What is a Hair Stylist Contract?

A hair stylist contract is a document that has the agreement of a salon business owner to the hair stylist to work for them as an independent contractor or freelancer. It is a kind of employment contract that hair stylist can get for their services. The hair stylist is entitled to a commission for whatever sales the salon can get. It is up to both parties to agree about the percentages. The hair stylist contract can also be referred to as the hair stylist contract agreement, hair salon booth rental agreement, hair stylist wedding contract, hair stylist commission agreement, hair salon chair rental agreement, hair salon lease agreement, freelance hair stylist contract, or hair stylist independent contractor agreement. This contract is the usual way of how hair stylists can get a job for themselves. They can have a booth rental or a chair rental so they can start to have clients. Whether the sourcing of clients will come from the salon owner or the hair stylist, it is the same truth that they will share the profits that they can acquire. Many clients can come to the salon to beautify themselves. The talent of the hair stylist is needed to supply their needs. That is why salon owners make an agreement or a lease agreement with hair stylists. Or if more desired, to give them an employment contract. Whether the salon will have a single client or a bridal contract, the service of the hair stylist is required. Hair stylists are happy to have the self-employed type of employment with salon owners. To work freelance can give them the freedom in work. They can work less or more. They will be happy to accept any client that comes to the salon. For every client they can have, they can be sure of commission. So, in the long run, a hair stylist contract is a very applicable way for hair stylists to earn a living.

Benefits of a Hair Stylist Contract

Before you will fill up a hair salon booth rental agreement form, have you ever asked yourself if the contract will be worthwhile? Will the hair stylist contract do you good? The answer is yes. You can get a lot of benefits from it. Read the following and discover some of the benefits of a hair stylist contract:

Offers Flexibility: The contract can offer you flexibility at work. As an independent contractor, you can choose the hours that you will be working. You can choose when you want to work. If you are busy at home taking care of your kids, you can come to the salon at the time you are available. This will be very good for you because you can do the things that you have to do while working at the same time. You can also choose whether you want to have more clients or not. The amount of work that you will do will depend upon your decision and you will not have a quota for a day. This can give you much freedom at work. You will not experience stress knowing that you have to finish something. No one is setting you in a hurry. You can work at your own pace. It will be easy for you to be happy in this kind of job. You are almost your own boss, working whenever you feel like working.Business Ownership: Booth rentals and chair rentals give a lot of freedom for hair stylists to do their business. You are the one who can decide how many clients will you want to accept. No one can be forcing you. If you want to take less, it is okay. If you want to take more, no one is stopping you. You do not even have to wear a uniform at work. You are free to choose what you want to wear. You can also adjust the services that you can give. If you want to provide services for makeup or manicure, you can do so. As long as the booth is for you to have, you are free to take clients. The contract gives you the greatest opportunity to earn to the fullest.Working with Less or No Capital: If you are to start your own salon, you may need many dollars to launch it. Through booth rentals and chair rentals, you can have a super low start-up cost. You will only be required to pay a few dollars to the salon owner. And most of the time, you do not have to pay at all because the salon will just have to get commissions from your work. This is a good opportunity for you to start your business. You can work even if you do not have any money to start with. Even a hair salon contract of employment will do you good. You can get commissions for all the work that you can finish.Better Profit: If you will work as a full-time employee at a salon, you will only be paid per hour. But if you will have a hair stylist contract and work as an independent contractor, you have the chance to make more profits. For every client that you have, you can be sure of a certain commission. Adding up all your commissions can surely give you a much higher revenue than if you will work per hour. It can allow you to give your family a better life. You can have an uncapped commission if you will work hard. For sure, you can have thrice as your salary or even better.Building Connections: You can have a better relationship with clients if you will work as a freelancer. Your clients will be more likely to be closer to you and they can better see your loyalty. If you will work as an employee,  your talent can be harder to notice. But as an independent contractor who takes care of his or her clients, your effort as a hair stylist can be seen. You can easily build a brand for yourself and this will bring you to have more clients. You will find your place in the hair stylist business and it will build your career. This is possible through building connections with your clients.

Tips for Hair Stylists

Maybe you are about to enter booth rental contracts for hair salons or hair salon contracts for clients. But before you get yourself to start working, you may want to have the following tips on how you can improve your work as a hair stylist:

Create a Good Brand: You should know that 1.4 million people are employed in the hair salon industry. It only means that you have a lot of competitors. You should know how you can make a good brand for yourself. It is the only way how you can get more clients. Know what makes your work special and set it against your competitors. You have to think of ways on how you can advance from them. The market is wide and you should find the place where many clients will want to reach you. So, create a good brand because it is what can bring you more profits.Widen Your Network: To get more clients, you should have a wide network. Find resources and people who are willing to help you out. You can contact businesses that are complimentary of your work. You can even do a local fashion show where your hairstyling will be presented. Or you can do hairstyling for free so that others can see your work. As much as possible, let other people know about your work. One way or the other, it can be the way of how you can get new clients. If possible, you can also make marketing campaigns. You can get websites to advertise your service. Create a great business card so you can spread the word about your service. Be diligent in how you can reach clients. One or all of your efforts will surely bring good clients to your business.Offer Promos and Discounts: To sell better, you need to think of ways of how clients will want to get your services. You can offer promos and discounts. You can offer 50% off to clients if they will avail of another service. You can have promo packages where they can save money if they will avail themselves a package of service. Promos and discounts are fun to avail of. They can encourage your clients to have your services. Who will not want to get something and save money? So, if you will offer promos and discounts, you can make new clients avail of your services or make existing customers continually buy your services.Use Social Media: Social media is a good way how you can have clients. It is a good strategy to use. You can even make campaigns just by your smartphone. Ask clients if you can feature their photos after you have given the services. It will be proof of your good works. You can let it spread on social media and you can attract possible clients. Post the photos on social media and let others see your talent. You can also make a post for FAQs. These will make the clients informed about your services. If they will be informed, they might be encouraged to have your services. Especially, if they can find good answers that they have been looking for through your FAQs. You can also shoot videos while you do hairstyling. Post them on social media, having videos of different hairstyles. Or if you want, you can even participate in a Facebook advertising campaign. You do not have to spend a lot of money because the cost is only $1 per day.Reward Clients: We cannot avoid clients referring us to the people they know. If they find our service good, they can recommend us to other people. In this case, you should know how to thank your clients. You should reward them for their goodness. You can give them free shampoo or prepare a promotional gift for them. Remember to give back on the goodness that you have gotten from them.

How to Write a Hair Stylist Contract

Are you looking for a hair stylist contract template or a hair salon contract template? Are you about to write a hair stylist contract? Well, it is just timely. We have prepared some steps for you to use for you to create a hair stylist contract. Read the following steps:

  • Step 1: Create an Introduction

    You should start with an opening statement. The first part of the contract states the basic information. You should cite the name of both parties. Write their names clearly. Then put their addresses and contact information.

  • Step 2: Define the Job Position

    The next thing is you have to identify the exact job position of the hair stylist. Is the hair stylist a hairdresser or a beauty therapist? Does his or her work include being a make-up artist or a nail technician? You need to be definite about the job position of the hair stylist.

  • Step 3: State the Services

    Afterward, you have to enumerate the services that the hair stylist will give. Make a list of these services. Cite the responsibilities that the hair stylists will have on their shoulders. You should be clear with all the services so that hair stylists will know the scope of work that they will give.

  • Step 4: State the Compensation

    You should be clear about the compensation that the hair stylist will get. Agree on a percentage that the hair stylist will get for every client that the hair stylist will have. Be sure that the two of you agree on a certain percentage before placing the percentage in the contract. Then, provide a payment method on how you will pay the hair stylist.

  • Step 5: Be Clear on the Work Schedule

    The hair stylist will work with you as an independent contractor, but still, things about the work schedule should be clear. The hair stylist should state the times when he or she is available. You can have a scope of time when the hair stylist can work. This way, you will know when to open the salon so that the hair stylist can work.

  • Step 6: Add the Benefits

    You should know that you should incentivize the hair stylist. You can provide possible benefits that you can give to him or her. State these benefits in the contract. Benefits will make the hair stylists stay longer with your business. You can even have their loyalty.

  • Step 7: Include a Non-Compete Clause

    There should be a non-compete clause in your contract. The hair stylists cannot work with other salons while they are working with your company. If that is your desire, you can make it possible by making a non-compete clause or by having a separate non-compete agreement. This way, you can protect your business from your competitors.

  • Step 8: Sign the Contract

    After you have written the contract, you can show it to the hair stylist for signature. Let the hair stylist decide if he or she will accept and sign the contract. If the hair stylist signs, then you have a legal contract to work with the hair stylist.


How Much is the Salary of a Hair Stylist?

The average salary of a hair stylist is $27,380 per year. If you are one of the best-paid, you can get $37,970 per year. But if you are not, you can have $21,520 per year as the lowest pay.

How Much is the Income of Beauty Salons?

The income of salon owners on average is $75,000 per year. Because the salon owners own the business, their income is greater than the hair stylist. They are the ones who invested the capital and the hair stylist just works for them.

If you have a special talent in hairdressing, you can start a career as a hair stylist. Numerous salons can give you opportunities to work with them. All you need is to enter a hair stylist contract with them. Well, are you looking now for a template for a hair styling contract? This post has 16+ SAMPLE Hair Stylist Contract in PDF. You do not need to avail of them because they are free. Download now!