What Are Performance Recognition Letters?

A performance recognition letter is basically like a letter of appreciation except you are focusing on saying thanks to someone for her/his/their commendable performance. This letter’s purpose could be about acknowledging a milestone win, congratulating one’s efforts, or even simply saying thank you for doing well. So rather than ignoring a person’s impressive efforts in the industry, you are actually giving attention to them via this well-written letter.

Based on a survey, 48% of respondents confirmed that job performance recognition is essential to their entire job satisfaction.

Why Is a Performance Recognition Letter Important?

You might be wondering why there is a need to write a performance recognition letter when you can just say “Thank  you.” The truth is there are numerous aspects as to how important that letter is. In this section, you will understand the performance recognition letter’s importance according to six categories.

Rewarding Feeling

First of all, receiving an employee recognition letter is rewarding enough. The fact that someone actually saw your efforts and was praised for it is a great feeling to have. It is like how you feel in playing games where an “achievement unlocked” notification pops up. Imagine if you worked for something for so long and succeeded. Plus, you were commended for it. That feeling is euphoric to most people.

Job Satisfaction

Also, you already learned from Statista’s research survey earlier of how respondents agreed that performance recognition is important for their total job satisfaction. Imagine working on a job without receiving any compliment for your best work. Would you be satisfied to work there for years? Thus, a professional recognition letter is more than just a piece of paper. It can affect your engagement and satisfaction in the workplace as well.

Proper Recognition

You can’t deny that it would piss anyone off when the wrong people receive credit for something you did. Thanks to performance recognition letters, specific details are stated in the document such as the name of the employee being praised. Proper recognition matters since a letter could belong to anybody without the name and specific details in it. Some letters are even very detailed by including the date, signature, contact list, etc.

Employer Branding Opportunity

Don’t forget the fact that a performance recognition letter is a decent opportunity for employer branding. Employers can put their website, logo, and marketing schemes in the letter. So if anyone displays that letter, the marketing aspects will also be displayed. Moreover, companies who value performance recognition often receive praise from employees and even netizens, particularly if they go trending online. And that positive reputation is just what many employers dream of.

Proof of Praise and Support

The detailed letters themselves are valuable tokens that prove how a company praises and supports its hardworking employees. While it is easy to say thanks, a documented letter such as a performance recognition letter is more credible. You have actual proof to show that a recognition letter was written. So in case anyone asks for proof of sending or receiving a recognition letter, simply show the document in person.

Flexible to Any Performance

Bear in mind that performance recognition letters are not only relevant in the workplace. Although they are often displayed at work, recognition letters also apply to club recognition, nonprofit organizational milestone achievement, student appreciation, and lots more. With that said, anyone can receive a performance recognition letter after some regular performance evaluations.

The Basic Elements of a Performance Recognition Letter

A performance recognition letter does not only mention the name of who is being recognized. It also contains a variety of elements. And if you need help with the standard inclusions of a basic performance recognition letter, you won’t go wrong by having the following components:

Message of Recognition: Your letter should have a sworn statement of recognition. A strong message that manifests how happy and proud you are for what someone has done should be written in the document. This message should display how you value and recognize a person as it will be remembered by that person dearly. As long as it is understandable and you can directly say your point, your letter is good to go.Person’s Name: Of course, write the full name of the person being recognized. To avoid a blunder, make sure you know the correct spelling of that person’s name and that you are sure that the name written is the actual person worthy of that performance recognition letter.Summary of Why the Person Is Recognized: Indeed, you are sure of whom to thank in the letter. But recheck your letter if you actually mentioned why that person deserves to be recognized in the first place. In stating the reason, you can be straightforward as there is no need to write a long explanation letter. Just make sure you have briefly mentioned the recognition summary as that solidifies the letter’s intent.Gift Details: Although it is optional, many companies reward their achievers with gifts. It could be a gift certificate, monetary gift, or any gift at all. And you can describe what the gift is in the letter so the achiever knows what to expect after the recognition. And a compelling prize will surely excite these awardees.Standard Letter Format: Just like most business letters, there is a standard format known for letter writing. The same can be said for performance recognition letters. Ensure that your letter begins with a date, subject title, salutation, body (comprising of introduction, main body, and conclusion), complimentary close, and signature block.Inspiration for Others to Follow: Words of encouragement and final thoughts are worth noting to inspire others in doing their best as well. When people can see how the ones who excelled are recognized and valued properly, then it is most likely that other people will give their best too. And in the letter, you can also remind the awardee to continue putting effort in order to get rewarded continuously. That is one way to ensure employee engagement at work.Credibility Details: The writer of the performance recognition letter should also include her/his/their personal details to bring a sense that the letter is legitimate and made by credible people. It can work by putting the name of the writer/manager, job description, and signature.Attachments: Attachments are optional and worth including for supporting details. Maybe other people are in doubt as to what that awardee has achieved. Hence, the supporting documents may include the employee’s attendance sheet record, productivity sheet, and more. However, only relevant attachments should be added to the letter.

How to Write a Proper Performance Recognition Letter

Developing a well-made performance recognition letter can make a difference and the best part is you need not create it from scratch. By simply using samples, you are guided on how to format the whole letter. And to perfect your performance recognition letters, be sure to apply these five beneficial steps:

Step 1: Download a Sample Performance Recognition Letter Template

See those sample performance recognition letter templates above this article? Those are your downloadable options of templates so you prevent making a letter out of scratch. And you can even optimize every template whether you opt for a sample employee recognition letter for hard work, a letter of appreciation for service, or any recognition letter. Besides performance recognition letters, you also get access to contracts and agreements, policies, and so much more. Work on any template as your draft now!

Step 2: Maintain a Personalized Message

Indeed, you can go with the samples’ premade sentences but you should not go for copy-and-paste examples only. Make your own personalized message so that your recipient feels that you added a personal touch to the letter too. A good example is to add heartfelt words that come from you. Or perhaps, you write by stating the recipient’s name properly. Thus, always remember that even a formal performance recognition letter should be written as if it is a personal letter.

Step 3: Review the Details Thoroughly

As much as possible, take reviews seriously. That is especially notable for every detail you write in the letter. You may have inputted the recipient’s name incorrectly or that the name was incomplete. Also, check if the reason behind the recognition is the actual reason for it. Some statements could have been misconstrued or mixed up that it will only lead to issues eventually. Hence, an effective evaluation really helps until all the details are correct.

Step 4: Keep It Brief and Clear

The person being recognized does not deserve a disorganized and messy performance recognition letter. The key is to keep your message clear and straight to the point. For example, emphasize what exemplary work the employee did rather than quoting long messages from a book or movie. Maybe your whole letter sounds fancy but it lacks content; that should be avoided. Always reread your business document so you can fix your mistakes and deliver a flawless output.

Step 5: End the Letter on a Positive Note

Before ending your letter, have you added the essential elements of a performance recognition letter already? From the message of recognition to the optional attachments, such components complete your letter. Then, keep things optimistic from the start of writing the letter until the very end. It should be obvious that your thankful words should be seen anywhere in your message. Bear in mind that performance recognition letters are supposed to bring good vibes rather than negative ones. And the more you practice making these letters, rest assured, you will find writing to be easier.


What are the types of performance recognition letters?

Generally, there are three main types of performance recognition letters. And these are:

  • Academic Performance Recognition Letter – This form of performance recognition letter focuses mainly on students who excelled in class or school activities. Hence, student or academic research performances worth recognizing belong in this category.
  • Professional Performance Recognition Letter – Also called a business or employee performance recognition letter, a professional performance recognition letter highlights working individuals who are recognized on a regular basis. This is the most common type of performance recognition letter.
  • Team Performance Recognition Letter – When not only one person should be recognized but the whole team, the team performance recognition letter is relevant. This is often noted when teamwork is displayed and recognized, particularly for groups with common goals.

What should you do in making a performance recognition letter?

Here are some tips worth doing in making performance recognition letters:

  • Write a message of recognition from the heart; make the recipient feel your words.
  • Write in simple English because making the language easy to understand is highly recommended.
  • Maintain a presentable and organized letter by conducting a thorough analysis of your letter.

What should you not do in making a performance recognition letter?

Don’t commit these mistakes in creating a performance recognition letter:

  • Prevent letters with generic words and sentences; be original.
  • Leave your biased opinions about someone’s performance in your head; be objective instead.
  • Never ever use a performance recognition letter to demotivate other people who didn’t get one.

Every company should now prioritize performance recognition letters, especially when you now know how powerful and simple it is to thank someone genuinely for their hard work. Such letters could motivate, engage, and inspire people. So do you want to concoct an appealing and efficient letter now? Use the sample performance recognition letter templates in this article!