It is common for people to move to a different neighborhood and have their address changed. There are a variety of reasons for this, including a new job or a move to a different city. It is critical that essential people are notified of the change of address. It’s critical that you notify all of your important contacts about the change of address. The most essential things to remember while writing this letter are to make it clear and to the point in stating the cause for the change of address, as well as to explain why it took so long to advise them of the change.

Getting ready for a change of address? A change of address makes anyone’s day topsy-turvy as ever for it will involve lots of things and activities like obtaining boxes, renting vehicles, hiring people fit for the moving job, packing things, and the like. Apart from these, you have to be sure to notify people or businesses that you have changed your mailing address. It is best to do this ahead of time, so you won’t be struggling with an issue like missed bills. If you’re having a hard time knowing how to begin moving homes or businesses, this article will give you an overview of who you need to get in touch with regarding your new address and what steps you should be taking. Crafting a change of address letter helps you get started.

What Is a Change of Address Letter?

A Change of Address letter is sent to update personal and business contacts, indicating that you are moving from one location to another. It is necessary to inform the people you are connected with so they can be made aware of your present home or business address. It also applies when having a new email address. Advance notices of a new address help to avoid problems in the future when delivering. It becomes a hassle when old addresses have become undeliverable. t is a letter written by an individual or a company informing the recipients of a change of address. This letter can be written before or after the transfer, and it states the start date of the sender’s stay at the new address.

Before sending your change of address letter, make sure you verify the following items:

Make sure that all of the information on your change of address letter is correct and full before sending it. Otherwise, there would be no reason to send the letter in the first place. So, before you send the letter, make the following preparations:

Before sending it, double-check the spelling and grammar. Before you print anything out, you should proofread it. Verify that all of the information is correct, and that the letter is free of spelling and grammatical problems.  Also, double-check that the recipient’s information is right. The mail may not reach its intended destination if this is not done.   After you’ve double-checked and finalized the letter, print it off and sign it.  As much as feasible, write this letter ahead of time and send it to all of your critical contacts. It would be much better if you could submit the letter before making a decision. After that, specify the date on which you’ll be moving.

Steps in Changing One’s Address

Changing one’s address is such a hassle. There are many things to do and to prepare; they could be menial tasks and they could be those that require careful attention. Finally, you are done with prepping up the last boxthings are getting ready. But, there is one thing that is not on your checklist yet—and that is the mail. Before moving into your new home or office address, see to it that packages, bills, and letters will be mailed to the correct address. Apart from creating an address update letter, here is a step-by-step guide to moving from one place to another:

Step 1: Update the Mailing Address

Begin by updating your mailing address with the United States Postal Service. They secure a record of your previous address and will forward mail to your current address for half a year. Their system is not infallible and not guaranteed to be efficient, yet the post office does recognize outdated addresses. 

Step 2: Update Your Billing Address

Your credit company might not take your word if you say that you didn’t receive the bill even though it is true that it didn’t arrive. To be sure that you are receiving your bills, keep records or create lists of all bills that you get; then, contact companies and institutions to update them about your billing address. Numerous companies will allow you to revise your billing address online because it saves time.  

Step 3:  Update Your Catalog and Magazine Subscriptions

Update your catalog and magazine subscriptions online. In most cases, you can visit their websites and enter your customer number into the change-of-address form. Your customer number is usually found at the back of the latest issue. You can also contact the publication to update your address via phone.   

Step 4:  Notify Your Family and Friends

Tell your family and friends about your current address. Notify them that you had moved. Create a list of all the names of people and businesses you’d like to notify about your change of address. Once you’re done with creating a list, you can send an address change notification letter or even a simple email indicating your current address or a moving announcement. 

Step 5: Notify Your Bank

Banks send you statements and will need to verify the billing address of either your credit or debit card when you shop online or make other transactions. You can update your current address through your account if you use online banking. If not, you have to visit the bank in the flesh or contact its customer service representatives. You can also draft a company address change letter to the bank in case it’s your business address that has changed and not your residential address.  

Step 6: Update Your Billing Address

If you do online shopping, future problems can be avoided if you update your address on your profile. It could be problematic when you order something and your old address is the only information they have. 

Step 7: Notify Clubs and Organizations

In case you are affiliated with clubs and organizations and you receive any monthly subscription in your mail, make sure to reach out to them. You can notify them that you have changed your address by updating your information online. You can simply give them a call or write and send them a letter to inform change of address to have your address updated in the case of smaller organizations and clubs.  

Step 8: Get a New Driver’s License

The final step is to get a state identification card or a new driver’s license with your current address. Usually, in most states, you are given a month after you have moved to update your ID. If you fail to do this, you’ll be fined. That said, many states will let you get a new ID online. 

How to Write a Change of Mailing Address Letter

Whether you’re relocating to a new place to live in or a new office to work in, you can pen a letter for a change of address to everyone you know so you can update them about your new address. In the case of relocating your business or notifying your business contacts, you can write a formal letter that establishes a certain format like that of a business change of address letter to vendors or a company address change letter. While for family and friends, you can simply send postcards instead of writing formal letters. Here are some ways to write a change of address letter:

Step 1: Find a Notice of Change Address Template

Look for a variety of templates that you can personalize or tweak according to your needs. You can also refer to any business letter templates since this step is about proper formatting. Make use of a  standard template business letter template or any change of address letter template that has blocks for your address, date, and recipient’s address. 

Step 2: Make a Mailing List

The most efficient way when sending a letter to many people is to make a mailing list. This can be done on any spreadsheet application. A mailing list consists of the recipient’s full name, mailing address, and contact details like email address, fax, or mobile number. Carefully check or review your mailing list to be sure that it is error-free. Be sure to spell out names and addresses correctly.

Step 3: Create Address Blocks

The typical business letter format consists of a block for the name of the person moving (or the name of the business) and the address. Include the recipient’s name and address, also. When you enter your address, make use of your present address. Do not use the new address or the address that you’re moving in.    

Step 4: Finish your closing

When it comes to letter formatting, it’s usually preferable to start with the closure and then move on to the body of the letter. The concluding word you pick will be determined by your relationship with the recipients. If you’re drafting a letter to change your company’s address, a more formal closing, such as “sincerely,” is appropriate. If you have a mix of personal and business contacts, though, you might wish to use a less formal phrase like “thanks.”

Step 5: Your letters should be printed and signed

Once you are done writing your change of address letters, you can now print your letters on decent stock paper and sign them by hand with blue or black ink once you’re happy that they’re formatted correctly and error-free. They’re then ready to mail.


To whom do you send your notice of change of address?

Changing houses is a time-consuming and complicated process. You might forget to create and send a change of address notification to certain people and institutions in the midst of all the chaos. This would be really unpleasant, especially if someone wanted to pay you a visit but didn’t realize you no longer lived there. Although the people closest to you won’t need to receive such a letter, you should send a change of address letter to a number of personal and business contacts. If you’re changing your business address, the same rules apply. Clients, customers, and other essential entities will need to receive a business change of address letter. If you’re going to make a change of address template, make sure to email it to the following address:

  • Bank
  • Clients
  • Companies that issue credit cards
  • Magazine subscriptions for dentists and doctors at credit unions
  • Providers of mobile and landline phones
  • Financial institutions of many forms A utility firm

What is the best way to notify suppliers of a change of address?

You’d have to inform both parties. Only include the information about the change of address in the body of the letter to vendors. Use your firm letterhead or include your current address and contact information in the salutation or closing of the letter, as appropriate.

How do I write a change-of-address letter to the bank manager?

To write a change of address letter to the bank manager, you may use the following as a guide to send this to the bank manager:

Mr. Sir, Request to Change Bank Account Information I have a savings account with your xxxxxx branch of your bank (Name of the Branch). For the same, I request that you alter the communication address, as well as the phone number and email address.