75+ Request Letter Sample

What is a Request Letter?

A request letter is a formal letter asking someone for something. Usually, this seeks permission, assistance, or favor. The purpose of the letter is to specify a particular request. Justifications are made when you write a request letter. You must state a valid reason why you need the assistance or favor. Some examples of request letters are a request letter for a bank statement, a request letter for approval, a request letter for a certificate of employment, a request letter to a principal, a request letter for financial assistance, a request letter to a bank manager, a salary increment request letter, a donation request letter, a leave request letter, a request for loan letter, a sponsorship request letter, a request for transfer letter, and a request for payment letter.

Request letters can be used for business, academic, or personal use. Sometimes, it is used to request documents like when you need an employee verification letter for your rental application. Or when you need documents like a death certificate, certificate of employment, or marriage certificate. To create a good request letter, use sample letters or a request letter example. This can increase the chance of your request being granted.

Benefits of a Request Letter

Instead of just asking for assistance or favor, we make request letters for a better chance that our request will be granted. Through this formal letter, we can better convince others to give us what we need. Request letters are made because of their benefits. These benefits are the following:

Gives Formality: When you send a request letter, it gives formality to your request. This can be good for any type of request. For example, if you need a document, send a request letter to get this and be professional. Other people can process your request faster if you will send them a request letter. Or if you need a favor from others like you need donations from organizations. It is better to send donation letters or donation request letters to have the donation that you need. It can be better to be formal in getting what you want from individuals or organizations. They will appreciate your formality and they can be more encouraged to give assistance, permission, or favor to you.Denotes Professionalism: When we show professionalism through request letters, we may be more likely to get what we need. When we send request letters, it only means that we are being professional. Individuals and organizations can consider our request. If we will merely say our requests through words, we may not get what we want. But by being professional, we can show that we are sincere in what we are asking. Through professionalism, our requests can better be granted. People can immediately work for our requests when we are being professional. This is because they will know that we have serious requests that should not be taken for granted. Even if they have a very busy work schedule, they will find time to give our request if we will be professional. So, by being professional through request letters, we can have what we wish to have.Gives Politeness and Courtesy: We know that every person has a busy work calendar or daily calendar. So, it is a precious chance we will be asking if we will ask for favors from someone. For this reason, we have to be polite and pay courtesy when we are asking for favor or assistance because their time is precious. We can only do this if we will ask our favors through a request letter. This is a good way to pay courtesy. By giving request letters, you can be professional which shows that you are being polite to another person or company. When you do this, the individual or company will have respect for your letter and request. They can consider greatly to give your request.Provides Documentation: When requests are given, documentation can be needed. The companies that we asked for requests from may need a document that can prove that they have given your request. It serves as a record that they can use in the future. Your request letter has the details and information that might be useful for them one day. So, request letters are one good way of written record of communication.Saves Time: Getting requests done may take some time. But if you want to expedite the process, you must send a request letter. This means that you are serious about having your request. By being formal and professional, you can be more deserving to have your requests. People act when they receive a formal letter. So, if you want to save time in getting your requests done, making a request letter is the answer. Through it, you can have what you request easily.Gives Convenience: When you are asking for a request, it may take you to go to organizations or individuals. You may not get what you want in one day. They might ask you to go back again. But if you are going to send a request letter, this can expedite the process. It can give you the convenience that you need. You do not have to go to the office many times. You do not have to talk to a lot of people to state your request. Just by giving a request letter, everything can be taken care of. The request letter can give ease in processing your request.Getting Formal Response: If you want a positive response to your request, you must use a request letter. Because you send a formal letter, you can also get a formal response from the individual or organization. When they do this, you can expect them to give your request. Because you act professionally, others will respond professionally also to you. You can ascertain that your request will be considered. You can have the response that you desire.Gives Accountability and Follow-Up: You can produce a sense of accountability on the part of the individual or organization after sending a request letter. They can be initiated to take action on your request because of the request letter. Because of this, you are more likely to have what you are requesting. This only means that the request letter can give you success. You can have what you are asking for, whether favor or assistance, through the request letter. It is also easier to follow up when you have a request letter.

How to Create a Request Letter

We may do everything for our request to be granted. Because of this, we must create a great request letter. To be able to have a great request letter, you can do the following:

1. Make an Introduction

Begin the letter by stating your contact information. At the top of the page, write your full name, phone number, address, and email address. Then add the date. After that, write the information of the recipient. Create a polite salutation. Then create a good introduction for your letter.

2. Create the Body of the Letter

Present the body of the letter where you will make your request known. Provide all the relevant information. If possible, provide supporting information. Use good language to explain your request. The reader must understand your request well.

3. Express Gratitude

Even if the request is not yet granted, you must express your gratitude in advance. This can energize the individual or organization to grant your request. Add additional information like supporting documents for your request.

4. Send the Letter

Close your letter professionally. Make a space for your signature. Proofread and edit the letter before sending it. Then send it through a PDF document or Word document if you are going to send it online. If you want a physical letter, you can print your letter, put it in an envelope, and send it through the mail.


How long is a request letter?

A request letter should be concise. Keep it to a page or less. You must be direct to the point and should not give excessive elaboration.

Should my request letter be sent in hard copy or by email?

This may depend on the context of the recipient. For formal situations, sending a hard copy may be more appropriate. But for some business and personal requests, request letters in email can be acceptable.

By sending a request letter, we can be formal and professional with the favor we are asking for. This can give us a great benefit because the recipient will be more likely to grant our request through a request letter. Make and send a request letter so that you can have convenience and save time in getting your request.