50+ Sample Service Contract Templates

What Is a Service Contract?

Service contracts fall under many categories depending on what type of service a worker provides. For example, a standard service contract outlines the conditions and terms of labor between a contractor and a client. A contractor can be a gardener, a plumber, a handyman, etc. Another example is a consultant service contract, which is an agreement between a client and a consultant. One more example is an artist service contract, which is a deal between a graphic designer, a portrait artist, or other artists and a client. Those are just some examples of service contracts, and there are more, such as a bookkeeping service contract, a cleaning service contract, a vehicle service contract, etc. Therefore, a service agreement is a deal between a customer and a company or individual providing services. Note service providers can either work as freelancers or for companies.

According to Forbes, there were about 35% of freelance workers in the United States.

That’s about 57 million workers in total.

The number is up by 53 million since there were only 4 million independent contractors in 2014.

General Types of Services

Services are usually intangible, unlike products that shops or distributors sell. There are a variety of services that businesses provide based on what sector they belong. So, here are ten general types of services.

Construction. Both new and established businesses require construction services. A building or an office can get old in time, so the company may have to modify its offices for a safer working area. Also, a company may need construction services for building maintenance or for expanding their working space. These services include obtaining the raw materials required and finding workers for the project. Additionally, construction services also cover plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, elevator maintenance, and creating exit routes for emergency.Consulting. Consultants are people who provide expert advice to individuals or organizations based on the field they master. They are fixers who come up with strategies to improve a company’s performance and to avoid problems. Consulting services allow employers to offer their staff members a different perspective. Moreover, consultants help businesses run operations smoothly, increase productivity, and gain revenue. Additionally, consultants bring life to stagnant institutions and help them see another direction to move forward.Financial. Business entities or individuals may need financial services for different reasons, such as valuation, taxation, expansion, or depreciation. Valuation is a process that determines the value of a company or an asset. Taxation refers to tax payments the government imposes on a company. Expansion is a term that describes the growth of GDP as part of a business cycle. GDP stands for Gross Domestic Product, and it is the value of services and goods in monetary figures. Depreciation is a method that calculates the life expectancy of a tangible asset. Aside from those services, financial advisors also help in making wise decisions concerning investment, especially in the stock market.Management. There are different types of management services, such as assets, debt, and stock management services, which finance industries usually need. Also, other business organizations need event management assistance for event marketings. Managing an event involves choosing a venue and cleaning up the location after the event.Marketing. Marketing services involve advertising, especially on social media. Though some companies have marketing departments of their own, many still prefer to outsource marketing from third-party agencies. Also, a business organization with its marketing department may provide services for third-party customers. Moreover, marketing doesn’t stop at advertising, but it also involves researching. Market research gives a company relevant information that will help solve difficulties it might face in the market. It is a strategy that identifies different groups within the market and identifies a service or product that is unique from its competitors.Software. Almost all people use electronic devices for education, work, or business. Software gives life to all these devices. When we talk about software services, it includes setting up an anti-virus, backing up data, and accessing files. Providing software services also means enhancing or upgrading a device’s features for better security. Since many business transactions happen online, there are many opportunities for hackers to take advantage of these transactions. For that reason, software services have become in demand these days.Training. Sometimes companies hire outside trainers or training agencies to teach their employees other skills that they haven’t applied yet. For example, a company that plans to upgrade its software to a newer version would need training services from an Information Technologist. It is essential that the training improves the operating performance of each worker or employee.Supply chain. A company and a manufacturer working together to distribute the same product is called a supply chain. It involves several processes before the product reaches the consumer. For example, before a piece of medical equipment reaches a hospital, it is first produced by the manufacturer. Then, it goes to the distributor or other transportation companies. The distributor then stocks the equipment in a warehouse until he finds a retailer, who will be responsible for selling the product to the hospital. In other words, a supply chain includes suppliers, warehouses, vendors, transportation companies, distributors, and retailers.Waste control. The world needs waste control services for waste management. Waste management involves recycling unwanted materials such as waste produced by manufacturing plants. Waste control aims to minimize the danger that harmful chemicals present to the environment. Also, waste management ensures that the by-products that industries generate don’t harm the people and the environment. For example, companies should have tall chimneys to keep harmful substances away from people. Moreover, hospitals also need this kind of service to dispose of dangerous materials without causing any harm.Personal. Also known as professional service, personal service covers a broad scope of professions, such as medicine, law, engineering, photography, design, accounting, etc. The business aims to provide professional services to customers (e.g., medical treatment). Therefore, the profit a personal service provider acquires comes directly from the customers they serve. Since the service provider has direct contact with his customer, he may protect himself by using a personal service contract or a professional contract.

How To Correctly Draft a Simple Service Contract

If your business provides service to its clients or customers, you must document your relationship with them through a written general service agreement. This document will serve as a regular reference every time your company serves a client. Your contract should favor the objectives of your company. So, follow the steps below to create a simple draft of a service contract.

Step 1: Name the Parties Involved

Write the correct names of the parties involved in the contract. The contract should clearly state whether one party is a business institution or an individual. Also, companies must indicate what type of business they are in, whether they are a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation.

Step 2: Write the Description of Services

Make a description of your services because this is what your customer is paying you. Define in detail the services you provide to your customers. Broadly defining it may put you in a position where the client will demand services that are not part of the plan. For that reason, specifying your services helps avoid confusion. Also, the contract must include extra services if there are any along with its fees.

Step 3: Specify the Payment Fees

The agreement must specify whether the customer will pay the company on a per-project, hourly, weekly, or monthly basis. Also, the contract must indicate the number of times a client has to pay and the acceptable payment methods (e.g., credit card, bank transfer, money order, etc.). Furthermore, the contract must show how the parties will allocate the money. For example, a client may expect a company to cover the fees for delivery.

Step 4: Include the Conditions for Cancellation

All contracts have terms, so your service contract must state its term. It must express how both parties are going to terminate the deal. Writing the conditions for termination is necessary in case one party breaches the stipulations of the contract. Moreover, terminations usually happen after providing a written notice. This notice represents the number of days one party may continue before the agreement ends.


What is a customer contract?

A customer contract is a written agreement between a buyer and a seller. This type of agreement is usually under consumer protection regulations. Consumer protection laws ensure that when you purchase a particular merchandise, it must have a warranty with it. There are other purposes for a customer contract. For example, a customer may agree to buy a specific number of products from the retailer on a particular date. In other words, a customer contract serves as a guideline for the transaction between a consumer and a merchandiser.

What is a DJ service contract?

A DJ or “disc jockey” refers to a person who plays their original music combined with popular songs. A DJ service contract is a document a company uses to hire a DJ. The DJ’s role is to play some good music and entertain company guests. The fee of a DJ depends on his popularity and on the event itself. Usually, individuals or companies hire DJs for anniversaries, corporate events, reunions, weddings, etc.

What is an electrical service contract?

An electrical service contract is another type of service contract that employs an electrician to fix special equipment for a client or a business establishment. The equipment that electricians usually take care of includes generators, metering equipment, monitor equipment, motor controllers, panelboards, power supplies, switchboards, transformers, and transfer switches.

A service contract can come in many forms, and every contract depends on what type of service a customer requires. Though that is the case, all service contracts have one purpose: to protect both parties involved in it. For a customer or a client, a service contract will spell out all his expectations from the service provider. For the service provider, the contract will specify the fees for his services. So, to make things convenient for you, you can easily download one of our service contract templates above.