What Is an Immediate Letter of Resignation?

Mercer conducted a study last 2018 and one of the significant results shown is that a third of the members of the professional community surveyed plan on resigning or quitting the job that they have in the span of the next twelve (12) months. With this number, it is important for companies to always be prepared whenever employees resign so relevant measures can be done. In this manner, the operations of the business will not be affected with the temporary decrease in number of the workforce.

The work that is needed to be put when it comes to dealing with resignations is a two-way street. Employees need to ensure that they will follow business policies, regulations, rules, and protocols so that the company can find ways on how to cover what they will lose once a member of the workforce resigns. This is the reason why even short-notice resignations are also necessary to be announced, talked about, and documented accordingly. As a responsible employee, it is important for you to always remember that you should not burn any bridges as you resign. Developing a detailed immediate letter of resignation is one of the efforts that you can deliver to achieve this.

An immediate letter of resignation is a simple document or letter that is created by an employee to specify his or her desire to resign immediately. No matter what your reason for immediate resignation is, it is only fitting for you to transact and communicate with the management and human resource department of the business with regards this matter. When making a letter of resignation, the effective date of your resignation as well as the time duration of your remaining service render must be specified. Aside from these, there are a number of variables and factors that you always have to keep in mind so you can have a high-quality immediate letter of resignation.

Instances Resulting to Use of Immediate Letter of Resignation

According to a study made by hays, 43% of the 2,000 employees whom they have surveyed said that it is corporate culture which is the main reason why they are looking for a new job. However, the culture and environment of a business or corporate entity are not the only factors that impact the decisions of employees to resign especially if the resignation will be done immediately. If you will create an immediate letter of resignation, it will be best if you can specify the reason why you need to resign on a given date so you can promote full understanding between you and the business. Here are some instances or circumstances that lead to the development and usage of an immediate letter of resignation:

Migration: If an employee needs to transfer or move residences overseas, then there is little to no way that he or she can continue working for the business especially if physical presence is needed for work requirements to be delivered. Applying for another citizenship or getting approved to migrate to another country can take a long time which is why employees tend to wait until the decision has already been finalized before resigning. With all the preparations that are needed to be done and the presence of time constraints once the approval for migration has already been given to an employee and/or their family, resigning immediately is usually the option that needs to be taken.Long-term and short-term illnesses: Health conditions must be taken seriously as this can take a toll not only on the performance of an employee but to his or her quality of life as well. If an employee is diagnosed with an illness, especially one that can be transmitted and/or that needs to be looked into the soonest time possible, immediate resignation is considered for the betterment of both the business and the individual.Heavy family issues and concerns: Each family’s situation, circumstance, relationship, and dynamics are different from one another. Employees are also private individuals who have issues and concerns to resolve with their families. If there are problems that cannot be given focus with due to the demands and requirements of work, employees sometimes choose to fix an existing problem immediately which is why sudden resignation has to be done.New and better work opportunities: Immediate resignations can also be due to the time pressure given to an employee who has been accepted to work for a new employer. Even if a better opportunity is already out there and is made available for you, keep in mind that it is still your job as an employee to deliver your remaining responsibilities and be respectful to your current employer.

Elements of an Excellent Immediate Letter of Resignation

Unlike a letter of intent that is mainly used to start a transaction or a professional relationship, an immediate letter of resignation is used to end one. However, this does not mean that the latter should be written with a negative tone. Even if you are already marking an end to your employment, it is still important for you to remain formal and grateful for all the learning, growth, and professional experiences that you have gained while being employed in the company. If you are planning to resign immediately, there are several elements that are important to be seen in the resignation letter that you will be making. Some of the major elements of an excellent immediate letter of resignation include the following:

The effective date of the resignationThe number of days that you can allot for transition and remaining service renderThe reason why the resignation is immediateThe specification that you will fully coordinate with the company when it comes to the things that you need to do for the entire immediate resignation process to be as smooth as possible

Purpose of Developing an Immediate Letter of Resignation

An immediate letter of resignation is a representation of an employee’s willingness to make things right even if his or her resignation is immediate. Creating an immediate letter of resignation is essential if you want the process of resigning earlier than what the company usually requires to be as organized and as smooth sailing as possible. Hence, making the specified document is not only for the good of the company but also for your own as a resigning employee. Here are some of the reasons why it is important for you to develop an immediate letter of resignation:

To formalize and signal your immediate resignation so that the business can prepare for it no matter how short your remaining time with the company isTo embody and reflect professionalism even if you are already leaving the company where you worked at for a certain time periodTo open a touch point that can help you easily and effectively communicate with the human resource department with regards your immediate resignationTo set the expectations towards the services and/or help that you can still give to the business within a limited time before your formal resignation take effect

7 Steps for Creating an Outstanding Immediate Letter of Resignation

From a letter of suspension up to a letter of resignation, there are a lot of documents that the human resource department processes, receives, and looks into on a daily basis. With this, you have to make sure that your immediate letter of resignation is comprehensive and understandable so you can easily give an idea about the subject matters that you would like to raise or make them aware of without causing any confusion or misunderstandings. Knowing the procedure or process that you need to undergo so you can come up with an excellent immediate letter of resignation can be very useful and advantageous on your part. Below are seven steps that you can follow if you want to create an outstanding immediate letter of resignation.

1Download the best and most fit template which you can modify, edit, update, and use for immediate letter of resignation document formatting purposes.2Include all the basic initial parts of a formal letter which includes the date when you have written the immediate letter of resignation, an inside address, and a greeting.3Create an introduction which discusses your decision to resign as well as the date when you want your resignation to take effect.4Even if you are not required to specify the reason why you are resigning immediately, it will be great if you can touch on this matter on the next paragraph of your letter so you can explain your side.5Present your willingness to help the business with the transition period as you resign no matter how short the time frame will be.6Close the immediate letter of resignation with a brief wrap-up and/or message of appreciation and gratitude, a complimentary close, and your name, current work position, and signature.7Look at all the details that you have put together and ensure that you will check the accuracy, proper placement, and clarity of all the information specified and included in the immediate letter of resignation.

Advantages of Making a Comprehensive Immediate Letter of Resignation

Gallup specified that, “just 32% of U.S. workers are engaged in their jobs”. This rate is very alarming especially if we consider the fact, from the same study, that “engaged employees are 59% less likely to seek out a new job or career in the next 12 months.” A lesser number of engaged employees only means that there are higher chances that resignation is most likely to take place in a phase that is not healthy for the company and its operations. This is where the benefits of using an immediate letter of resignation comes in, especially in circumstances where an employee cannot be stopped from resigning earlier than usual or within a shorter time than what is expected. A few advantages of making a comprehensive immediate letter of resignation include the following:

An immediate letter of resignation can give you the capability to remain in good terms with your employer: Creating an immediate letter of resignation can help you leave a positive and lasting impact in the workplace. Always remember that there might be a chance that you will be working with any of the members of the company in the future under a different employer, set-up, and/or circumstance which is why you need to be professional as you leave the business.An immediate letter of resignation can help you explain that your immediate resignation is not meant to break any of the employment rules and regulations that you have initially agreed upon but is a result of a particular circumstance: Your immediate letter of resignation can enable you to incorporate clarity and transparency with your immediate resignation. This is a great way to showcase professionalism as you are still formally transacting with your employer even if you have already decided to leave and end your employment with a short notice.An immediate letter of resignation can make it easier and more efficient for you to specify the things that you would like to say and share to your current employer: Being prepared is key when it comes to having an immediate resignation that can still be well-received, understood, and easily accepted by your employer. Since you can curate and plot the information that you will put in your immediate letter of resignation, the preparation time that you have taken can result to a complete and detailed document that can present all the information that is necessary to be known by the management and other involved entities.

Do’s and Don’ts for Drafting an Immediate Letter of Resignation

An immediate letter of resignation is an important document that you have to develop so you can clearly specify your intention or decision to resign. Since you will only give your employer a short time period to prepare for your resignation, it is necessary for your immediate letter of resignation to be packed with all the details that can help you explain the circumstance that you are involved in which is directly related to the immediate resignation. It is essential for you to closely look at all the stages of your immediate letter of resignation content planning and actual letter development. Actually, there are a number of guidelines and tips that can help you have an impressive document output. Here are some of the things that you have to consider, remember, and/or follow as you draft your own immediate letter of resignation:

Do ask the human resource department if there are still other HR letters, aside from your immediate letter of resignation, that must be created so you can have a smooth exit and so that you can develop the content of the resignation letter accordingly.Do review your employment contract so you can make sure that you are not neglecting any forms of agreement in relation to your immediate resignation.Do use a formal language and tone when writing your immediate letter of resignation so you can set a business-appropriate mood within the document.Do use an immediate letter of resignation template so you can ensure that your output will be presentable and organized.Do know how to come up with an understandable and effective immediate resignation discussion flow as this can help your letter be at its most efficient formatting- and presentation-wise.Do not write anything bad or negative about the business as this can affect your employment records which is very important when it comes to future character referencing.Do not specify any promises that you cannot deliver especially with regards your service rendering and the longevity of the period where you can still be considered as a member or employee of the organization.

Do you think you it will be useful on your part if you will develop an immediate letter of resignation? If you are planning to leave the company where you work for sooner than expected or shorter than the time that is specified in your employment contract, then it is imperative for you to create a transparent and understandable immediate letter of resignation. For your content development and document formatting needs, try to maximize the usage of the downloadable templates and samples available in this post. Download any, or even all, of the references that we have prepared for you so you can already start and try to make your own immediate letter of resignation.