What is a Grant Writing Contract?

A grant writing contract is a document that states the agreement of a non-profit organization and a writer to write grant proposals and make grant applications for the organization. Non-profit organizations have the business to create grant proposals to gather grants from corporations. They need the help of an excellent writer or grant writer that can help them to convince corporations to grant them money. The skills of a writer are much needed so that the corporations will be encouraged through perfect words. Besides, a grant proposal is a professional letter that requires a professional writer.

A grant writing independent contractor may find projects of grant writing as non-profit organizations have a massive need for writers who can write a good grant proposal. In professionalism, they will require the writer to enter a grant writing contract so that they can ensure that they can secure a writer for a long time. The contract will dictate their relationship with the writer. It can state the number of proposals that can be made throughout the contract. It states a fixed price that they can pay the writer in exchange for his or her service.

For writers, a grant writing contract is a good thing. They can have a continuous job workload and they do not have to make a bid all the time just to have projects. The contract will secure them a steady job while non-profit organizations will secure their services. In any sample freelance writing, a contract is a better resort so that freelancers or a 1099 grant writer will have a good job that can sustain their needs. You can give your grant writing services better if you will have a contract. You will not fear that you cannot be paid or will not have any work next week.

A freelance grant writing contract is a good document that both non-profit organizations and writers can rely on. It has terms that can define their relationship. It dictates their roles and responsibilities from the contract. Non-profit organizations will have their need of getting effective grants for their endeavors. Writers will have a good job for themselves where they can earn money to have a decent living. The contract dictates the term or the length of their relationship. It is effective within the dates that are written in the contract. Having a contract is the best way how grant writers should want to give their services. It is binding and will protect the interest of writers.

Tips on Grant Writing

Are you a grant writer? Or are you a writer who just wants to start on grant writing? Aside from the fact that you may worry about the grant writing fee structure, you may also want to have some tips on a nonprofit grant writer contract. Services contract requires knowledge so you can enter a good deal. Even in your writing, you may want to have some tips that you can use. Study the following tips and see if they can help you in your grant writing career:

Determine the Need for Funding: Remote contract grant writing jobs require a writer that can be best in giving the reasons for getting a grant. To write at your best, you should determine the need of the organization for funding. This way, you can explain better the purpose of the non-profit in asking for such grants. Whether you are an independent contractor or a regular employee of a non-profit, you need to have the heart to do the best grant that can touch the hearts of corporations. If you can explain the needs in the best way, corporations might see the necessity of their help. They can sympathize with the need of the non-profit. So, it is up to the writer how he or she can demonstrate the needs of the non-profit in a good way.Check Eligibility: If your work as a grant writer includes searching for corporations that can give grants to non-profit, you need to be good at research. Check the programs of corporations and see if any requirements will fit the organization you have been working for. You must ensure that with every grant proposal that you will write, you are sure that the non-profit is eligible for the grant application. You will just be wasting your time if you will send proposals to corporations that do not help the kind of non-profit you are working for. Check eligibility every time you have to write a proposal. Be sure that your organization is qualified in these corporations and the programs are apt for your organization.Get Legitimate Support: It is better if other people can support what you do. Get legitimate support from other people. Letters of support can help in getting a grant. It can support the grant proposal that you are writing. Corporations will be more likely to consider your request if they can see that other people support you. To get support, you can connect to the community. Search for people that can help you. You can tell them your idea and the need of your organization to get a grant. Before you can get the help of corporations, the help of these people might be useful. It also serves as social proof that can help your organization to have a good image in the eyes of funders.Check Previous Grant Recipients: You have a definite purpose in grant writing. There is a result that should happen. You should get a grant from corporations. To help you in your endeavor, you can check previous grant recipients. You may want to ask their help how they can make it possible to get a grant. Their experience can help you to write a better grant proposal. You can also learn about the corporations that have given them a grant. This knowledge can give you ideas on how you can draft a better proposal. It is not wrong to ask the help of grant recipients. Like them, you can also be successful with your grant proposal if you will be given some relevant advice.Be Proactive: Being proactive in everything is good. It is especially true with grant writing. You need to submit the proposal ahead of time. So you need to write early. You need to be proactive because slots for grants may be given to another organization. So do not fall asleep in writing and let your proposal be sent early to corporations. They can choose your proposal above other proposals if you will submit them early. First birds get the food. In the same way, if you will be the first to send a proposal, you will be the first to get a grant. It will not make sense if you can write a great proposal but you will submit it late. Your effort will just go into nothing. So if you want your work as a grant writer to be effective, do not just concentrate on writing, but be great in other good things.Set Realistic Goals: Your goals in the proposal should be realistic. The funders have to see that the projects that you are proposing are reliable. You cannot mention a project that can put the confusion to the funders. You need to explicitly tell the good reasons for your projects and let the funders know that the projects of your organization are realistic. In writing the proposal, you can enumerate realistic goals that will make the funders see that their money will go into good things. This is the best way how you can convince them to give a grant. You have to show them that their money is valuable and can give value to your organization.Reasonable Rate: Contract grant writing rates may be dictated by the non-profit. But you can always negotiate your rate. Remember that as part of the team, you deserve a good salary for your services. Never underprice your talent. Grant writing is not an easy job. Non-profits owe you a good share in the grant that they can get. For one thing, you are the one who made the grant proposal. Without your talent, the grant will not be possible for them. So you can ask for a good amount of money that can be paid for your work. If corporations can be gracious to them, they can also be gracious to you. Through this, you can find very good work for yourself. Grant writing may be pricy because you are not going to work as an ordinary writer.Set a Good Budget: It may be tempting to ask for big grants, but you should know that you may not be able to get a grant if you will do this. You should settle for smaller grants to be sure that your proposal will not be ignored. It can be hard for organizations to give big grants, but if you will ask for smaller grants, they might consider your request. Come to think that smaller grants when to add up can mean a lot of money. These will be enough for your organization. So, in writing a proposal, set a good reasonable budget. If it lacks sufficient funds that you need, you can ask other funders for another grant. You can be sure of a better approval if the budget of your proposal is reasonable.Write with Passion: You need to know that you have to pour out your heart in writing the grant proposal. You are reaching out to the hearts of the funders, so you need to use your heart, too. Your letter should mirror good things that your organization will do. Set your heart to write at your best for the proposal. Combine your writing with passion. The funders have to see that you have a good intention. They need to get an assessment that the project of your organization is good. You cannot have it if your writing will be boring. Your writing should be succinct and attractive so that you can convince the funders. You need to put power in your words for your organization to get a grant.

How to Hire a Grant Writer

Maybe a grant writing contract template may help you in hiring a grant writer. Or a grant writing contract can tell you what you need in engaging with a good writer. But for you to hire the best writer, you may need some steps so that you can hire a writer that will fit the needs of your organization. Consider and follow the steps that we have prepared for you.

  • Step 1: Identify the Project

    Before choosing a writer that will be best to write the grant proposal for you, you need to define the project that you have in mind. You need exact identification so that you can explain to the writer the exact nature of the project. The grant writer needs to have a good understanding of your project. So you better prepare the project ahead of time. Every project requires a different kind of writer. So you must know the type of project that you will have before selecting a writer. This way, you can get the best kind of writer for the specific project.

  • Step 2: Be Involved in the Grant-Writer Market

    When you already know the project, you must start searching for a grant writer. Check the grant-writer market. Research so that you may be able to find the best writer that you need. Considering the market can make you keep your expectations. You can find the best writer that can be good for your project. Study the expertise and experience of grant writers in the marketplace. Know which one will suit your project. Knowing their past works can also help your research. You should ask past organizations where they have worked and know if they are satisfied with the service of the grant writer. You can also ask the market rate so that you will know how you will pay the grant writer rightfully.

  • Step 3: Allot a Budget

    After you find information on how you can pay the grant writer with the right market rate, you can start allotting a budget that you can give to the grant writer. You can have a continuous search on the internet about the average price that grant writers ask for their services. It can help you to set a reasonable rate.

  • Step 4: Make Job Ads

    When the budget has been set, you can start posting jobs ads looking for a grant writer. You can post to different job boards because many job applicants visit this kind of sites. Accept a number of applicants and make them ready for an interview. Ask for writing samples so that you can have an idea of how they write. Choose among them the best. One that writes attractively and effectively.


How much is the salary of a grant writer?

The average rate of a grant writer is $24.03 per hour. In the United States, the median salary is $49,044 yearly according to Payscale. On average, the annual salary of grant writers is $37,000 – $69,000. They can earn up to $4,000 bonuses and $11,000 commissions.

How important are grant writers in grant proposals?

Grant writers are very important in grant proposals. The letter should be done by professionals who can ensure that the letter will be effective. If you are going to send a proposal, for it to be approved by funders, you need a writer that is good at wordsmithing words. You have to create a winning proposal and you can only get that through the help of grant writers.

Being a grant writer is a good step in the career of a writer. You will be trained to write professional letters that will improve your skills. But before writing any grant proposal, you must ascertain that you will engage in a grant writing contract where you can be sure of all your rights. The contract will make your work perfect. Anyway, are you searching for a template for a grant writing contract? This post has 11+ SAMPLE Grant Writing Contracts in PDF | MS Word. You can get one if you need it. You will not have to pay a cent because they are free. Download now!