead of adhering to poor sanitation.