What is an immigration letter?

In order to legally enter and live in a certain country, several documents need to be presented. Although these requirements or documents are not blanket to every existing state since varying countries also have varying laws, some common examples of these documents are Visas, passport, medical examination documents, police or NBI clearance, and educational credential assessment. These are things that are needed in the entry level of an immigrant. Aside from that, an immigration letter will truly come in handy for the traveler in and of himself for later compliance. An immigration letter is exclusively for employees who will internationally travel, and serves as a supporting document for individuals who file for immigration forms. It is made by constituents of the company or workforce you belong in, which means it is written on behalf of you, almost like a testimonial. This helps in solidifying your legitimacy as a citizen in your chosen country in the future.

Kinds of Immigration Letters

Like the nature of requirements, there is no one-size-fits-all policy. Kinds of immigration letters may vary in terms of who they are written on behalf of, as well as the nature of life of the individual in the country that they transferred to. However, in some embassies, a certain number of immigration letters is required for someone to be screened and reviewed as an aspiring citizen. Immigration letters are written by different people in our lives testifying to our said lived realities as individuals. In these letters, it is important for necessary information to be included since these play a big role in proving the individual’s character, as well as defines the things that makes a person himself, along with the information that is needed to be known with respect to the aspired livelihood that the individual hopes for himself in the country. Here are some of the different kinds of immigration letters.

Relationship Support Immigration Letter : Blood relatives are people society deems as those who know us best, and sometimes even better than our own selves. Relatives hold such strong power and connection to us that even in hospitals or emergency rooms, only those directly tied to us are allowed to come visit for instance. Premium is ultimately given to the most basic unit of society which is family. A relationship support letter for immigration is an immigration letter made to involve our relatives in order to have one’s application approved. A chosen relative has to write the letter for you and give an overview of your individuality, and why you are deserving to be allowed entry.Reference Immigration Letter : Aside from family or relatives, people who can prove the nature of your character are those people you have worked with, and especially your mentors or employers. Reference letters are usually made by your higher-ups in order to send word of your work ethics, and ultimately convince others to consider your service or craft to be part of their business or workforce, for instance. In this kind of letter, your working morals are usually talked about, as well as your most redeeming qualities, and the skills you are best at. Reference letters are documents where your previous head sells you to a job in the country you are migrating to.Character Reference Immigration Letter : A character reference immigration letter is one of the most common on demand immigration letters. The nuance between a character reference immigration letter and a reference immigration letter is the person able to write the respective letters. While reference immigration letters are only allowed to be written by a person’s employer, character immigration letters may be written by a trusted colleague, or a friend. Character immigration letters only need to talk about who you are as a person, your traits, and be convincing enough to prove that you are a decent human being.Good Moral Immigration Letter : In all corners of the world, the traits and philosophy you embody and hold dearly are things that are prominent and worth noting about a person. An individual’s morals say a lot about who they are, hence are very essential in determining the kind of person he or she is. This is reflected in a good moral immigration letter than informs an embassy specifically about the morals of the applicant, testified by a third party. A good moral immigration letter may be written by anyone you know, and must focus on your morals and set of values as an individual, perhaps not concerning work, or your educational attainments, but the set of principles that make you a holistic person.

How to Write a Company Reference Immigration Letter

Step 1: Company Letterhead

There are several pointers that determine whether a certain object is owned by which specific company. An example of which is the company’s official seal or logo printed in important documents or records such as resolution forms, or checkbook registers perhaps. These are the things that directly tie back forms to a company. A company letterhead is a form of border that is exclusively used by a company in writing its formal letters. If the company that the applicant belongs to has a letterhead, this is required to be used in immigration letters in order to further prove the legitimacy of the letter.

Step 2: Formalities and Body

To write an immigration letter, formal language must be used all throughout. The important headings that can be seen in the templates provided above must always be present and be in detail with respect to the applicant in and of themselves. The first part of the letter must explain your relationship with the applicant, what you are writing for, and the qualities that are necessary for the nature of your testimony. Provide anecdotes if necessary, and for reference immigration letters, be sure to have your official job title included, the duration of your employment, and details of your employment duties since these are important things worth noting later on. Be precise with the kind of wording that you choose. A closing statement in the ending part of the letter should also be included.

Step 3: Official Signatures

Like all valid and credible documents, signatures should be present in your immigration letter. It should be signed by the supervisor or issuing actor. The name and job title of the officer or supervisor should be present as well beneath the signature. These are important indications of verification, and all the more solidifies your document in and of itself. Accountability and traceability becomes better and easier with this form of identification and confirmation.

Step 4: The Company’s Contact Information

In the latter part of the letter, the contact information of the issuing company must also be included for the purpose of further questions or clarifications by the immigration department. Aside from formality, providing contact also makes the process easier for the applicant should there be any glitches, given that the direct connection is provided. The company’s business card may also be given with the letter, as the company card already contains the contact details, as well as the address of the company for instance.


What are official documents that prove familial relationship in immigration letters?

Sometimes, official documents that prove familial relationship may be needed by judges if they are focusing on qualifying relatives. If needed, you can use birth certificates that may show how you and the applicant are related, or official passports. Spouses may also be considered valid family members, hence marriage certificates could also be used in this issue.

Are there agencies that can help me with immigration?

Yes. There is always support if you need to be guided and walked through the immigration process. These agencies vary depending on which country you are going to, but examples of these agencies are the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS for the United States, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for Canada, Immigration New Zealand, formerly the New Zealand Immigration Service for New Zealand.

How long does it take to process an immigration?

With the goal being a naturalized citizen, it also still varies on the country. But for the US, as of June 2021, the application takes about 14.5 months to complete. For Canada, the application takes three years, while New Zealand takes four months for the application, and requires five years of residency for one to become an official citizen.

Are immigration letters necessary?

Yes. The main purposes of an immigration letter are appeal, and legitimacy. These are things that you need to go through when being in the entry level in applying for a citizenship in a specific country, and things that will be necessary to keep once you are already habituating the said place. Immigration letters are necessary for embassies to see if you meet a certain criteria of being someone who can be part of their country.

Once you grow up, your life is 40% experience and 60% paper. Documents are never not going to be on demand as you live and breathe in the world, hence they are a necessity for you to process and secure. There is a pretty high threshold held by countries to see if people can or cannot enter their place as official citizens for different reasons, but essentially, these documents and requirements are part of their way of managing their border control in order to instigate safety to their existing citizens for instance, or for a plethora of other grounds. Compliance is what we aim for as law abiding citizens.