50+ Sample Business Checklists


What Are Business Checklists?

A business checklist is basically a to-do list and checklist except it covers any task imaginable for business purposes. Whether you opt for a business proposal, business launch, business analysis, or professional business training and you need a step-by-step guide on what tasks to fulfill your purpose, business checklists can save the day. But the challenge with business checklists is you have to narrow down your business purpose because the words “business checklist” are too broad. Business itself has nuances so expect to design your business checklist according to purpose.

Why Is a Business Checklist Important?

According to The New Yorker‘s 2007 article, the US Army Air Corps made a Boeing aircraft that was unflyable. And Atul Gawande said that a pilot’s checklist could have solved the aircraft’s flying mechanism. No hassle would have happened if the pilot prepared a checklist for takeoff ahead. That alone is only one reason why a business checklist is essential. In case you are wondering why there is a need to prepare a business checklist for work, here are some important reasons why:

Productivity at Its Finest

A business checklist promises better business due to how it lays out the list of tasks to be completed to stay productive at work. The itemized list of tasks will even be arranged in order, making it a reliable reference page to be reminded of your business tasks. So if you have noticed you haven’t been productive in business in the meantime, then incorporate a checklist as a start. You will be surprised by the results later, especially when you would feel satisfied after completing every single task in the business checklist.

Lesser Risk of Forgetting Business Tasks

It is normal to get busy at work and neglect certain tasks. In fact, multi-tasking takes skill anyway so it is possible to forget possible business tasks. Thus, there is a reduced chance of forgetting any task imaginable with a business checklist because all the tasks to follow are already enlisted there. Just like how you prepare a grocery list while grocery shopping so you won’t miss what to buy in the store, business checklists function similarly where you ensure every business task is achieved.

A Detailed Checklist

It is also essential to note that business checklists are meant to be detailed. It does not just enlist the broad tasks or instructions as the checklist also breaks down the tasks into smaller and more workable tasks. However, it is not like a detailed letter because you can leave out unimportant details. Be more specific with the instructions so it will be easier to follow. In fact, you can even decide how business tasks are arranged such as categorizing the business tasks according to time, importance, or difficulty.

Flexible for Different Business Concerns and Users

As mentioned earlier, business checklists are nuanced. It can be used for all sorts of purposes such as making a checklist for business analysis, business plan, weekly business office cleaning, or business travel report. Also, you can adjust the checklist’s data according to whoever uses the checklist. You could make it for the manager, employee, or stakeholder. More so, business checklists benefit any industry whether you are in a small business or a well-established enterprise.

The Elements of a Standard Business Checklist

No business checklist is ever the same because every company has varying reasons and different concerns for their business. But generally, a basic business checklist contains the following elements in their format:

Title: The document you use as your business checklist can be regarded as any random business document without the title. So ensure that the words “business checklist” should be found in the title. Or, you can be more specific with the title according to the checklist’s purpose.Purpose: An official statement of purpose serves as a good introduction to what the business checklist is specifically for. Sometimes, the title does not explain much, especially if whoever uses the checklist is still new to it. Hence, the purpose can expound and give easy instructions about the business checklist’s objectives.Prepared for: Highlight to whom the business checklist is for. Maybe it is made for another employee, a business manager, or anyone else. And noting who it is for is crucial to be sure that what you wrote is understandable and easy for the audience to follow.List of Tasks: A business checklist would not be complete without its itemized task list. These items are what you need to accomplish once you are about to follow the checklist already. But, it may not be a list of tasks as some business checklists cover a quality checklist or an equipment checklist.Work Schedule: What makes business checklists reliable is how you can add a work schedule. This is extremely crucial because maybe you won’t follow the list after making it. Setting a schedule such as deadlines of when to do the work brings you a sense of urgency. Hence, you will be driven to finish the work on time.Checkboxes: Checkboxes, blanks, and other progress checkers are also present in standard checklists. These are where you put a check or mark after finishing every item in the business checklist. So if you are done with one task, cross or mark the checkbox beside that item to prove that it is done. Thus, you work with the next set of items already.Organizers: Organizers are anything that makes the checklist easy to follow or organized. They usually come in tables, charts, graphs, and other visuals. And they are perfect in classifying your business checklists such as dividing the business tasks according to importance level, urgency level, and difficulty level. How you group the details is up to your creativity too.Notes: An extra section for notes is standard for any other purpose. You can use that extra space to note some alterations to the checklist, delayed tasks, and more. At least you still have room for additional information.

How to Make the Best Business Checklist

After taking a trip to learn about the business checklist’s definition, underlying importance, and standard elements, you are more than equipped to create the business checklist itself. And you will definitely have a seamless experience in making the best business checklist by following these five steps:

  • Step 1: Conduct a Thorough Business Analysis

    Review every single thing about the nature of your business right to other business details with business analysis. This will help you be reminded about what your business checklist is for, specifically with the checklist’s purpose. For example, you can’t use the details of a business plan checklist to a business equipment purchasing checklist as the two are extremely different. One plans for an upcoming business project while the other is simply a guide of what equipment to buy for the business.  Your business checklist, later on, will be easier to write when you are already sure with the objectives and data to incorporate there.

  • Step 2: Optimize a Sample Business Checklist Template

    The 50+ sample business checklists listed above in this article are not for naught. Leverage them to choose and download your preferred business checklist template. Numerous options are up for grabs such as a simple free business checklist template, small business checklist template, business startup checklist template, work checklist spreadsheet, and lots more. And you can even customize each template according to your preference. So take advantage of the business checklist template’s editable features for great results.

  • Step 3: Lay Out the Checklist’s Details According to Purpose

    Make sure to slowly add the business checklist’s details that go according to your checklist’s purpose. So if you are planning a business office equipment checklist, expect to list down the different tools, equipment, and supplies needed for the office. And if you opt for a business startup checklist, then make sure you wrote all the steps on how to launch your new business. Relevance is key when it comes to writing the business checklist’s data.

  • Step 4: Complete the Checklist’s Basic Elements

    As discussed before, a business checklist has a range of elements from the title, purpose, to the notes section. So check if you have added everything already to complete the checklist. But it does not mean you only limit your ideas to the standard elements because you can also insert more examples that you think could improve or make the checklist more detailed. Nonetheless, every added element should be presented in an organized manner.

  • Step 5: Observe an Easy-to-Follow Checklist and Commit to It

    Reread your whole business checklist and evaluate objectively. If you think it needs an improvement, then go for it. Maybe the checklist is hard to follow so you can enhance it with easier instructions and graphic organizers such as tables, timelines, and charts. Once you are confident with the outcome, your final responsibility is to commit to your checklist. There is no point in making the best business checklist possible if you can’t even commit to it. Rest assured, benefits will follow for your business in accomplishing all items enlisted in the document.


What are examples of business checklists?

Some common examples of business checklists are a business sales checklist, business plan checklist, business office equipment checklist, business conference checklist, business startup checklist, business tax checklist, business gap analysis checklist, business product release checklist, business interview checklist, business security checklist, business advertising checklist, business proposal checklist, business management checklist, business valuation checklist, and a business survey checklist.

What are the types of checklists fitted for business purposes?

Although there are many examples of checklists in the business field out there. It is important to note that the five essential types of checklists in business are the to-do checklists, training checklists, task checklists, troubleshooting checklists, and coordination checklists.

What makes a good checklist?

A checklist must be accurate, efficient, and easy to depend on, especially when it is used for the most challenging situations. If the checklist hinders you to do your job well, then clearly it is not a good checklist.

Business checklists are always there for you when you need to be reminded of possibly neglected tasks and ensure every step is achieved to keep the business running. Because the more tasks and concerns your company deals with from time to time, it is easy to underlook small details from a huge process. Many business tasks could even take more than one action. And those tiny factors could be what keeps your company down little by little. So download a sample business checklist template now and keep operations afloat.