What is a Nurse Contract?

A nurse contract is a document that defines the employment terms of a nurse to a health facility or a place where the nurse will provide his or her services. It is an agreement stating that the nurse will give healthcare and practice his or her profession in a given hospital or personal home where there can be a patient who needs the care of a nurse. Whether the nurse will engage in travel nursing or a caregiver role, a contract should be made so that the terms of employment can be assured by both parties. A nurse contract is an employee contract that ensures that the nurse will work for their hospital or work for them as they need his or her services.

A nurse contract can also be referred to as the nurse practitioner employment contract, personal care agreement, nurse contract agreement, enhanced nurse contract, health care contract, independent nurse contractor agreement, school nurse contract, travel nurse contract, caregiver contract, or nurse staffing agency contract. A nurse contract is a service agreement that can exemplify a good relationship between health facilities and nurses. It can also give a good business relationship with persons who needs a private nurse and a nurse who can provide their needs. Whether nurses will be employed by a hospital or an individual, it will always be the same that this contract is needed for every nurse to start their jobs.

If both parties will understand the terminologies of the contract, any possible pitfalls can be avoided. Both can protect their interest and they can have a good experience in their deal. A nurse contract is binding and it is enforced so that a party will not do an act that will be against to the other party’s will. It has several clauses and each of the parties should understand each of them. They can have a better negotiation if they will understand what each clause denotes. Through this, you can avoid long-term implications.

A nurse contract offered employment for a specific period. It is made with individuals or business entities and defines the responsibilities and expectations for the agreement. Usually, nurse scholars, nurse administrators, and nurses sign this contract. Before this contract is made, an offer is made to the nurses to make them initially have the interest to the employment. After the time of pre-acceptance, nurses can examine the contract to be sure that they are going to enter a good agreement. It is completely upon the nurses’ decision to accept any contract that they will think will do them good.

Elements of a Nurse Contract

Whether you are going to use a baby nurse contract template or a nurse employment contract sample to have a pattern in creating your contract, you must know that you have first to know the terminologies needed for the contract. You need to familiarize yourself with every component or clause of the contract. We have prepared some of the elements of a nurse contract for you. Read the following:

Identification of Parties: This is the preamble of the contract that identifies the two parties. The ones who can sign the contract are the individuals or business entities that are written in the preamble. In the preamble, you must carefully write the name of the nurse and the person or business entity that can give the employment. You can include the address of these people or business entities. You should know that both parties can change the contract if ever they will agree on anything.Recitals: You should define what the contract is all about. Clearly state that it is a nurse contract that will define the employment of a nurse to a given business entity or individual. The recitals also explain the reason of both parties in entering the contract. Some hospitals may hire nurses because of their expertise. They can include it in the contract. This is important to define a good relationship that can happen between the two parties.Term: This is the duration of the contract or the length of time that the contract will be effective. It should provide a start date and an end date for the contract. The start date will be the commencement date when the nurse will start to give his or her services. And the end date will be the date when the service of the nurse will be finished. You need to be exact in stating the term so you must place the date carefully.Scope of Work: This denotes the deliverables or the service that is going to be provided to the other party. If you want to make this to be more detailed, you can write the full scope of work in the appendix. The volume of work should be described. Be sure that there will be satisfaction with the service. State a measure of how you can meet the deliverables. If the nurse will have a poor performance, you must agree if there will be a salary deduction or lack of bonuses.Salary: Just like any other contract, a nurse contract involves payment. You should state in detail the compensation that the nurse is going to receive from the other party. Salary is the compensation package that will be given to the nurse. Most workers prioritize their salaries, though other workers care about benefits. If you are going to give more than a salary, be sure that you will give all the benefits that you will promise in the contract. For example, if you will promise that there will be no night shifts in the work of the nurse, you cannot force the nurse to work in the night. You can also give PTO (Paid Time Off) and other bonuses that can encourage nurses to work better.Warranties: This clause protects the interest of the other party if the service will not keep his or her expectation. If the service will not be according to the scope of work that is written in the contract, the other party has the right to contest this case. Warranties are clearly defined in the agreement. So to avoid the other party claiming warranties, the nurse should give honest work that is according to the scope of work.Liability Insurance: The liability insurance coverage should be detailed in the contract. This will provide insurance if ever something unexpected happens in times of the duration of the contract. It does not matter which of the two parties will provide the insurance. Licensure claims should be covered. Legal actions may be taken even after the nurse is finished with the contract.Intellectual Property: Nurses may give an idea within the time of the contract. This will entail that both parties should agree with the intellectual property that can be involved with the work. This denotes that anything created within the time of employment will remain the property of the nurse unless the nurse permits the use of it. This requires the signature of the nurse for the use of any inventions that can be permitted to be used by the other party.Assignment: If the right on the contract will be transferred to someone else, it should be written in the contract. These are the assignment clauses that can assign rights to a third party. This will secure the safety of terms if ever one party will want to share the contract with another person. For whatever reason, one of the parties should make the engagement legal through assignment clauses.Renewal of Terms: This clause denotes the term when you want to renew the contract or you will not renew the contract anymore due to changes that can occur to the lives of both parties. The nurse may want to change employment or may have found a better employer. On the other hand, the employer may have found a better nurse to work with. But if ever the nurse performs a good job, the two parties can renew the contract through this clause. You can include that your rights can be forfeited if the contract will not be renewed. Unless you will state the renewal in the contract, your agreement will not continue.Concerning Law: This clause states the laws that govern your agreement. Remember that your contract should adhere to all the applicable laws within your state. So, it is good for you to review your state laws first before entering the contract. Write the laws carefully so that both of you will be reminded to comply with them as you engage in your agreement. Never break any law as this can be a cause of a lawsuit.Alternate Dispute Resolution: There should be an Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) clause in the contract. This is the clause that states how you will settle disputes if any will happen. To make a good flow of your engagement, you must commit to this clause and set your heart not to break it. State good terms that can settle any argument. You may need mediation or a third party so that both parties can have a resolution.Notice: This clause entails how both parties can communicate with each other. There should be a written notice and a good way of delivery for it. Email can be used in things like contract renewal. Though, it may not be enough for amendment of all things. Not keeping the requirements should have a consequence. The written letter should be signed and certified.Waivers: This clause entails the relinquishing of a party of his or her right. If one of the parties will give up his or her right, the other party will be free from liability. An example is when both of you will agree to release if a disaster has happened.Severability: There should be a severability clause in the contract that will entail the binding of the contract if ever some of the provisions will be enforceable by the current laws. This will denote that the remaining terms of the contract will still be binding. The contract will continue even some laws may have been changed.Termination: A termination clause is needed in the contract. If one party will fail to do the obligations in the contract, the other party may terminate the contract. Through this clause, the contract will end and both parties will not be liable anymore for the consequences of the agreement.

How to Create a Nurse Contract

A nurse contract sample or travel nurse contract sample can help you in creating a nurse contract. But if you need more help in creating a contract, we have provided some steps for you that can help you in creating a nurse contract. Read and consider the following:

  • Step 1: Pre-Negotiation

    The first thing that you need to do is you have to learn about the company whom you will have a contract with. Research the company so you will have an idea of how you can deal with them. Various terms are needed to be agreed upon in the contract. You should ascertain that you can negotiate the things that you desire for the contract. You can also talk to other people who know the company. They might advise you on things that can lead to a successful outcome.

  • Step 2: Post-Negotiation

    If the employer already has a contract for you, you must remember to read the contract first. Consider the whole contract. Examine it carefully. Know the benefits that you can get from the contract. If there are some things that you do not approve of, you can start negotiating about them with the employer. Recall everything that will hinder you to have successful employment. Avoid having them in the contract. State your terms with the employer to know if the employer will agree with you.

  • Step 3: Pre-Acceptance

    Consider the terms in the contract that are acceptable for you. After rewriting the contract, determine if the contract has the terms that you have negotiated with the employer. Can you give the deliverables that you have to provide? Can you comply with all the responsibilities in it? Before accepting the contract, you should ask yourself if you are ready for this engagement. Remember that when you have signed the contract, there is no turning back. You have to comply with all its terms. You cannot break any term or you may cause yourself to have some trouble.

  • Step 4: Acceptance

    This is the moment that you and the employer will sign the contract. It means that both of you have agreed to the terms. After signing the contract, each of you should have a copy of it for documentation.


How much is the salary of a nurse?

The average salary of a nurse in the United States is $48,500 – $108,810, with licensed vocational nurse having the least salary and nurse practitioners having the biggest salary.

Is being a nurse a good job?

Being a nurse is a good career. You can have a great salary if you can find a good employer. Though it is physically draining, it can give you advancement and stability.

Whether you are a nurse who will work in your country or will work abroad, you must see to it that you will enter a nurse contract before engaging in any employment. This will protect your rights and interest. You will know that you can build a career where you can have a lot of benefits. Are you someone who is looking for a template for a nurse contract? This post has 9+ SAMPLE Nurse Contract in PDF | MS Word. Pick any that you like and think will suit your needs. Download now!