What is a University Employment Contract?

A university employment contract is a document that denotes an agreement between a university and an employee who will work for the university. This contract is given to a lecturer or faculty member, administrative worker, or student assistant for the university. There are various jobs in the university that will not be good to start without a university employment contract. The contract is needed so that the university and the employee will have the protection that they need for the job.

A university employment contract is an open-ended contract that denotes how long will the employee work for the university. Different university pay levels are depending on the kind of work that the employee will have in the university. The contract has the complete details about the salaries, the work schedule, the terms and policies for the work, and other things. Usually, the university employment contract lasts for nine months to 1 year or lasts up to the whole semester. Most jobs at the university have a fixed term. Though, it is always possible to be permanent in the job.

The university employment contract should follow the employment law. The terms of the contract should be under the common law. This makes the contract binding between the two parties. So, before entering the contract, employees must be sure that they can follow all the rules in the contract. It is a legal document that ought to be followed. The relationship between the university and the employee is dictated by the contract. Both will act according to whatever is written in the contract.

University contract jobs are good jobs that any employee can engage in. You can be sure of a good salary and a professional job that you can be proud of. The university is a good place to work. But remember, before you can nail the contract, you need to have a negotiation with the university to give you the work. You can have student employment, temporary employment, or permanent employment. This will be very good for you. But on top of all, you can have a good professional career that can enhance your skills and can make you grow as an employee.

Provisions of a University Employment Contract

Whether you are going to create a university president employment contract or a university student employment contract, you have to ensure that it has all the necessary provisions. The contract ought to be complete. It is a legal document that needs specification. Read and consider the following to know the provisions of a university employment contract:

Scope of the Job: The university employment contract should contain the scope of employment that can be expected by the employee. It states a job description that has the responsibilities of the employee. It defines whether the employee can be demoted or transferred into a different department. It also discussed the travel and relocation details of the job.Salary: The salary is defined by the contract. There should be a provision about the amount of money that the employee can get from the university. This is an important provision because you have to be definite on what the employee can have from working in the university. Whatever you will write in the contract as the salary should be given to the employee at the specific time that you can also mention.Termination: There should be a provision for termination. A termination clause should be written so that any of the parties can leave the contract anytime. Leaving the university is a possible option for the employees when they have found a better job or if they will not find it good to work at the university. Things happen that one of the parties will want to end the agreement. The termination provision will what can solve that problem.Probationary Period: Before employees can work as permanent employees of the university, they have to pass a probationary period. So, you must put a provision about the probationary period. The employees can work in the university as probationary workers for 3 months or 6 months, or even more, depending on the rules of the university. It will be good to check the state laws regarding this matter. After the said period, the employees can be permanent employees in the university.Non-Competition: A non-compete agreement is a provision that you should provide in the contract. You have to ascertain that the employees will not work in another university at the time of their employment with your university. This will not be good for your university because it can result in a conflict of interest. You need the loyalty of your employees. So, to be sure that your university will have it, you must make them agree to a non-compete clause.Work for Hire: This provision takes care of the right of the university to use any work that has been done by the employees. It gives them the right to the intellectual properties of the employees. It denotes that when the employees work for the university, all their inventions can be given to the university. The provision is a protection for the ownership of the university.Confidentiality: There should be a confidentiality clause in the contract. A confidentiality agreement is important because the employees should keep things about the university private. They cannot disclose any important information about the university. The university is a very formal institution so the employees have to keep its integrity. They cannot go anywhere discussing important information. It will not be proper to do this thing.Dispute Resolution: Provision that can take care of disputes should be written in the contract. To avoid bringing the case into a court of law, you must provide things that can settle any arguments. This can create a good relationship between the two parties. They can settle any matters that can come their way. You can also be sure that both parties can get what they deserve.

Things to Consider in a University Employment Contract

Before you will enter a university enterprise agreement, you may want to know the things that you have to consider in a contract. There may be some things that you have to check first. This will help you to decide whether you will continue entering the contract or not. Know the things that you have to consider in a university employment contract. They are the following:

Contract Hours: The contract hours is the hour that you have to work to get your base salary. Before deciding to have the contract, be sure that you can comply with the contract hours. Are you willing to work that long to have the base salary? If you have no problem with the number of hours that you will work, then you can agree to the contract.Compensation for Overtime: You cannot work extra hours if you will not get overtime pay. So, you have to secure that you can get an extra payment if ever you will work more than the agreed contract hours. There should be a right percentage for the overtime pay. Or else the university is breaking the law of your state. Check everything so that you can get what is right for you.Vacation: The university should allot vacation time for its employees. Vacation times are necessary for teachers especially after each semester ends. They are not required to work when the school year has ended. They can be paid during these times. This will be a very good thing that has to be considered by employees.School Camps: Employees should check about the school camps of the university. They have to know how long will these last. They have to check the group that they are going to teach. They should know whether the camps are mandatory or not. And of course, they should check whether they will have extra pay at these times or not. This is something that can affect the decision of the employees.Length of the Contract: The employees should consider the contract period. Whether it will be fixed-term or not, they should know the length of years that they can stay at the university. There are some contracts that can only last for 2 years. If employees are seeking long-term employment and this may not be enough for them, then they can find another university to work for. You must agree with the contract period in the contract. So, if you can only work for 2 years at the university, then that is the only time that you can work for it.Housing Allowance: It will be good for employees to check the housing stipend that can be given by the university. A university that can provide housing support will have the kind of contract that you cannot say no. This is one great benefit that you can have. It can help you to sustain your living better. So, if you are going to have a contract with a university, look for a contract that can have provisions for a housing stipend.Pay Increase: If you will work for a university for long-term, one thing that you should look at is the pay increase. You cannot work for a university for a very long time without your salary being increased. It is your right to have an increase in your salary especially if you will work for it in years. Check the salary increase that the university can offer. It can help you to decide whether you will accept the contract or not.Yearly Bonus: It is not wrong if benefits are what attract you to work for a university. You should check whether you can get a yearly bonus when you work for it. Bonus is important so that you can have extra pay for all your hard work. It will be good to choose a university that is generous with its employees. You will be happy working in this kind of university.Pension: If you will want to work for the university for the rest of your life, you should consider the pension that it can give. You will be old someday and cannot work anymore. So, you must invest your time in a university that can provide a pension for you. This way, you can have means to support a living when you will have your retirement. It is good to have something that can help you in your retirement age.

How to Write a University Employment Contract

Are you looking for contract of employment template? Are you about to create a university employment contract? If you are out of steps that you can use for writing a contract, we can provide them for you. Have the following steps:

1. Create a Title

The first thing that you need to do is to create a good title for the contract. This title should be the best description of the contract that you are going to have. You must put the title at the center of the document, using a good font for it. A good title can enhance the contract and can make it more professional.

2. Identify the Parties

After the title, you must begin to introduce the parties that are involved in the contract. Write the name of the university clearly. Include additional information like its address. Then state the name of the employee who is going to work for the university. Include additional information about the employee also.

3. State Terms and Conditions

Then you have to state the terms and conditions of the contract. The university will want to have a strict relationship with its employees so it has to state its rules when working for it. Be clear in stating the details of the term because this is how both parties can adhere to the terms and conditions.

4. Include Job Responsibilities

Because it is an employment contract, you must put the job responsibilities of your future employee. You need to detail all the work that your employees should provide to the university. Be clear in stating the job responsibilities. The employees should know what to do when they start working for your university.

5. Give the Information on Compensation

One of the very important things in the contract is to provide the compensation details. You have to be definite in stating the salary that you can give to your employees. This is the very thing that they expect so you have to state a good compensation for the service that they can provide.

6. Consult a Lawyer

When you have finished writing the contract with all its provisions, you must get a lawyer to get advice on whether your contract is good enough. If the lawyer can confirm that you have the right contract, then you can give the contract to your employees to get their signatures. Then you have one binding contract ahead of you.


Is a university employment contract necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. You must have a contract for your employees to protect your rights and the rights of your employees. Without a contract, you may experience some unnecessary problems because there will be no contract that will dictate the terms.

What is the benefit of a university employment contract?

The benefit of a university employment contract is both parties can get the most out of the agreement. Both can have the thing that they expect.

When you are going to work for a university, you will be sure to enter a university employment contract that will define your relationship with the university. Now, you know the things about a university employment contract. It will be easy for you to have employment with the university. Anyway, do you need a template for a university employment contract? This post has 13+ SAMPLE University Employment Contract in PDF. Be free to choose any that you like. Download now!