What Is a Cleaning Proposal?

A cleaning proposal is basically your cleaning company’s official business proposal where you introduce what your company does, its cleaning services, price quotes, and many more. Besides having the cleaning proposal summarize your company’s significant details, the main purpose of the proposal is to coax potential clients into hiring your cleaning enterprise rather than having them choose bids from competitors. In short, prove in this document how your cleaning business can help a client.

According to Statista’s May 2020 survey, around 2.8 million employees worked under janitorial, housekeeping, and cleaning services in the US.

Also, HomeAdvisor Pro said that house cleaning costs an average of $100–$200. And about $25–$90 per hour for each house cleaner.

Why Are Cleaning Proposals Important?

Before cleaning services are done, it is often that a bid proposal comes first. But why should there be a cleaning proposal rather than just giving services to clients right away? Here are significant reasons that prove just how important cleaning proposals are:

Summarizes Key Details of Cleaning Companies

A smart client would not simply hire a random cleaning service company without knowing enough background about the company in the first place. So rather than giving a long explanation and presentation that introduces your business to potential clients, you might as well present an easy-to-read cleaning proposal instead. Proposals contain the executive summary of your cleaning company’s overview, services, costs, and other important highlights; thus, making it easy for customers to learn about your business pronto.

Provides Options for Clients

Loads of cleaning services exist from sanitizing, pressure washing, dry cleaning, window cleaning, and more. So you can’t assume which options and how many cleaning services clients would pick. Hence, offer them the different cleaning service options via the cleaning proposal for a thorough understanding of the services and corresponding costs. There are even bundled cleaning services so more than one service will be offered. The point is giving options shows how prepared businesses are and you only have to wait for a response regarding which option customers prefer for cleaning.

Leads to the Benefits of a Clean Environment

Don’t forget the fact that the effects after providing a cleaning service have its own set of benefits for customers too. For example, a client’s clean environment will eventually promote good health, lessen stress, and boost productivity. And reminding clients about the advantages of a clean environment is a smart way to market your business and make them choose your company in the first place.

Prevents Chances of Conflicts

The main reason why a cleaning service proposal comes before the actual cleaning service is for the sake of avoiding conflicts. Maybe a cleaning company ends up promising a cheap price for a cleaning service bundle yet in reality, the price is actually bigger than what was promised. So make sure to clarify everything ahead in a written proposal to prevent receiving numerous complaints from clients. In short, cleaning proposals manage expectations between both parties.

Initiates a Cleaning Service Agreement or Contract

Did you know that a cleaning proposal is a tool that can land you to close a deal with clients? At the very end of the cleaning proposal, there is a portion where clients can sign the document if they agree with the proposal or bid. And that leads to how cleaning proposals can set the cleaning service agreement or contract to officially close the deal. And the best part with having the contract or agreement signed is that the stipulations must be met, meaning you can definitely offer cleaning services and expect clients to pay you afterward.

The Components of an Acceptable Cleaning Proposal

Cleaning proposals look different per cleaning service company. But there is also a common format for its standard examples. And the acceptable examples of cleaning proposals usually contain these vital components:

Title: The cleaning proposal should have the words “cleaning proposal” on its title. Seeing the title no longer requires a long introductory statement as to what the document is about. So be sure to make the title visible so whoever sees that specific document will understand that it is a cleaning proposal.Date: It is self-explanatory that the date refers to when the cleaning proposal was written. Inputting the complete date such as the day, month, and year would suffice in this part.Prepared for: To whom is this cleaning proposal? A tip is to mention the name of your clients in the document for a sense of personal touch ala personal letter. That way, it looks like the form is written specifically for them rather than just a generic document for every customer.Introduction: The introduction mentions the name of your cleaning company, the business address, and other identification details. That way, clients get the gist immediately of who the proposal is from. Inserting a cover letter here is also acceptable.Company Overview: Expound more about your business in the company overview section. This part is where you state why you are a trustworthy cleaning business. Besides an “about me” message, you can also incorporate your company’s vision and mission statement.Services Offered: The heart of your cleaning proposal would be where you state the services you offer. Be honest about every single cleaning service your company can do such as dry cleaning, room maintenance, housekeeping, and more. Whether you master floor cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning, or any method, add a description as well so clients understand how the cleaning is done.Price Quote: While clients love to hear about the professional cleaning services your business offers, their next concern would be how much the services cost. So prepare the complete price list in the price quote segment of your proposal. Besides mentioning the total cost, be specific about how the prices were calculated too like if the price is per hour or per session.Cleaning Schedule: The cleaning proposal also has schedules laid out. First is the cleaning schedule which confirms when the cleaning happens in a specified timeframe. Other schedules refer to the deadline of the payment or the frequency of cleaning as some services are done daily, weekly, or monthly.Terms and Conditions: Do not forget the general terms and conditions of your cleaning proposal. This serves as the initial business agreement as to what your clients should expect once they trust your company. The parts of the terms and conditions are the acknowledgment, term of agreement, pricing and payments, work schedule, warranty of services, indemnification, amendment, and governing law.Contact Information: In case clients have a set of questions before saying yes to a proposal, such as requests and possible changes in the proposal, be sure to insert your company’s contact list in the document. That way, they can easily access your digits and have their questions answered.Signature of Parties: Lastly, leave space for clients to sign the proposal. The business owner or representative should also input the name and signature to confirm that both parties will be accepting the terms. Once the client signs the document, then the agreement and actual cleaning service will follow shortly.

How to Create a Winning Cleaning Proposal

You already know what a cleaning proposal is, as well as its sweeping importance and essential elements. So are you ready to write a stellar cleaning proposal? You can certainly make a winning cleaning proposal by following these five easy steps:

  • Step 1: Review Your Cleaning Company in General

    Get a refresher about what your cleaning company is and what the business involves with effective business analysis. This helps you review your business in general from when your company was founded, how many services you offered, and other key details. Reviewing also ensures that you would know what to write and not to write in the cleaning proposal rather than just writing the proposal without being sure if the data are specific and accurate enough.

  • Step 2: Download a Sample Cleaning Proposal Template

    See those 30+ cleaning proposal samples listed above in this article? Those are your free options to choose from and download your preferred blank template. You may choose a free cleaning service proposal with checklist sample, commercial cleaning proposal template, apartment cleaning proposal template, facility cleaning proposal sample, small business cleaning proposal letter sample, and more. Then, edit your cleaning proposal until you can make the proposal as your own. Editing lets you change the format, layout, and content.

  • Step 3: Insert the Cleaning Proposal’s Elements

    You were already introduced to the cleaning proposal’s standard elements from the title, date, down to the contact information and signature of parties. So be sure to add them one by one to your document to complete the cleaning proposal. And you need not follow only the standard elements because you can insert more clauses and components that you think are needed for the proposal too. What matters the most is that the elements added go according to your cleaning proposal’s objectives.

  • Step 4: Arrange Your Details with Graphics and Organizers

    Look back into everything you added or wrote in the cleaning proposal and make sure you have presented or arranged them in an organized or easy-to-read manner. A tip to make sure you have properly laid out the details is to use graphics and visual organizers such as a table, graph, organizational chart, and more. That means you never have to write everything in long sentences because you can just divide the details and pick out the main keywords.

  • Step 5: Always Think about Your Audience

    Some companies fall prey to wowing their clients with how many awards their enterprises had and other special achievements. But at the end of the day, the proposal is about your audience as you hope to have them choose your company and pay for your cleaning services. With the help of audience analysis, make sure you know your clients by using words that are easy to understand, mentioning how the services can really benefit their lives, and providing tips for them such as how much they can save from a bundle rather than just choosing one cleaning service. So in the proposal, prove how much you care for your clients and that is how you come up with a winning and compelling cleaning proposal.


What information should be in a cleaning proposal?

Indeed, there are many elements in a standard cleaning proposal, as previously discussed. But the important information is usually limited to five. These are the task details or job description, estimated completion time, hourly or job rate, regular cleaning schedule, and the total cost.

How do you introduce a cleaning business?

Introducing a cleaning business is like how you write a formal letter. Begin with a friendly greeting first and describe what your company is or does. Then, create a smooth transition as to how you are looking forward to working with the client until you wow them with your company’s accomplishments, history, services, and costs. Make an outstanding impression to boot.

How much does house cleaning cost?

House cleaning costs depend per cleaning business. But on average, house cleaning costs around $100–$200. Or, it could be around $25–$90 an hour for every house cleaner.

Since your cleaning company is expected to offer clean and green services, then make sure the cleaning proposal you make is as flawless as your services too. How you create the cleaning proposal also affects how customers view your cleaning service company or brand. So to make sure you provide the most excellent proposals possible, simply download and optimize our professionally made and premade collection of sample cleaning proposal templates.