What is a Freelance Writer Proposal?

A freelance writer proposal is a letter sent to clients expressing the desire to do a writing project. Sometimes, it is sent to participate in a bid to win a project. In the proposal, the writers or content writers need to showcase their skills. They have to convince the clients that they will be the best for the project. They have to make a winning bid that can set them apart from other bidders so that they will be the ones who will be granted to write the project. A proposal may have become a part of a writer’s job. They get projects through it. They can gather clients because of it. So aside from their natural content writing skills, they have to be like a freelance business proposal writer or freelance technical proposal writer. They truly need to have the skills in writing a great proposal. According to the goodness of the proposal will be their opportunity of being hired. They have to ensure that they will give their best in writing it so that they can gain clients.

The freelance writer’s proposal needs to be perfect. Remember, you are applying to work as a writer. You have to show in the proposal that you have great writing skills. If from the proposal, you cannot prove your writing skills, how will the clients approve you for writing projects? You have to let the clients see that in your proposal, you can write well so that they will know that you can do the job. Getting clients may not be easy. You have to defeat other bidders and win over them. But if you will be diligent in writing the proposal, you may achieve your purpose. Just remember that you have to be persuasive to make the clients give you the project. They have to be impressed with your proposal, seeing through the proposal that you are a good writer. So, if you do not know yet how to write a content proposal or how to write a proposal for content writing, you must research so that you can create a great proposal. If you do not know yet that through proposals, you can gain more work, it is time for you then to try this thing. The proposal can give you projects that you have never dreamed of. Great writing projects that have very good rates.

Benefits of a Freelance Writer Proposal

Content writing proposal for client is important. Before you can get a project, you have to send a proposal to clients to give you projects. Before you gather any content writing proposal sample, you may want to know its benefits. Read the following and know the benefits of a freelance writer proposal:

Career Development: A freelance writer proposal can accelerate your career as a writer. Through the proposal, you can gain projects from different clients. You will have continuous work and you can become stable in your job. You might never know, but you can even get big clients. You can have great companies as your client. This can be something good that you can put in your resume. Not only will it advance your work, but you will also have a better rate. You will never know the clients that you can get from the proposal. So, start sending proposals to get writing works. It may improve your career. You can have the career development that you need.Uncapped Earning: One of the good things about freelancing is that you can get as many clients or projects as you want. To make this possible, you need a proposal. With a proposal, you can earn a lot if you will be hardworking. You can choose to have many projects. You can send many proposals. You can send them to multiple clients. If most of these clients will accept your proposal, then you have gotten a lot of projects for yourself. It only means that you can earn a lot of money. You have an uncapped earning potential. Without a proposal, you may struggle with projects. Not knowing when to have one or how can you have clients. But learning the skills of creating a proposal will make you build relationships with clients. You can have a way on how to reach clients. Through this, you can have writing works.Higher Rates: Because a proposal is a formal way of doing business, you can set a good rate for your work. You can set a higher rate because of the proposal. You can set your own rate that cannot amount to the rate that you can get if without the proposal. Sometimes, it is awkward to state a better rate to companies. Through the proposal, you know you have to state your own rate and you have to set it carefully. Because a proposal is a good way of doing business, you can state a better rate. You will not be ashamed to ask for a higher rate.Many Clients: Through a freelance writer proposal, you can gain many clients. You can send multiple proposals to companies all at the same time. For as long as you can handle the job, you can send it to as many as you want. For this reason, you have a great chance to be approved by many clients. It can mean many projects for you and it is so good for you. We know that it is hard to get clients. But proposals denied this truth. Nothing is impossible with proposals. You can persuade clients to hire you. By showing your interest to work for them, you may have that chance. You just need to send proposals to them.

Tips on Freelance Writer Proposal

Are you searching for a freelance writing proposal sample or freelance writing proposal template because you are about to create a proposal? Do you need some tips on how to write a freelance proposal? We can provide you with some tips that you can apply in creating a proposal. Consider the following:

Compelling Subject Line: If you truly want to catch the attention of the clients, then start with the subject line. It is the first thing that companies see in your email so you have to make it catchy. Make sure that with the subject, you can show something that you can do for their business. If they will know that you can do them good, you might get their interest. Instead of simply telling the purpose of your email, make a subject line that can give a hint of what you can do for them. Through this, they will know that they will benefit from you. You have to insert some persuasive ideas in your subject line. If they can see that you have great ideas, they will think that you have a lot to offer. They can trust your writing abilities.Boast Skills: Maybe it is not good to be proud. But in your proposal, you can boast a little. Boast skills that make you qualified for the job. Cite how many projects you have done. State your numerous skills in writing. You have to let them know your expertise. If they will know that you are an expert, they can be confident to give you the job. You can boast skills while doing it nicely. Be respectful in enumerating what you can do. You must not sound overconfident. But you should be confident with your skills. You have to let the clients know what you can do for the project. This will ensure them that you can deliver the work well.Give Value: You have to show something of value in the proposal. This can be some topic ideas, content suggestions, or simply some feedback. You have to make the clients see that you can provide good things for them in the future. That you can give solutions to their problems. If the clients will see that you can provide solutions, they can hire you because you can address their problem well. So, you have to prepare something valuable in the proposal. You have to impress the clients with these things.Transparent Process: In the proposal, you need to explain the whole process of your work. You need to let the clients know how you will give the deliverables. If you can give revisions, you must state in the proposal the details about this. If you will give an outline first and you will get the client’s approval for it, you must tell it. You must explain the whole procedure of your work to the clients. If possible, you must continually ask for their approval in every step of your work. This can build a better relationship with them. Because of this, they might still hire you for future projects. You can have a stable long-term job with them.Talk Business: Remember that in the proposal, you are talking business. Bear that in mind and be professional as you send the proposal. Write in a professional tone. Provide good communication between you and the clients. You are not just doing content writing as a job, you are also doing business with the clients. So, professionally present yourself. Be wise in your dealings. Consider the clients like a business partner where you need to truly consider the success of the business. This way, you will provide the best writing service for them to make them successful. Also, if you will talk business, you will be considered by clients as a good professional writer.Offer Discounts: Discounts are always attractive. To attract your clients to hire you, you can offer them discounts. Offer freebies like giving them writing packages. This can give you an advantage over other freelance writers. Sometimes, the lowest bidder gets the job. If this thing is true, you must be a little good with your rates. Give some discounts so that if the clients will see that they can save money with your work, they might get encouraged to give you projects.Social Proof: Testimonials can also be attractive for clients. Insert some testimonials in the proposal. Give social proof that you are a good writer. Other people’s testimonials will prove that you can deliver the job. They are evidence that you work well. As proof of your tested work, they can impress the clients and make them know that you can be good to have business with. They will know that you will not scam them or will not abandon the job after getting the project. It can build your reputation in their eyes.

How to Write a Freelance Writer Proposal

Maybe you are not a freelance federal proposal writer or a freelance grant proposal writer that you know about creating a proposal. You might need some guidance in writing. Aside from Freelance Proposal Writing Tips, you might need some steps that you can follow. Consider the following and apply the following steps in creating the proposal:

  • Step 1: Provide an Overview

    First, you need to provide an overview of your proposal. This is similar to a Cover Letter. Here, you have to introduce yourself. Be courteous in introducing yourself so that the clients will favor you even from the start. Thank the clients for the opportunity that you can have to work for them. You should introduce also your experience. Give them a taste of your track record. You can show past clients as proof that you are good at writing. Then express your sincere interest to work for them. You have to earn their respect even with your first words.

  • Step 2: Problem Statement

    Then next thing, you have to state a Problem Statement that will show a problem that you can address. Put yourself in the clients’ shoes so that you can think of possible problems that they are facing. The problems of clients can be the following:

  • The company has resources that should be used only by a competent writer.
  • They have hired writers that are poor in grammar and sentence structure.
  • They cannot find a writer that fits the brand style that they want.
  • They have experienced writers who always miss deadlines and bring hassles to the company.
  • They have engaged with generic writers who cannot make unique informative work.
  • Step 3: Provide a Solution

    After knowing the possible problems that clients may be facing, you must provide solutions to these problems. Let the clients know that your skills can solve their problems. Convince them that you have the capabilities to provide them with works that will not bring any problem to them. Instead, you can provide a perfect job where they can be satisfied.

  • Step 4: Timeline for Deliverables

    Next is you have to inform the clients about your writing process. Tell them about revisions. Tell a timeframe when you can provide an outline for them so that they will have an idea of what you are going to write. Include in the proposal the deliverables that you can provide to them. Cite the number of words and all the works that can be included in the job. Scope of work is important so that the clients will be aware of what to expect. You have to keep them posted on everything that you will do with the project.

  • Step 5: Price Quote

    In the proposal, pricing is one of the essential components. You need to let the clients know first how much should they be paying you. State a reasonable Price Quote for your services. You can have a fixed rate for the project or you can be paid per word. If you have special packages or discounts, you have to let them know. This can attract them to give you projects. Then, end your proposal on a good note.


How Much Do Freelance Writers Charge in the Proposal?

Usually, freelance writers charge $30 per hour. If they charge per article, the lowest price can be $50. In stating your charges, do not forget to include the time that you will spend managing your freelance writing business.

How Can My Proposal Be Accepted?

If you want your proposal to be accepted, you have to be sincere in your proposal. You have to let the clients know that you can be trusted. You also have to let them know about your expertise. Through it, they can entrust you with the writing project.

Winning a bid might be hard for freelance writers. Especially for newbies. But if you can create a great proposal, nothing can be impossible. You can convince the client to give you the project if you can send a compelling freelance writer proposal. Well, do you need a template for it? This post has 5+ SAMPLE Freelance Writer Proposal in PDF. Pick any that you like and download now!