50+ SAMPLE Event Bid Proposal

What is an Event Bid Proposal?

An event bid proposal is a compelling and well-detailed written document which makes a submission concerning a formal offer to establish business and to deliver a fundraising request to prospect event bidders. Similar to a request for proposal (RFP), it is a beneficial communication tool that plays a significant role between the event owner and the event bidder. To have a successful event bidding, the event bidder needs to focus on exceeding the specified and unspecified bid criteria of the event owner or event organizer which is relative to competing event bids. 

According to a survey report, 85% of more than 1,800 event marketers across 13 countries being interviewed organized a virtual event last year and 28% said that between 90-100% of their events are now virtual.  Webinars, virtual conferences, internal hybrid events, and external hybrid events are the common types of virtual events that continue to expand and flourish during this COVID-19 pandemic. As these events are completely hosted and run online for the attendees to view or participate from anywhere in the world, virtual events are worthwhile opportunities to gather together in a digital space without the need for physical interaction.

Thus, creating a compelling event bid proposal is an effective method for event owners, event project managers, event organizers, and other business professionals in the event management and development industry to develop strong business partnerships and event bid leadership, forming an emotional connection with the decision makers, and providing a clear evidence of community passion for the event.

Different Types of Event Bid Proposal

There are a wide array of factors common to all successful event bids that the event bidder is encouraged to apply such as reaching both the specified and unspecified criteria, constantly incorporating value to the bid and the event, bringing evidence of government support, showcasing the ability to deliver the event through infrastructure, community support and former event management experience and expertise, conducting in-depth research while providing high quality information, and building strong relationships while lobbying the decision makers. Another thing that you need to consider is what type of event bid proposal that you will use.  Below are different types of event bid proposals:

1. Event Management Agency Bid Proposal

Creating an engaging bid proposal for the selection of an event management agency for organization and implementation is one of the significant methods that you should be skilled in order to attract more event bidders and sponsors and support the event management professionals. Make an outline consists of sections such as pre-bid queries, bid submission, and general instructions. For the pre-bid queries heading, indicate on how the prospective event bidders may submit their queries like for example, through e-mail address. For the bid submission part, identify to whom they will prepare and address the proposal submission, and mention the essential details that must be included. For the general instructions section, elaborate the specific factors and steps that need to be accomplished during the event management agency’s bidding process. For example in the general instructions, the event management agency will propose a team consisting of staff and experts who will take care of all aspects of the assignment, all of the proposal contents must be clearly numbered. Indexed and arranged in sequence, and it will contain no interlineations or overwriting except if there is a necessity to correct errors made by the officials of the event management agency themselves.

2. Event Staffing & Security Bid Proposal Letter

Writing a RFP letter for event staffing and security bids is an effective way for event managers to clearly outline the goals to obtain the services of an independent contractor when it comes to supplying event staff, professionals in event management and security personnel. It is important that you describe the event owner and/or event managers. Set the bid due date and other crucial details of the event bidding due date or deadline of event bid submission. Explain how the event bid documents will be obtained as you tell your prospects several methods on who will be in charge of obtaining the bid documents and the main criteria of the bid documents. Then, add another section for the questions clarification and additional information related to the event bid documents.

3. Virtual Events Bid Proposal Letter

One of the most fundamental things that you need to accomplish is preparing a striking virtual events bid proposal letter as you structure the basic aspects of the RFP which include an introduction of the event manager and organization, as well as a clear and concise description of the fund application. If you are seeking to contract a qualified, experienced and reputable firm or institution to provide consultancy services for the provision of remote interpretation services for virtual events, include this information and other crucial details in your virtual events bid proposal letter. Set the deadline or final submission date of the event bid proposal letter properly. After that, add these annexes for your virtual events RFP: terms of reference, requirement for firm’s proposals, evaluation criteria, company profile form, acknowledgement letter, timeline, and model contract.

4. Glamping Event Bid Proposal

Do you need to write a glamping event bid proposal? When you write your request for proposal or RFP for a glamping event bidding, include some information of the technical evaluation of the technical and financial proposals for the glamping events. Construct some simple charts and diagrams to illustrate the description, requirements, proposal presentation and marks or ratings of the proposal technical evaluation. For the bid evaluation, insert the sectoral financial capabilities while for the proposal presentation, insert the description and requirements for company profile, previous similar experience, concept design, innovative ideas for better tourist experience, marketing strategy and many others.

Basic Components of an Event Bid Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft a wonderfully-written event bid proposal so that you are able to entice the interest of your clients or potential event bidders. However, an event bid proposal contains different kinds of components. Take into account of the following elements for you to create a unique document:

Cover Page: One of the fundamental elements of an event bid proposal is the cover page. Create a visually-aesthetic and engaging cover page of your document which introduces the main topic, or subject of the event bid proposal, as well as to capture the prospective event bidders’ attention to notice and read the request for proposal and fund your event. Introduction of the Event:What is the main theme and concept of the event? What are the objectives, values, and event philosophy? Construct an appealing and well-detailed profile of your organization and the event. Incorporate all important aspects that could peak the interest of the prospect event bidders. Overview of the Target Audience: Specifically identify the target audience of your event. Add some general information such as age range, gender, interests, and knowledge. Provide a visual charm to your event bid proposal by inserting a well-designed infographic of your target audience to acquire great interest from your prospective event bidders and sponsors.Event Dates:Include the specific start and end dates of the event. Financial Requirements: Indicate the financial requirements of the event such as the event budget, travel arrangements for officials, hotel accommodation, per diems, insurance and many others. Technical Requirements: Define the requirements for the technical aspects of the event which include event and training venues, venue layout, medical facilities, tournament offices, meeting rooms, security plan, catering, and others. Marketing, Sponsorship and Advertising Needs: Determine the needs in the marketing, sponsorship and advertising aspects of the event. Describe the spectators, ticketing, funding and sponsorship, etc.

Basic Components of an Event Bid Proposal 

In this section, you will learn how to craft a wonderfully-written event bid proposal so that you are able to entice the interest of your clients or potential event bidders. However, an event bid proposal contains different kinds of components. Take into account of the following elements for you to create a unique document:

How to Write an Event Bid Proposal

The book Event Planning and Management stated that you should do everything possible to improve the quality of your proposal writing and you can do this by simply having the time to review and analyze it. Ask yourself how do you review and analyze an important written document a matter of hours before the deadline or proposal submission date? To assist you in this matter, we highly recommend that you follow the simple steps below while freely using one of our sample event bid proposal templates in this article:

Step 1: Develop a Compelling Cover Page

The first step you need to accomplish is to develop a compelling cover page by introducing your event to your prospect bidders and funders. Demonstrate thought-provoking information such as the background and history of the event, a clear and simple overview of the audience demographics and former event and organizational accomplishments, as well as what your event bidding project is all about or the key aspect of the event. Highlight the event theme and concept for additional context.

Step 2: Create an Overview of the Audience and Event Committee

How many are the estimated followers of the organization or the event and how many are the attendees of the organization’s past events? What are the demographics of existing customers? You need to create an overview of the audience of your event, as well as the information on event location, population, climate, transport, leisure activities and many more. Include some details about the event organizing committee. This will guide your prospective event bidders and sponsors to closely analyze who they are expecting and engaging with. That’s why you need to provide as much crucial and sufficient information as possible.

Step 3: Explain the Significance of the Event

Why is your event an outstanding match to your prospective event bidder? Explain to your client why the bidding or sponsorship is a meaningful opportunity not to be forgotten, especially the exceptional results that will occur through the event bidding and sponsorship. Point out the unique value and benefits of the event bidding by indicating strong value propositions which includes brand visibility, networking and partnership. 

Step 4: Include the Event Requirements

Note of the financial requirements, technical requirements, technical requirements, marketing, sponsorship and advertising requirements and media and television requirements of your event. Include the event budget, travel arrangements, hotel accommodation, event and training venues, venue layout, meeting rooms, security plan, catering, event spectators, ticketing, funding and sponsorship, etc.

Step 5: Prepare the Final Draft

Last but not the least, prepare the final draft of your event bid proposal that consists of useful details about your pitch. Set up a schedule for a meeting with the event management team members, and prospective even bidders and sponsors. Then, ask for some comments and suggestions from your team for efficient proofreading and revision of your document. Submit your event bid proposal in the right manner.


What are some examples of an event bid proposal?

Some examples of an event bid proposal are conference sponsorship proposal, selection of event management bid proposal, event management agency bid proposal, event management agency for organization bid proposal, event planning bid proposal, event partner bid proposal, prime minister event bid proposal, event staffing & security bid proposal, cafeteria event management bid proposal, new sport events bid proposal, night of holiday lights event bid proposal, virtual events bid proposal, glamping event bid proposal, event planning and management firm bid proposal, and many others.

What are the fundamental steps in the process of event bidding?

The fundamental steps in the event bidding process are event bid solicitation, event bid solicitation, event bid submission, event bid selection, contract formation, and event management project execution.

What are the important stages of the event bidding process?

The important stages of the event bidding process are registering your idea and interest, joining briefing sessions, developing the bid response strategy, reviewing recently awarded contracts, creating a compelling bid, understanding the payment terms, providing legitimate references, and bid evaluation and submission.

What is a bidding model?

It is made to guide bidders make their decision on how to bid, to help the organizers of the bidding carefully examine their alternative rules and formats, and to help determine collusion.

What is an event management RFP?

An event management RFP is a document that is useful in designing a request for proposal (RFP) for event management services as it formally requests vendor proposals that reach specific business requirements and purchasing criteria.

Paul Dunphy said: “The desired state of the bid process where the event owner’s conscious and unconscious needs and wants are best met by an event bid relative to other competing bids.” The desired result of event bidding is to win and in some cases, event bids are submitted purely to gain experience. In  order to secure success in event bidding, it is essential for event bidders to achieve a best fit between the event owner’s criteria and the event bidder’s offerings in regard to other competing event bids. To get your event bid proposal noticed and approved, we highly suggest that you carefully follow the aforementioned tips and steps in this article so that you are able to craft a compelling and unique event bid proposal. Plus, download our sample event bid proposal samples here today such as event management agency bid proposal, event management agency for organization bid proposal, event planning bid proposal, event partner bid proposal,  etc.