If you are resigning from your current work position, may the reason be money-related or not, it is important for you to give your employer an idea of your decision to resign and a general or even specific view of why you decided to do so. If you want your employer to have a clear understanding about your resignation and/or the reason why you decided to end your employment with the company, we highly suggest you to create a standard job resignation letter. Begin the creation of the specified document by browsing through the samples and templates that we have collected and listed together with the available discussion below.

33+ Sample Standard Job Resignation Letter Templates

What Is a Standard Job Resignation Letter?

As a business, it is your responsibility to make your employees satisfied as long as their means of satisfaction are reasonable. You have to take care of your employees by allowing them to answer employee questionnaires, hearing them out, knowing their satisfaction scores, and allowing them to feel that they are valuable assets of the organization. If you cannot do any of these and if you will neglect the rights and entitlements of your workforce, then the next thing you might know is that your human resource department is already receiving a lot of resignation letters. On the other side of the spectrum, there are also resignations that are due to the personal decisions made by the employee that does not involve the business environment where they are in as well as the relationship that they have with the organization and its members.

If you are an employee who thinks that he or she is ready to resign, do you know the items that you have to consider when making a standard job resignation letter? Whether it is internal circumstances and instances or external factors that led to the finalization of your decision to resign, it is imperative for you to create a resignation letter that can formalize your exit as an employee of a business. A standard job resignation letter is a formal document that is created by employees to show their intention to resign in a professional manner. Most, if not all, of the time, this document is required by the business management for documentation purposes.

Once you decide to make a standard job resignation letter, you have to give your utmost focus on the things that are necessary to be included in the letter’s content. You should create a comprehensive and detailed standard job resignation letter so you can make sure that the company can fully-understand your decision and can morally support you for your future endeavors. There are many ways on how you a resignation letter can help you, which is why we recommend you to look into the entire discussion below so you can have more idea on how you can maximize the usage of the specified letter document.

Types of Standard Job Resignation Letter

There are different kinds of standard job resignation letters. The differences or variations among these letters depend on the circumstances of the resignation as well as other factors that must be considered both by the employee and the employer. You have to be aware of all the details of your resignation so you can come up with a suitable standard job resignation letter. To guide you with this matter, a few types of standard job resignation letters include the following:

Immediate or short-notice job resignation letterStandard three-week notice job resignation letterStandard one-month notice job resignation letterStandard managerial or supervisory work post resignation letterStandard executive, chairman, or directorial job resignation letterStandard project-based job resignation letter

Elements of a Detailed Standard Job Resignation Letter

If you plan to leave the company immediately and end your employment relationship with them, you can develop an immediate letter of resignation. On the other hand, you can also write a standard job resignation letter if you will undergo the normal processes of resignation including rendering service for a particular time period based on the given protocols and regulations of the company with regards the subject matter. No matter what kind of standard job resignation letter document it is that you will be making, you have to make sure that you will come up with a document that is error-free, accurate, updated, and understandable. Hence, it is very important for you to have an idea about the elements that must be considered as you try to build an outstanding letter document. Here are some of the elements that make up an effective and detailed standard job resignation letter:

The statement that directly gives a clear idea of your decision or intent to leave the company and resign from your work postThe specification of the work position that you will be leaving once your resignation has been approvedThe particular date of your resignation’s effectiveness which is usually also your last day of work and service renderThe appreciation that you would like to show to your employer for all the experiences that you’ve had during the entirety of your employmentThe message that specifies your willingness to help in the transition and adjustment period depending on the time that you have left before you resign.

Standard Job Resignation Letter Development Objectives

If you are left with no choice but to resign because you would like to prioritize an academic track or study, it will be best if you can develop a resignation letter going back to school. If you are offered with a new work opportunity that you would like to grab, then you also have to create a standard job resignation letter that talks about the matter at hand. As you can see, knowing the objectives of your resignation letter is very essential as these items dictate the content specifications that you will incorporate in the document. You have to know the reason why you are resigning as well as the reason why you need to include a number of variables and information in your standard job resignation letter. In this manner, you can have an excellent discussion that can help you politely discuss your resignation. A few of the objectives aligned with the development of a standard job resignation letter include the following:

To formalize the announcement of your resignationTo ensure that you have made the effort to connect and communicate with your management so you can further discuss your intention to resignTo show your respect to the business and its operationsTo highlight and present all the key matters that you would like the company to know about with regards your resignation and other related matters

8 Steps for Making the Best Standard Job Resignation Letter

Some of the best standard job resignation letter samples are those that still pay respect to the company even with the consideration of the fact that the employee who made the document is already planning to leave the business. As an employee, you have to ensure that you will keep healthy relationships with your team members and the other entities working for your current employer as you’ll never know the chances of you potentially transacting with them again in the near future. If you want to have a polite and well-developed standard job resignation letter, you have to create or follow a procedure that can lead you to the appropriate direction towards the document’s creation. Here is a step-by-step process that can help you make the best standard job resignation letter:

1Start the development of your standard job resignation letter by downloading an editable and printable template that can be used as a formatting reference or guide.2Specify the date of the standard job resignation letter’s creation.3Write a detailed inside address that can present the name, work position, and address of your expected letter recipient.4Have a formal greeting before beginning the body of discussion of your standard job resignation letter.5Make your introduction as detailed and as relevant as possible by directly stating your decision to resign as well as the effective date of your resignation.6Use the following paragraphs to give more information about the matter at hand which may include the reason/s why you decided to resign, the appreciation that you have for the growth you’ve experienced during employment, and other items which you think are essential to be known by your employer.7Appropriately end the standard job resignation letter with a conclusion or a closing message, a complimentary close, and your name with or without your signature.8Look at the entire standard job resignation letter draft as this can help you see the errors or mistakes that you need to change or remove for the specified document to be as excellent as possible.

Advantages of Creating a Standard Job Resignation Letter

Just like a job letter of recommendation, your standard job resignation must be direct to the point. Make sure that have a statement that can clearly give the idea that you would like to resign from your work post. Aside from this, ensure that the entire content of the specified document is concise and precise to avoid setting wrong expectations or misleading any entity who will browse through the job resignation letter. Being aware of several benefits that an effectively made standard job resignation letter can provide you with can help you become more appreciative of your efforts related to the finalization of the document that you will use to present your intention of resigning. Do you want to have more understanding on how a standard job resignation letter can help you in many more ways than one? Below are the advantages of creating a standard job resignation letter.

A standard job resignation letter can assure the management that you are more than willing to follow all the resignation requirements and protocols that must be executed before you can formally leave the company.A standard job resignation letter can help the human resource department document the date when you filed for resignation as well as track the remaining days for service render that you have at work.A standard job resignation letter can enable you to develop an image of professionalism since you presented your intent to resign in a formal manner.A standard job resignation letter can help you to not discontinue healthy relationships with the members of the business that you have worked with.

Do’s and Don’ts for Drafting a Standard Job Resignation Letter

Are you already planning on resigning and you want to have an effective standard job resignation letter? Make sure that you are guided by reliable tips and suggestions from credible sources of information so you can begin the proper creation of your own standard job resignation letter. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts for drafting a standard job resignation letter which you may want to learn about or be aware of:

Do know how you can incorporate formality and professionalism in all the areas of the standard job resignation letter so you can have a business-appropriate and presentable output.Do remember that the selection of your standard job resignation letter’s language should be taken seriously as this can impact the impression of your targeted letter recipient.Do organize your thoughts before writing the standard job resignation letter with the help of organization tools like checklists, outlines, and document drafts.Do review or browse through several standard job resignation letter samples and other available references so you can have a wider range of ideas in terms of the content that you can include on your own resignation letter.Do use a letter of resignation template so you can effectively create and format the layout structure where you will place all the details and content specifications of your own standard letter of resignation.Do not put any negative observations and comments about the business, its management, and its operations in the standard job resignation letter as it is most fitting if you can specify these on your exit interview rather than on the letter that you will use to announce your resignation.Do not include any misleading, inaccurate, and/or incomplete information that can only confuse or mislead the entities who will review the standard job resignation letter’s content.

Standard Job Resignation Letters FAQs

Do you want to ask anything that is related to standard job resignation letters? We recommend you to identify the areas or stages of the document’s development that you still find to be challenging to execute, understand, or immerse in so you can have questions which you may raise or ask about whenever experts or any reliable sources of information are around. Two questions that are commonly and frequently asked about standard job resignation letters are as follows:

How can you ensure that your standard job resignation letter can be well-perceived and -received by your employer?

To ensure that your standard job resignation letter will not offend or overwhelm your employer, it is important for you to be mindful of your language choices and tone selection. More so, you have to properly identify the items that you will present and discuss so you can control the flow and range of your resignation letter detail specification. Always be reminded that you are just announcing your decision to formally resign. Hence, reserve all your observations and other concerns or issues for your exit interview.

Why are most standard job resignation letters written with formality?

Businessolver found out that “93 percent of employees say they’re more likely to stay with an empathetic employer”. In addition to this, they have also specified that “92 percent of CEOs say their organization is empathetic, but only 72 percent of employees agree”. A lot of the reasons on why employees resign is because of the work environment that they are immersed in. Poor relationships can lead to misunderstandings and judgment. Now, imagine if you will not be formal and professional when writing a standard job resignation letter. Think of what will happen if you will let your emotions get the best of you. A mediocre, poorly-made, or even informal standard job resignation letter can lead to a concept representation that may not stand positively or translate well to your employer. It is important for your standard job resignation letter to be written with formality so you can reflect your respect, appreciation, and gratitude towards the business. Through this, you will less likely offend the management which is a great way to remain in good terms with your employer.

Once you are already familiar with the basic elements; factors; and variables that you have to consider and give focus on as you make your own standard job resignation letter, it is only fitting to put your knowledge areas and document development skills to test. Begin the creation of a standard job resignation letter with the help of the templates and samples that you can all download from this post.