Janitorial Service Contract: What Is It?

A janitorial service contract marks the official contract or agreement between a client, homeowner, or business owner and a janitorial service company or cleaning service representative. And the contract outlines the terms and conditions of the whole agreement such as what cleaning services to perform, how much the payment is, when the payment deadline is, and how the entire service plays out from start to finish. Hence, any janitorial business should provide this agreement to clients and have it signed before working on the service.

According to Statista, the US janitorial services increased steadily from 2011 to 2019, which garnered up to $77.25 billion in value.

Why Should You Make a Janitorial Service Contract?

Janitorial service contracts are said to help keep your cleaning business organized and lucrative. But how is that so? Here are some reasons that prove just how important janitorial service contracts are:

An Easy Way to Take Control of Your Business

The last thing any business owner would want is when clients end up taking control of them. Don’t look down on your business even though some people don’t regard cleaning as a noble job. At the end of the day, you will earn big because nobody wants a home or office with an unsanitary environment. In fact, janitorial service in the US remained a steadily increasing market from 2011 to 2019, with a value of up to $77.25 billion. So with a contract in your business, you can standardize how you deal with clients; thus, making business management a lot more seamless.

Clarifies Expectations between Both Parties

Both cleaning businesses and clients benefit from the janitorial service contract because they will know what to expect from each other. Maybe a janitorial bid proposal promises weekly cleaning services but in the signed janitorial services, monthly cleaning services were expected. Hence, you can promise a binding professional relationship when both parties know what to expect from how often the cleaning takes place, when the payment deadline is, to how many services to expect.

A Tool for Risk Management

Speaking of clarifying expectations, janitorial service contracts are effective documents for risk management. This is how you avoid conflicts in the first place. In a business, a variety of risks can happen. Thankfully, the stipulations written in the binding contract can help resolve complaints, keep insurance premiums down, and prevent any possible risk to follow. And you can surely discuss your risk management plan by inserting a clause about it in your contract.

Serves as Legal Protection

To further expound on risk management, you can also rely on a janitorial service contract for legal protection. There could be chances that disputes may arise, such as a client who takes an issue to court. Hence, you better bring your copy of the contract as evidence for the lawsuit. In other words, a janitorial service contract is more than just a business contract because it is also a legal document for your company’s protection.

A Detailed Document

Gone are the days you have to entertain numerous and repetitive questions because fewer questions about the janitorial service would be asked if the significant details about the service are already inside the contract. You can rely on the contract as a quick reference page in case you need to view the cleaning schedule, cleaning costs, terms and conditions, etc. So be sure that the janitorial service contract has all the important information before having clients sign it. Otherwise, the lack of detail could be used against you later on.

The Sweeping Components of a Janitorial Service Contract

One of the easiest ways for you to learn how to write the janitorial service contract is to be familiar with this type of contract’s basic components. Even though there would be differences in format and data for different service contracts, it is expected that most janitorial service contracts contain these inclusions:

Basic Information: The basic information is sort of the executive summary of the janitorial service contract. It contains the general details from the title of the contract, the name of the janitorial business or independent contractor, the name of the client, the address, contact information, the contract’s official effective date, and the like. Consider this segment of the contract as the introduction because it can help readers get the gist automatically as to what the janitorial service contract concerns.Scope of Services: Also called the backbone of the contract is the scope statement or scope of services. This part expounds the general information such as if the cleaning service concerns office cleaning, residential cleaning, carpet cleaning, or any other type. Also, it tackles the venue of where cleaning gets done and which areas won’t be cleaned. Follow it up with the work schedule from the estimated duration of the janitorial service, frequency of the cleanup, to how many hours or days cleaning should be done. And the detailed list of tasks comes next so there is a clear visual of what specific tasks will be involved.Supply List: Expound on the task list further by also arranging the tasks chronologically. This helps parties know which tasks will be done first until last. Then, a supply list comes next. This section confirms whether the client or the business should supply the trash bags, paper products, and other cleaning materials. This is important because maybe a location is too untidy that there is a need to restock cleaning supplies along the way.Renewal and Termination Clause: A possible renewal or termination of contract may follow after the service. So prepare for such circumstances in case clients wish to extend the contract on a monthly basis or perhaps want to end the contract officially. You can set terms ahead that termination should be given a 30 or 60-day notice so clients don’t just decide to terminate the contract out of the blue. Rest assured, this clause is useful for possible clients who get too problematic.Payment Details: There is no need to chase customers into collecting fees because a contract includes a section specifically for the payment details. That includes when the payment is due, how the costs were calculated, what payment method will be used, and how the company will issue the bill. And this part should be strictly followed because monetary disputes are common in businesses.Dispute Resolution: Speaking of disputes, ensure that the janitorial service contract is prepared with the dispute resolution clause. You can certainly ace this part by talking with legal experts for the fulfillment of contract. This way, you may be asked to include how conflicts will be managed in your service such as making sure clients will report to you about an issue first before heading to court. Or perhaps, you insert an arbitration agreement clause.

How to Create an Excellent Janitorial Service Contract

A janitorial service contract should be as clean and organized as to how a professional cleaner does its service. Don’t simply add one information to another in a jumbled form and prevent missing the important parts. So for an effective way of making a janitorial service contract, these are the only six steps you need:

  • Step 1: Conduct a Business Analysis

    You can’t go wrong with a thorough business analysis since this helps you review what your janitorial service company entails including how the business runs. With a refresher about your knowledge in the industry, you will learn about what specific details to insert in the contract afterward. From your business rates, management standards, down to industry trends, you would be surprised at the many important things you can learn about your company.

  • Step 2: Download a Sample Template

    Expect less stress in making the janitorial service contract because premade and ready-to-customize sample templates are up for grabs. You may pick from a free cleaning service contract template, COVID cleaning contract template, housekeeping contract template, and many more. So rather than sticking to general examples, you can certainly customize the format, layout, and other details to make the contract your own. But be sure you deal with the proper labels and other contents to keep it error-free.

  • Step 3: Add the Six Janitorial Service Contract Components

    From the basic information down to the dispute resolution, ensure that your janitorial service contract completes its vital components. There is even room to add more components that you think are relevant or significant to the contract. Also, ensure that there is a smooth transition on how to introduce each component. It would be bad to talk about the different janitorial services offered right away without even giving the general background yet. Hence, know how to arrange the data so it will be an easy-to-follow document.

  • Step 4: Keep the Contract Detailed but Straightforward

    Indeed, it is crucial that the contract is as detailed as possible to avoid missing any specific condition or stipulation. However, there is no need to make it a long detailed letter. Only insert what is necessary and be straightforward with its content. Lengthy paragraphs and flowery words are only going to lessen the impact of your contract. So the key is to read the whole content from the top until you balance its content to be detailed yet direct to the point.

  • Step 5: Think of Your Audience

    You can make use of audience analysis to make sure you write effectively. Remember that your audience would be the public since the contract can be used as legal evidence or reference later on. And if you want clients to sign on it, then it only makes sense that they can understand the message written there. Thankfully, sample janitorial service contract templates can guide you on how sentences should be written wherein the sentences are formal but still understandable.

  • Step 6: Leave Room for Clients to Affix Their Signature

    Of course, the right way to end the contract is to leave space for parties to affix their signatures. The standard is to provide the complete name first, along with their role in the agreement below, then the corresponding signature would be written above the name. Once signed, the contract takes effect according to when the effective date is written there.


How much should you charge for janitorial cleaning?

Janitorial cleaners often charge around $25–$90 an hour with an average hourly rate of $39. Although costs may vary, be sure to view the company’s official price list to be wary of the costs.

How do you write a janitorial service proposal?

Before a janitorial service contract, you would likely offer the janitorial service proposal. And to write it, be sure to introduce what your business does, why you exist, what makes your company different from competitors, what testimonials your company received, how your services impacted others, and what the steps of services include.

How much is a janitor’s salary?

In 2020, the median salary for janitors was $29,080.

Whether you are just starting as a small janitorial service business or already a well-established cleaning company, be sure to pitch a janitorial service contract to your clients. In fact, what comes after a cleaning proposal is the contract. So rather than losing your clients after the cleaning bid or proposal, ensure that these clients sign the contract to close the deal. And you can always depend on sample janitorial service contracts to create the document as soon as possible. Download a template now!