What is a Freelance Writer Agreement?

A freelance writer agreement is a document that consists of terms and conditions between a freelance writer and a client about the content writing work or copywriting work that the writer will do for him or her. It details their relationship as an employer and independent contractor. It is also called a freelance writer contract or a writer work from hire agreement. It can be a content writer agreement, content writing service agreement, blog writer contract, scriptwriter agreement, freelance TV writer agreement, film writer agreement, or others. The agreement spells out the scope of the project, the milestones, the timelines, the payment terms, and other important things about the deal of hiring a freelance writer. Every freelance writer should require a freelance writer agreement for every work that they should do. It can keep good order for their work. They will have the assurance of getting paid. Even the clients need this thing. They can be assured that the work that they need will be done. They can make sure that they can be given a good job. The freelance writer agreement is an essential document that can ensure that the business that will happen between a freelancer and a client will succeed.

Elements of a Freelance Writer Agreement

Are you searching for freelance writer templates or a freelance writer contract template because you want to know the elements of a freelance writer agreement? Do you need them because you are about to create an agreement? Well, read the following and know the elements of this agreement:


Most freelance writer agreements start with an introduction. You need to sum up the project. The introduction can be like an executive summary or cover letter. It also contains the details about the parties. It has their names and contact information. It has some information of what can be expected from both parties. The introduction can be one paragraph but its length depends upon the complexity of the agreement.

Scope of Work

You have to be clear on the work that you have to provide. For example, do not just say that you will provide blog posts. You should write the number of words for the project. You should include the headline. Add also if you have to give title tags or meta descriptions. You have to be accurate with the scope of work. Through this, the client will know what to expect from your work. There is a better chance that the clients will be contented with your job.

Price Quote

The exact price quote should be detailed in the agreement. It should be the agreed price for the work that you will give. Be accurate in setting the price in the agreement or it can raise some dispute between the two of you. Adhere to the price that you have agreed upon. When the two of you have decided on something, do not change your mind and change it. You cannot be double-minded with the price. It can create a bad relationship between you and the client.


You have to be clear about the method of invoicing. Be clear about the number of days that the invoice will be due. Payment method is important so that clients will know how to pay you. You have to provide a payment method that can give ease to them. Giving an invoice is the best way to how you can gather the payment. It is the easiest and the most convenient way.

Revision Terms

In providing writing works, one of the most important things is the terms about revisions. You have to tell how many revisions can you provide for the job. There are times that clients will not be satisfied with your work, so you have to revise it. So, you have to agree on revisions. If you can provide unlimited revisions, it will be good. But if you can only accept one revision, you must state it in the agreement. Revisions can make the clients satisfied with your work, so you have to include terms about it.


There should be a clause about the legality of your agreement. The legality clause is important to denote that you and the clients truly enter an agreement and you are protecting your rights against all consequences. It is the main reason why you are creating an agreement. You want everything to be legal.

Intellectual Property

You need to discuss things about intellectual property rights and afterward, put it in the agreement. You have to be clear if you can give the copyright to the clients. If you can do ghostwriting, you have to state it in the agreement. But if you want to retain your right, the written material should have your name on it. The choice is completely up to the writers. It depends on them to give rights to the clients. Though sometimes, clients have specific requirements about this and it is also up to the writers whether to accept their requirements.

Termination Clause

The agreement should have termination details. It should contain a termination clause that will dictate conditions if ever you want to end the project. This is important because there can be times when both parties will not be happy about the project. Besides, unexpected things may happen. So, when the time comes that any party will want to leave the project, they will be free to do so.


The freelancer and the client have to agree on a particular timeline for the project. The writer should know when he or she will deliver the work and the clients have the right to have the timeline when they can get the work that they are expecting. If you are a freelancer, you have to give a reasonable timeline for the project. You should not keep the clients waiting or they might get another freelance writer.


If you have special conditions for the project like a deposit, you have to state it in the agreement. Deposits can give security of payments to freelance writers. They can be sure that even at the start of the project, they will be justly paid. They will not fear that they will not be paid by clients. Their work will be surely paid even just as they are about to start.

Late Payments

You have to include some terms or put a clause about late fees. If the clients will ever deter payments, you must be sure that you can get extra for this thing. In this way, the clients will make sure to pay you on time to avoid late fees. But if they will pay late, it will be wise for you to do the precautionary measure for this. And that is to provide a clause for late fees so that it will be fair.

Retainer Section

A retainer section can guarantee payment for a freelance writer for specific months or a year. Whether the writer will be paid by the hour or per project, the writer is assured that he or she can get the payment that he or she deserves. This is one good way on how to secure payment.

Indemnity Clause

There should be an indemnity clause in the agreement. The clients have the right to be paid if ever they will suffer any loss within the agreement due to the freelancer’s wrong actions and negligence. But of course, you have first to agree about this thing. You have to be careful in your words in the indemnity clause.

Tips on Freelance Writer Agreement

A freelance writer agreement template or a freelance writer letter of agreement template can help you a lot in making your agreement. But maybe you are needing some tips that you can use for the agreement. Look no more! We can provide some tips that you can apply as you make a freelance writer agreement:

Clear Language: You have to realize that an agreement is a legal document. Search a contract sample or contract templates. All of these have one thing in common. They are written in clear language. There is no jargon and the texts may be written in deep words, but they are easy to understand. An agreement should be clear. The language that you should use should be amicable to the readers. You have to remember also that you are not doing creative writing. Your words must be direct. You do not need to tell a story. Your language must be definitive. You have to put the clauses clearly, using a language that can be simple for the readers.Project Rates: In making a better agreement, the freelance writers should have in mind the best techniques that they should have in getting projects. They have to know that having project rates is better than being paid hourly. They can have a fixed rate with their works which can make them assess their projects better. Hourly rates can be indefinite and can give some hassles. But through project rates, you can tell the clients a specific rate that you are expecting from a scope of work. You can price your work better and it is much easier. There can be no need also for time-tracking tools and you can work in your own schedule.Early Invoice: You and the clients should agree on early invoicing. The invoice should be sent at the start of the month. This will quicken the process of you being paid. You can send an invoice while you are still finishing the work. By the time that you have finished the job, the client may pay you as soon as it is done. This is one secure way of getting paid for your work. It will only be fair between the two of you because you deserve the payment for the work that you will do.Price Carefully: You have to know that you have to set a good price for your work. You must not underprice yourself. Do not let clients take advantage of you. Writing is a mentally-exhausting job and you deserve a just payment. Set a price that will be fair for all the work that you will give. But remember also that the price should be reasonable. Do not overprice also or the clients may not make any agreement with you. Price carefully so that when it is time to negotiate with the clients, you can convince them to give you the project.Right Scope of Work: To make the clients feel secure about your work, you need to state the right scope of work. You need to detail the scope of the project that you can do. If clients will know what to expect, they will be at ease that you can do the job. So, be clear with the number of words and the revisions that you can take for the job. Cite if you can include meta descriptions, anchor texts, hyperlinks, and title tags. If you can include more things in the scope of work, it is better. You can encourage the clients better to grant you the project.

How to Write a Freelance Writer Agreement

Contracts for writers might be not as simple as they may seem. Sometimes, you need a Sample Freelance Writer Agreement or a freelance writer contract example for you to have a pattern in creating an agreement. Read the following and you can apply the following steps in making a freelance writer agreement:

  • Step 1: Define the Work

    The first thing that you should do is to create a Title for the agreement. Write in bold letters and center the title in the agreement. Then name both parties that are having the agreement. Opposite their names, write their title. You should also include the legal business name of both parties. Then describe the services. Its length depends on the complexity of the work. Do not make the description of work complicated. Define the scope of work in clear detail. Short descriptions work. You can summarize them in a short paragraph.

  • Step 2: Make a Project Plan

    Next is you have to provide a Project Plan. It is important in highly technical writing jobs. An attached project plan can better encourage clients to continue the projects with you. It also has the specifications of the projects that can make your agreement clear.

  • Step 3: Specifications of Work Relationship

    One of the things that you need to specify is the compensation. You have to state the price of the project. Then include your relationship to the clients, whether you will be their employee or an independent contractor. Then outline the Schedule of the project. You need to provide a specific timeline for the deliverables. Also, you need to include a termination clause. And of course, you have to state things about the copyright.

  • Step 4: Finalize the Agreement

    There should be a confidentiality clause in the agreement. Sometimes it can go together with a non-disclosure agreement or a Non-Compete Agreement. The governing laws that you will follow should also have a clause in the agreement. There should also be a clause for breach. At the end of the agreement, you should put the date and have some space for signature blocks.


Do Freelance Writers Need an Agreement?

Yes, it is important for freelance writers. They can gain more clients if they will have agreements because the clients will be at ease that they can deliver the work. It is also good for freelance writers because they can ensure payment through the agreement.

When is a Freelance Writer Agreement Needed?

Freelance writer agreement is needed before a writing project will start. It ensures the success of the project and protects the rights of both the writers and the clients. It will not be good to start a writing project without a freelance writer agreement.

To ensure that you can have the best relationship with your clients, you need to have a freelance writer agreement in all your writing projects. It can give the expectations of the clients and you can have a smooth flow of work. Well, do you need a template for a freelance writer agreement? This post has 18+ SAMPLE Freelance Writer Agreement in PDF | MS Word. What are you waiting for? Download now!