48+ Sample Competency Checklists

What Is a Competency Checklist?

A competency checklist is basically like a list to assess skills and performance levels. It is commonly applied for a new hire on his or her first few weeks at work, an intern’s training, or apprenticeship. More so, the checklist can evaluate products and services if they are competent enough or has met the standards. And with the help of competency mapping, the required skills will be defined, making it easier to conduct assessments.

According to the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF), competencies checklists aid career development, particularly towards continuing professional development (CPD).

Why Are Competency Checklists Important?

Why should you consider a competency checklist, you might ask? Expect various benefits from the process which will also help you understand the importance of such checklists. So in this segment, understand the common importances of competency checklists.

Review for Performance Standards: A supervisor can specify the performance standards needed at work. And it is vital to set a proper orientation about what the manager or business needs from the subject being assessed. Hence, it gets easier to identify the required skillsets to write in the checklist.Performance Documentation: Competency checklists make it simpler to record or document each subject’s performance. The great part is that there is a rating scale or criteria used too. At least everyone will be aware of what milestones have been achieved, including the challenges, because of documenting the results.Learning Experience: Most importantly, the competency checklist’s results bring a learning experience. For example, a nursing student might have been evaluated through categories from the operating room, vital signs, and other factors. And whatever that student’s performance is, he or she can receive feedback form from the evaluator.

How to Form a Competency Checklist

After learning from the competency checklist’s definition and importance, are you ready to take a step further by making the checklist itself? Creating a competency checklist is quite simple, particularly when sample templates are already provided at the top. Feel free to choose a sample competency checklist and edit its content. And don’t forget to follow these four basic steps:

Step 1: Know Your Purpose

What is the purpose behind your planned competency checklist? Is it for a product evaluation, new hire training, or maybe professional development? Based on a report, many competencies checklists even go for career development, specifically for continuing professional development plans. So by recognizing your purpose, you will know what details to add to the checklist.

Step 2: Categorize Every Skill and Competency Standard

Expect to list every skill or competency standard used for the evaluation afterward. But, don’t simply list the standards without grouping or categorizing them. You can divide the skillsets according to their common elements. And be sure each competency standard listed is relevant for monitoring competencies or it would still be a failure. Also, a tip is to use tables, charts, and other graphical data to categorize smoothly.

Step 3: Set the Appropriate Rating System

Competency checklists should have a clear rating system. Otherwise, how else can you actually assess your subjects? Just like judging score sheets, you implement a rating scale to each competency standard. For example, is the subject articulate speaking? And your sheet will provide choices from excellent, poor, etc. The scoring system depends on you as long as it is appropriate.

Step 4: Organize Your Checklist

Part of what makes or breaks your competency checklist is the overall organization. Check the format if the details are properly lined up. Also, did you add enough checkboxes for each standard in the document? Bear in mind that a checklist isn’t complete without the checkboxes or lines to mark checks. Lastly, do you want the output printed or a soft copy version only? Launch your checklist when you are confident with the outcome.


What are hard skills?

Hard skills refer to the learned skills or abilities gathered through actual practice, training, or repetition. And they are crucial to businesses since they help boost employee productivity and even employee satisfaction.

What is a skill checklist?

A skill checklist is similar to a competency checklist where you evaluate the degree of what employees can or cannot deliver in performing standardized tasks.

What are the top competencies for a manager?

A manager is expected to master the following competencies:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Supervising
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Performance management
  • Team building
  • Coaching
  • Motivating others

Indeed, it is critical to raise standards and reassess competencies. And even if some people are a natural to pass every competency or training, others can still practice and learn to perform better. What matters most is that the supervisor or evaluator can also help the subject to do great. And that helpful give-and-take process is just what you can apply using a competency checklist. Create one now!