What are Letters?

In building a strong customer base and client relationships, a business would need the right head-start. Sending a well-written, professional letter allows you to create a correspondence that lands the best first impression. Letters are widely used in the corporate setting as a means for various business organizations to communicate business matters with other companies, investors, stakeholders, and, of course, customers.

Types of Letters

Through letters, you can also market and introduce your latest product releases, deal with customer complaints, offer exclusive deals, and so on. Regardless of your purpose for writing a letter, it is always important to write one that contains the required format and structure. Or one that is free of any grammatical and spelling errors:

Write the right type of letter for whatever purpose you have in mind by referring to the list below:

Cover Letters: Cover letters help you in providing sufficient background information, along with a resume, that aids in the job selection process of a company.

Recommendation Letter: Also referred to as a reference letter, recommendation letters are used to vouch for a job candidates’ qualification on the job position they are applying for.

Resignation Letter: When employees want to make their intent to resign from their current job post known to their employer, a resignation letter must be submitted.

Sales Letter: To market your latest products or services, the use of a sales letter can help you effectively convince your target readers and turn them into paying customers.

Termination Letter: Should an employer decide to terminate an employee based on valid and legal grounds, he or she is required to hand in a termination letter to the employee to formalize and confirm the decision of the said action.

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