They can also be the housekeeper even until the end of the night. There are part time nannies and those that can only do child care. But whatever the role of the nanny could be in our family, what is important is that a nanny can solve our problem. The only thing that we have to do is to contact a nanny agency and ask for an available nanny. Some can hire a domestic worker or someone that lives near their place. After taking the nanny resume, we then can give them the nanny employment contract. This contract is necessary to make everything clear between you and the nanny. It serves as a proof of their employment to you. It will make things to be more strict so that a nanny would do their job.

What is a Nanny Employment Contract?

Like any other contract, a nanny employment contract is a document that make two parties accountable for whatever is written in it. In this case, the employee and the employer. Like other employment contract, a nanny employment contract states an employment of a particular person to an employer. It declares that somebody will give the service of a nanny for a certain family that would become the employer. This contract is binding, as all lawyers would say. It contain the payment terms, job duties, and all the applicable terms and conditions. It would be given by the employer to the nanny before they could actually work for the family. It tells that the nanny could be an independent contractor or someone who is self-employed. Nanny contract duties become clear with this contract. It was hard to find a nanny so it was better to have a contract to be sure that they would work for us. The other reason is that they would enter our own house, so we have to be sure that they would be good. With a nanny employment contract, we can be relieved that everything will go well.

Sample of a Nanny Employment Contract



(1) (“Employer”)

(2) (“Nanny”)

This is an agreement:

IT IS CERTIFIED that the said Employer will hire the Nanny in these terms and conditions:

1. Terms of Employment

1.1 Nanny is hired to give the service of a nanny at the Employer’s house, or other places within circumstances as the Employer would ask for a specific time.

1.2 The job obligations of the Nanny will be the taking care of the children and babysitting.

1.3 Nanny will work at normal working time or hours.

1.4 Nanny will be given a 10 hour of rest each day after working. It is her responsibility to take that rest.

1.5 Unless the Nanny becomes ill or injured, she must:

(a) give all her time during working hours and perform her duties in the house.

(b) adhere to all instructions that is given by the Employer.

(c) not do work to a third party without the permission of the Employer.

2. Compensation

2.1 Nanny’s net income will be $ per month. The salary can be raised every year upon the advise of the Employer.

2.2 The income may be payable by a check or through a direct deposit in the Nanny’s bank. The Employer should provide a payslip for every month which details all deductions and the net income.

2.3 Nanny should be given these benefits: accomodation, meals, and other benefits.

2.4 Nanny can reimburse her expenses to the Employer.

2.5 Nanny consents that the Employer can have all deductions that is applicable by law.

2.6 The Income Tax Revenue will be handled by the Employer and also the Insurance Contributions of the Nanny.

3. Off and Holidays

3.1 With the consent of the Employer, the Nanny can have bank holidays and a day off within the week.

3.2 If the holiday is not approvable by the Employer, they must agree on a certain date.

4. Illness and Sick Pay

4.1 If the Nanny cannnot attend work due to illness and injury, she must notify the Employer.

4.2 Following the Government SSP, the Nanny may receive a sick pay.

5. Confidentiality

5.1 Nanny should not divulge any information that she could know in the family without the permission of the Employer.

6. Termination of Employment

6.1 The contract can be terminated by the Employer on any time that he chooses without prior consent of the Nanny.

6.2 Misconduct which includes theft, drinking, child abuse, and others may cause the termination of the agreement.





Tips on Nanny Employment Contract

Before you can actually hire a nanny, you must consider some tips to make everything work better. Follow these tips after you have done to find a nanny.

Check the background of the nanny. The nanny will enter your house so she can be an intruder to your family. You will entrust your kids to them and even your home. They could know all the secrets of the family. It is important to have a background check of the nanny to be sure that she is not a bad person. This thing is something that you have to ensure in the first place. You cannot entrust your kids to someone that may abuse them and will not treat them right. On the other hand, we want a nanny that could be good to our children. Someone with warmth that could make them at ease. Someone who can somehow show love to them. If we will have a background check, we will know if that person has a criminal records or not. There are unfortunate stories where a nanny has maltreated the kids that they are babysetting, and we cannot afford to experience that kind of stories.Be clear about taking care of your children. The nanny should know that above all things, she must take good care of your children. She cannot lose sight of your children and she must not scold or humiliate them. She must perform her tasks with patience. And like a second mother, she must be aware to give all the children’s needs. Whatever things that you want to be implemented in taking care of your children, you must be sure to make it clear to the nanny. Being entrusted with children is a great responsibility so you must state some rules for her to follow. With some rules, the nanny will know her bounds when inside your home and while taking care of your children.Be clear about expenses and salary. Give your nanny a reasonable salary and state rules regarding expenses. If the nanny should buy her own needs like soap and shampoo, you must clearly state it in the contract. You can talk all about it verbally and you can put the terms in the contract. If you can afford to pay for her expenses, it was better to do so to give her a better compensation. If the benefits that she could have is better, she also must be more energized to work. Provide a salary that is not so base with the salary that she could get with other employers. With a good salary, she would not have a reason to leave.Put a non-disclosure agreement. You can combine a non-disclosure agreement with your nanny contract. This will relieve you from fears of rumors that your nanny can create if she would disclose the secrets of the family. She would be compelled to keep everything within herself if you would include this agreement and you will put clauses that will protect your privacy. A nanny is a stranger that will going to enter your family so be sure that she could not do something wrong.Put house rules. Even to your children, you give home rules. If the nanny would somehow become a part of the family, share some house rules with her. If you have a curfew on TV, you can plainly tell the nanny. Tell her how often you want the house to be cleaned and what meals do you require for the whole week. Mention to her what was needed to do first. If she would also be the one who will take care of your pets, you must also include in the contract. You can provide 10 house rules in your contract that can sum up all her responsibilities in the house. Be definite, for the nanny to be able to do these things.Give your nanny a rest day. Be sure to provide holidays for the nanny. She needs to rest after all the service that she had done for the family for the whole week. You can advise her to rest on Sundays. A one day rest will be good for her. If she will have no rest, she might get irrirated while working. So give her a rest day where she could relax and could go somewhere else. She might want to buy something or treat herself to a restaurant. Be good to your nanny in giving those opportunities. If she will see that you are good to her, she will also be good to your children. She will also treat them fairly.Show respect to the nanny even as you find her. From the first time that you will meet the nanny, show respect to her. Starting things in good terms will make your relationship as an employer and employee better. Seeing that you are respectful, you can avoid her to be unruly. That first impression would be helpful. She would also make her work good if you will show her goodness.

How to Create a Nanny Employment Contract

A nanny agreement is essential in hiring a nanny. It will set all rules regarding her employment. If you need a nanny, you can use these steps in writing a nanny employment agreement.

Step 1: Acquire the necessary contract.

Search for a downloadable contract and template on the internet. It will guide you in making a contract as this templates are editable. You can have it in PDF or Word form. Pick one that can most describe the employment that you are about to give to the nanny. If you want to make more things clear, you can choose a longer template. But if you want to state simple things, you can choose a short template. After choosing, edit it with your computer.

Step 2: Title your contract and put your names.

Give a suitable title for your contract. Mention the name of the parties that are going to enter the contract. The contact information should be visible. It includes your address and your telephone number. Put also the the date when you made it or the date when it will be signed.

Step 3: Document the entrustment of your child and all the duties of the nanny.

Put the names of your children in the contract. Include their ages and their dates of birth. Then tell all the obligations of the nanny to them. You can be more clearer if you want by putting all her tasks at the contract. She will be more obliged to do these things. You can describe her duties by including a weekly schedule in the agreement.

Step 4: State the compensation and work schedule.

If the nanny will sign a live in nanny contract, you must put the number of working hours that she have to give to your family. Give her a specific day to rest and number of hours that she could rest each day. You must also be clear about the holidays. Cite the compensation in the contract and all the benefits that your nanny can get from you. It is an essential part because any employee should be compensated and should be sure about the wages.

Step 5: End your contract with a place for your signatures.

To make the contract binding, both of you must sign it. Allot a signature block at the end of the document. This should have your printed name and a line where you could place your signature. Include also the date when you are going to sign it. When your document is ready, you can show it to your nanny for the necessary signature of hers.


Can’t I Hire a Nanny Without a Nanny Employment Contract?

There are employers who hire a nanny without a nanny contract, but it is always advisable that you have a contract before hiring a nanny. It would set things better between the two of you. Your nanny will also be likely to stay with you if you will have a contract because she would know that she is in good hands.

What Will I Do If My Employer Does Not Want to Give Me a Contract?

If you are a nanny and you are about to work to an employer, you must politely ask them to give you a contract. If you will do that, they can provide a contract for you. Explain to them that you need it and that is your rule. You can also summon them by telling them its benefits.

Being a nanny is one of the jobs that has the lowest salary. If you will not secure a contract, there might be a chance that you will not get paid. So a nanny employment contract is a must. Employers also benefit from it. They can state all the rules that they want and they can be sure that it can be followed through the contract. If a nanny employment contract is what could make the relationship of the employer and the nanny better, then we should resort on having a contract like it.