We get it, you’re a giver! You express your love and appreciation for the people surrounding you in material things that you wreck your brain constantly looking for the best gift that is not a repeat of last year’s. It’s already hard enough to pick the perfect gift that is best suited for the person you are thinking of gifting it to, but it’s even harder when your personal budget planner tells you there’s a budget you have to strictly stick to. And seriously, this time. 

Well, you’re in luck because we can help you with that! With 7+ Christmas Gift Budget templates, you may just be able to give all those in your Nice list a meaningful present they can treasure for the rest of their years. 

What is a Christmas Gift Budget

In essence, a Christmas Gift Budget makes the whole process of gift-giving easier that you are sure will guarantee satisfaction from the person you’re giving it to without your finances taking the brunt of it. 

Despite your desire to give the best lavish gifts that is equivalent to the love you have for the people you’re gifting it to, gift giving can be quite a difficult task especially when, as previously mentioned, you are on a budget. This only goes to show that gift giving is simply not just buying presents. It takes effort to think of creative gifts and smart shopping intuition. But, it shouldn’t be so much of a task either.

It’s a strategy that begins with you listing down the names of people you want to give Christmas presents to. Assuming you have a monthly budget, coming up with a separate holiday spending budget for the fits will be easier. The tricky part is when you have to think of the best gift that doesn’t take too much of the budget but is still unique in its own way and is just as grand-looking as an expensive gift. 

A Christmas Gift Budget enables you to plan ahead which gifts go to whom, how much each gift costs and when you start the Christmas gift shopping. It shall also serve as your daily reminder to not overspend if you are passionate in gift-giving as well as to save up in the case extra occasions come up in which you consequently need extra gifts for. 

Inside Your Christmas Gift Budget

You can liken a Christmas Gift Budget to a grocery list. Basically, it isn’t any different as most spending lists. It includes most of what you already know except modified specifically for the Christmas holidays.

Names: You simply have to jot down the names of the people you’re giving presents to. That way, you can sneak your way into getting them to tell you what they want to get for Christmas. Christmas Gift Ideas: What’s a Christmas Budget list without the actual gifts? Now that you have recorded the names, you can start jotting down Christmas gift ideas that you know they will enjoy. If you can’t come up with one, you can list down their interests and start hoping you get an idea out of it.Budget: Finally, the corresponding budget you have allotted for the items you are planning to buy. As this is a list intended for you to not overspend, be sure you have allocated the appropriate amount for each gift so that it does not stray away from the budget.Gift Hunting Date: While this can just be an option, it might still help you especially if you are unsure about how each gift will cost you. You can schedule yourself a Gift Hunting date just to get a more realistic estimate of your holiday spending budget. Maybe when you’re out there scouring, cheaper gift substitutes will find you.Gift Shopping Date: Ofcourse you have to set the date of when you finally get to the part of this Christmas Gift Budget’s main event! Hopefully it’s days before malls start packing up and traffic jams keep you stuck. After all, the Christmas Holidays is one of the busiest days of the year. This way, you are likely more motivated to finalize your Christmas Gift Budget list. Actual Amount: This is how you know you won’t have financial-induced woes to overcome by the time the holidays are over. Record the actual amount of the gift you bought and be sure it shouldn’t cost higher than its intended budget.

Tips on How to Stick to Your Budget

Gift-giving is not something you take lightly. Nor is saving. Here are some tips to secure your Christmas Gift Budget:

Save: Obviously, this is a given. But, this is the surest way to not only secure your budget but have enough for some last minute shopping outside your Christmas Budget list. You have months until the Christmas Holidays. If you truly want to make sure your recipient gets the message that they’re dear to you, start saving up early. Christmas Gift Ideas: What’s a Christmas Budget list without the actual gifts? Now that you have recorded the names, you can start jotting down Christmas gift ideas that you know they will enjoy. If you can’t come up with one, you can list down their interests and start hoping you get an idea out of it.Apply budgeting methods: If you have a monthly budget, you can set aside a humble amount of your money strategically. We suggest the Proportional Budgeting Method. It requires you to set aside money from your income into 3 portions: 50% goes to your needs, 20% on your debts and the last 30% to your wants. Handmade and DIY Gifts: If there’s something the pandemic and the lockdowns that followed did to us, it’s to come up with different ways to celebrate the traditional holidays despite the unconventional setting. In fact, there was a significant 80% increase in global searches for ‘online gifts’.  Especially if you are in a bit of a bind since Christmas gift giving isn’t the only activity you’re spending money on for the holidays, you have the option to surf the net and get inspired to create your own personalized and handmade gifts. After all, we are aiming to stick to our budget and gifts do not necessarily need to be costly. Just costly-looking. 


What do you get someone who has everything for Christmas?

To be philosophical about it, a person can’t have everything. Although, materialistically speaking, they just might be missing out on the unique things available in the world. Most of which are locally made. Not only are you supporting local businesses especially during the pandemic, it also encourages thoughtful gift-giving during the pandemic. If you shop for local products, there’s a good chance for it to be done online which would just be convenient for you, right? When you do get that parcel, be sure to add a little gift tag as a cherry on top.

What is a good budget for Christmas gifts?

Ideally, a good budget for Christmas gifts is one you can afford.

How do I survive Christmas with no money?

Well, there’s always spending it how it’s supposed to be celebrated: Celebrating what you have. There should be numerous concerts and free events lined up in your neighborhood! You can join one and still have a blast.

Christmas is a time of sending our appreciation to our loved ones. While words and each other’s presence should be enough, it can’t hurt to also act out your gratitude through gift giving. With a Christmas Gift Budget list, you can up your gift-giving game all the while sticking to a budget that won’t hurt you in the end. That way, everyone gets a merry Christmas and a green one for your wallet.