50+ Simple Resignation Letter Sample

What is a Simple Resignation Letter Sample?

A simple resignation letter sample is a sample document that you can use when you are going to create a resignation letter for your company. A resignation letter is something that employees write to notify the employer that they are about to leave their job. A short resignation will be given that expresses their gratitude for working with the company. A professional job resignation letter should have a good resignation letter format. It has to be completely professional. Employees who are about to resign should give the best resignation letter because their reputation depends on their resignation letter.

Some examples of resignation letters are a retirement resignation letter, a teacher resignation letter, a police officer resignation letter, and a church (religious) resignation letter. A formal letter  of resignation is a must for every employee. You have to pay respect when you want to leave the company. The least that you can do is send a professional resignation letter maybe in the form of a resignation letter email. If you are having difficulty creating a resignation letter, you can find help with a resignation letter example or a resignation letter template. An example of a resignation letter will help you create the best resignation letter that can be readily accepted by HR.

Tips on Resignation Letter

For some, it may not be that easy to give a resignation letter. Aside from the fact that they might not know how to create a resignation letter, they might have some concerns about it. They want to leave their company on good terms so this can depend on their resignation letter. If you want to ensure that everything will go well, you must use some tips in creating your resignation letter. Maybe the following tips can help you:

Keep It Professional: The best rule to follow is to be professional. Your resignation letter should contain the professionalism that can ensure that you will have a good reputation in the eyes of your previous employer. To do this, you must send your resignation letter ahead of time. For example, send a two weeks notice resignation letter. With this, you can advise your company that you will be leaving in two weeks. It may seem unprofessional if you are going to send a resignation letter and you will leave that company on that same day. Properly advise your company when you are going to leave. This means that you respect them and you still care for the company. You are going to give them some time to find a replacement for you. They will see that you respect them if you can give them some time for the job that you are going to leave. It means that you are thinking about the welfare of the company and you are not going to leave just like that. When you show professionalism, you can expect them to deem you as a good worker and if anyone will ask them about you, they can surely say good things about you. This can build your reputation as a professional and it may serve you in the future.Be Concise: Be concise with your resignation letter. You should not make it with the length of a novel. Be straight to the point and keep your letter short. Use good language that can express your gratitude and will explain your reason for leaving. For example, if you are going to send an email resignation letter, be sure to keep it simple. By doing so, you can make it professional. When you use too many words, you can be out of the context and you can bore your readers. You might even get them confused. It is also unprofessional to do so. Be concise with your writing and tell what you want to say plainly but politely. When you are being concise, the readers can better understand you. You can be sure that this will have a positive implication in your professional career.Express Gratitude: One thing that you should not forget in your official resignation letter is expressing gratitude to your employer. Remember to thank the employer for all the years or time that you have spent in the company. Thank everyone for being good to you and for helping you with your work for all those years. If you are going to do this, you can leave a very good impression on your employer. They might hire you again in the future if ever you want to go back to their company. So, in a very polite way, express your deep gratitude to them. If possible, try your best to make them smile with your letter. Be nice to them for the remaining days that you will have in the company and show this to your resignation letter. Until the end, continue to have a good relationship with them. Show them how you are truly thankful for all the time that you had in the company. When you do this, you can surely leave the company on good terms.Offer Assist with the Transition: Never leave your company like a hurricane. Have the concern about the transition that is going to happen. Offer some assistance with it. For example, if you are going to make a board resignation letter, be sure that you can train the person who is going to replace you before you leave. Teach your replacement all the things that they have to do about the job. Teach everything that you know. Remember, if you leave so soon, the company will have some problems with your replacement. If the replacement knows nothing about the job, it will be hard for the company especially since you are the one who is familiar with the work that you are leaving. Train your replacement so that they can be adept with the job before you leave. By the time you are going to leave, you can be sure that your replacement can handle the job well. This is a very good favor that you can give to your employer before you leave.Follow Company Protocols: One way to show complete professionalism to your employer is to follow the company protocols. If it is written in your employment contract that you should advise the company one month in advance before your resignation, you must do this. You should send your resignation letter as a notice that you are going to leave in one month. Do not leave so soon just as you have given your resignation letter. Be patient and wait for the agreed time to leave the company. Still, work for the company for one month just as it is written in the contract. You can find a good favor in their eyes if you will do so. If ever some future employer will ask about you from them, they can say that you are a true professional who always follows the company protocols. So, this can benefit you a lot.Deliver It in Person: With proper respect to your employer, you must deliver the resignation letter in person. This can be the proper way to do it. Give it to your manager or supervisor personally. Make a face-to-face conversation that can maintain your good relationship with them. Unless you work remotely, there is no reason for you to just send an email. Give it in person and you can have a favor in the eyes of your manager and employer.Proofread It: Before you send your resignation  letter, you must be sure to proofread it first. Check for any mistakes that you have committed. It will not seem professional if your letter has some grammatical errors. Make sure that it is good enough for anyone to read. When your letter is professional, you can leave your company knowing that you have been completely professional with them.

How to Create a Resignation Letter

There are some important things that you need to say in your resignation letter. You have to tell your reason for leaving, express your gratitude, ensure the company for a smooth transition, and express your willingness to return to the company. Because of this, you need to make sure that you can write the resignation letter properly. You can have the following steps:

1. Begin with a Salutation

After writing the header for the resignation letter, you must begin with a polite salutation. This will show your respect to the employer. Begin with a formal salutation like “Dear.”

2. Thank the Employer

After the salutation, you must begin with a paragraph that expresses your gratitude to the employer. Thank everyone in the company deeply. This will continue to show your deep respect.

3. Provide a Reason

Then provide the reason why you want to leave the company. Be honest about your reason so the employer will understand you. Be polite in telling your reasons. Be also sure that it is a valid reason.

4. Express Goodwill

After providing your reason, you must offer assistance for transition. After that, express goodwill by giving a positive note about your good wishes for the company. Also, express that you are willing to work for the company again in the future. After that, send the resignation letter in a PDF document in an email or a good paper if you are going to give it in person.


What are the benefits of a resignation letter?

The benefits of a resignation letter are professionalism, documentation, clarity, professional relationships, HR compliance, and personal closure.

What are the elements of a resignation letter?

The elements of a resignation letter are salutation, statement of resignation, appreciation, transition assistance, and closing.

You may be nervous to give your resignation letter. But if you can create a good resignation letter where you can express your gratitude and goodwill, you will have nothing to worry about. You can be sure that you can be professional with your employer and you can have a good reputation in their eyes.