What Is An Employee Recognition Letter?

An employee recognition letter is a letter given to a member of a company or organization; acknowledging the member’s good work or accomplishment that benefited the company. Recognizing good work is already a standard practice in many companies. Apart from letters, recognition can be given in the form of plaques, certifications and prizes. 

Harvard  Business Review published an article arguing that a positive workplace environment leads to positive outcomes. Employees who are happy and engaged with their work tend to perform better.   

5 Reasons To Give Employee Recognition Letters 

How can companies keep their people happy and engaged? Something as simple as a genuine compliment from a manager or a recognition letter can certainly make the employee feel appreciated. There are several reasons to acknowledge employees, these are some of the common ones: 

To Reward Loyalty: When an employee hits the 5, 10 or 25 year milestone, it’s common for companies to give loyalty awards. This gesture honors an employee’s commitment to the company and shows appreciation for years of service. To Acknowledge Performance: Anytime a staff excels in the job or his performance is worthy of recognition, it should be acknowledged. This often goes through a selection or nomination process and the management decides on the criteria. To Reinforce Customer Service: Many companies claim that customer satisfaction is one of their top priorities. Especially in service industries, performance is evaluated based on good customer relations and user feedback. When it comes to the customer, if an employee goes above and beyond what is expected of him or her, then it ought to be recognized.To Boost Employee Morale: Maintaining a culture of appreciation promotes a general positive feeling in the workplace. It gives employees the incentive to improve productivity and output. To Display Gratitude: Actively acknowledging the employee’s contributions makes him or her feel seen and heard. It gives the impression that the company cares about the employee and does not see him or her as merely a mode of production.

How To Write An Employee Recognition Letter

Whether you are a supervisor with a single assistant or a manager responsible for several teams, giving recognition where it is due is so important. Let your team know that you value their work and contributions. Pick any of the editable and printable samples above and follow these key steps: 

Step 1: Address the Person Directly 

In most cases, the immediate head or supervisor is tasked to relay the recognition letter to the staff. Always include the date and the proper heading. State the person’s name and position. 

Step 2: Include a Subject Line 

This may be optional but for a professional letter, it’s best to state what the letter is about. Be clear and direct. For example, the subject could be “Appreciation for A Successful Product Launch”.  

Step 3: Express Gratitude and Confidence in the Employee

An employee recognition letter is essentially a thank you letter. Keep the body of your letter short and sincere. Thank the employee for their hard work and dedication; or enumerate their noteworthy qualities such as leadership or work ethic. You can also specify the reason for the recognition and provide details. For example, a senior officer could thank his deputy for stepping up and overseeing the week-long mentoring program.   

Step 4: Sign, Seal and Deliver

You can end your letter by reiterating your gratitude and congratulating him or her for a job well done. Make sure it is duly signed. It is, after all, still a formal letter.  


What do you say to an employee?

“Management would like to congratulate you for your consistent exemplary performance in the last two quarters. We thank you for your committed work and dedication to the ideals and goals of the company.”[/ns_tblspan]“As your immediate head for the past two years, I have witnessed first hand the development of your skills and potential. Your contribution to the team is highly valued. I’m very optimistic that, with your help, we can continue to bring the company to new heights.” “On behalf of the company, I would like to recognize the invaluable contribution you made at last week’s Tenant’s Night. All your effort and hard work paid off and you helped make the event a success. Keep up the good work and congratulations once again for a successful Tenant’s Night!”

What is a letter of recognition?

It is a letter acknowledging the contribution and work of an individual in an organization. In most cases, it is given by a superior to a team member under him or her.

What are employee recognition awards?

These are awards given to employees who consistently exhibit outstanding performance. Some companies reward productivity with various awards like “Employee of the Month”, “Exemplary Award” or “Extra Miler”. In other cases, gift certificates and prize money are also given.

Gratitude should not only be limited to loved ones or close friends. In a fast-paced, output-obsessed society, work is a very common source of stress for people. Showing a little gratitude and learning to value people- not just as employees but as human beings- will go a long way in helping a company keep their workforce content and productive. Become a positive force in the workplace by downloading a recognition letter template now!