What is a Manager Employment Contract?

A manager employment contract is a document that denotes the terms of employment of a manager to a company. It is a kind of employment contract that is specifically tailored for managers. A manager is a high position that needs detailing when it comes to job descriptions and responsibilities. The company has to lay out well all the duties in the contract that a manager has to perform. The details about compensation and pay should also be written well. Because a manager is a good position, you may not get the service of the employee if you will not make a good contract that will make him or her content with all its terms.

Some of the examples of a manager employment contract are store manager employment contract, sales manager employment contract, club manager employment contract, restaurant general manager employment contract, general manager employment contract, property manager employment contract, marketing manager employment contract, and managerial employment contract. In every type of work of a manager, managers have to enter a manager employment contract to start the job. This is to ensure that they can get all the benefits that they should have within the agreement.

Whether you are a sales manager, office manager, business manager, general manager, business development manager, or senior manager, you have to comply with all the terms of the contract. Before signing it, you must be certain that you can do the work of the manager, all the responsibilities that are stated in the contract. Being a manager is not an easy job. It requires leadership and great analysis to handle the job and handle the employees that will be under your care. But whether you are a new manager or an experienced one, you need to have a dedication at work and dedication to lead other employees so that you can do the job well.

Benefits of a Manager Employment Contract

Do you want to tell the benefit of a manager employment contract by looking into a general manager employment contract template or a project manager employment contract template? If you want to know the benefits of this contract, we have prepared them for you. Read the following and know some of the benefits of a manager employment contract:

Hiring the Best Employees: A manager employment contract is a binding document that the company can offer to a managerial employee. Remember that to hire key managers, you need to make an employment contract for them. No manager will work for your company without a contract. So, you have to make a manager employment contract that can detail to them the goodness of the employment that they can have with your company. You have to convince them that they will have a good job within your company through the contract. So, if you want to hire the best managers, you should prepare an employment contract for them to sign.Sure Compensation and Benefits: Nowadays, there are a lot of scammers. They will make you work and will not pay you. To avoid this kind of chance, if you are going to work for a company, you have to ensure that you will have an employment contract. This way, the company will have the legal obligation to pay you for the job that you will do for them. You must never work without an employment contract or a manager employment contract. You are risking on wasting your time and effort. A manager employment contract is an assurance that you will get the compensation and benefits that are written in it. You can be sure that you will have a good return for your work.Covenants for Non-Compete: Most manager employment contracts go together with a non-compete agreement. Because of this, you can ascertain that you will have the loyalty of your managers. They cannot work with other companies while they are working for you. They will never work with your competitors while they are in a contract with you. Through this, you can protect your trade secrets and will have confidentiality. You can also be sure that the managers will spend all the company resources on your company only. If you want the best for your company with your employees, the non-compete agreement is the best resort. And you can only have it if you will make your managerial employees sign a manager employment contract.Copyrighted Material: If you will make your managerial employees sign a manager employment contract, you can ensure that your company will have the complete right to all the materials that they can make for your company. You can have the copyrights for all their work within your company. This matter will be stated in the contract, and if the employees will sign it, then you will have all the rights to their works. This way, your company will have copyrighted material that can suit better its business purposes. This benefits a company a whole lot. The works will be in their total possession and nothing will hinder it to use these works in any way that it likes.Separation Agreement: If employees want to have good benefits from the job that they have, they need to be sure that they will enter a manager employment contract. There are a lot of benefits that they can get. They can have a separation agreement that can give them a certain amount of money when they leave the company. They can also have a retirement plan that can give them a pension or a one-time sum of money. This is one of the benefits of an employment contract. If you want to be sure of your benefits when you cannot work anymore, an employment contract is an answer. You can even get insurance like life insurance and health insurance. Or you can have stock options or stock rights. You will have plenty of benefits because of a manager employment contract.Avoiding Informal Contracts: If the only basis of employment is letters that are exchanged between the company and the employees, you cannot guarantee the security of your job. If you only have manuals and informal agreements, your job is at risk and you cannot ensure that you can get all the benefits that you should have. Being informal can make employers not pay you or stop your job whenever they want. You will not also get the benefits that you deserve. To avoid this, you need to have a formal employment contract that will clear all the terms for your employment. You can be sure that you will get what you deserve from your employer.Less Chance of Dispute: A manager employment contract has clear terms. If both parties will just follow the terms, there will be no chance of dispute. If you will have no contract to rely on, one party may astray from the agreement and this will cause a dispute. The party who experiences loss may bring the matter to the court. But, if terms are clear beforehand, both parties will be careful to follow the contract. Through this, you may avoid any chance that one party will bring a dispute to court. The two parties will have a harmonious relationship because they are keeping a legal contract that they should not break.

How to Write a Manager Employment Contract

Are you looking for a finance manager employment contract sample or a manager employment contract template? Do you need it because you are going to write a manager employment contract? For you to know, we have provided some steps that can make it possible for you to write this contract. Consider and apply the following steps:

  • Step 1: Title the Contract

    The first thing that you need to do is to create a good title for the contract. Make a clear title that will describe the whole document. Open your word processor and place the title at the center of the document. Keep it at the top of the document. Use a good font that can make the title readable and can emphasize it.

  • Step 2: Identify the Parties

    In the first section of the contract, you must identify the parties that are going to enter the agreement. State the name of the managerial employee that is going to provide services. Then state the name of the company where the employee will work. You must ensure that the information is clear. You must properly address the contract.

  • Step 3: Scope of Work

    Afterward, you have to deal with the scope of the employment. Be clear about the work of the manager. State a scope of work that the manager has to do in all the days that he or she will have employment with the company. State the scope that the manager has to manage. Will the manager manage the sales department? Will he or she be the leader in human resources? Is the manager going to manage a real estate, hotel, restaurant, or dental clinic? You must be clear about the type of work that will be done.

  • Step 4: Compensation and Benefits

    One of the best ways how you can make a manager sign an employment contract is by giving them a promise of great compensation and benefits. You have to be clear in stating a good compensation for your upcoming managerial employee. You should also enumerate the benefits that the manager can get. These things can encourage the manager to have a contract with you. If the manager is a key worker, be good at providing the best compensation and benefits. This way, you can get great workers for your company.

  • Step 5: Length of Term

    Afterward, you have to state the length of the employment or the length of time when the contract will be effective. This is especially true if you are going to have a fixed-term contract. But if you plan to employ the manager as a regular employee, you should state the length of time when the first contract will be effective. Afterward, the contract will be renewed after the manager will become your regular employee and will sign a permanent contract.

  • Step 6: Termination Clause

    A termination clause should be provided in the contract. This is the time when one of the parties will want to stop the agreement. State some terms that will be applicable for termination. This way, if one of the parties will not be happy with the employment, he or she can be free to end the contract.

  • Step 7: Probationary Period

    Almost all employees should pass first a probationary period before being regular employees of a company. This is also applied in a manager employment contract. You should state the length of time that the manager will be a probationary employee in your company. You should write that after this period, according to the performance of the employee, he or she can have another contract that will make him or her be a regular employee.

  • Step 8: Non-Compete Clause

    A non-compete clause is included in most employment contracts. It states that employees cannot work with other companies while employed with the company. Even more so, they cannot work with competitors of the company. This is to ensure that they will have a good work with their job. That their time will not be divided with other obligations.

  • Step 9: Work for Hire

    This section states that the managerial employees give rights to whatever material they can create while they are working with the company. This is the giving of the intellectual property rights to the company. All their works will remain the property of the company and they cannot use it outside the company premises. They cannot sell it or use it as a portfolio to show to other companies.

  • Step 10: Managerial Assignments

    These are the materials that the employees will make that are outside the scope of the provision of work for hire. This section states that any other assignments, using the company’s finances and resources will remain the property of the company. The company will have the rights to these assignments. The employees cannot use these assignments for personal use.

  • Step 11 Confidentiality Clause

    This section states the agreement of the employees to not disclose any trade secrets or important information of the company. It is a confidentiality clause that protects the privacy of the company. It can be a clause or a separate confidentiality agreement or a non-disclosure agreement.

  • Step 12: Dispute Resolution

    If ever a dispute arises, both parties should have a means of the mediation of how to settle everything without bringing the case into court. There should be a proper arbitration that can be done with the case to avoid lawsuits and litigation. This will be good for both parties because any dispute should be settled.


What is the importance of a manager employment contract?

The importance of a manager employment contract is that it binds both parties to do the terms written on the contract. They can do their duties and responsibilities through it. The employer will pay the employee and the employee will work for the employer just as it is written.

Is a non-compete clause needed in a manager employment contract?

Yes, it is needed. Through the non-compete clause, employers can protect their rights to get the sole service of the employee. They can be assured that the employee can concentrate on the job given to him or her.

Being a manager is a great responsibility. It is not an easy job. If we want that we will have a sure return for our work, we must be sure to enter a manager employment contract. It will ensure our compensation and benefits. This post has 11+ SAMPLE Manager Employment Contract in PDF. If you are a manager who wants to examine managerial contracts, you can use any of these templates. What are you waiting for? Download now!