50+ SAMPLE Recruitment Agreement

What is a Recruitment Agreement?

A recruitment agreement is a contract between a client and a recruitment agency to provide workers for the company of the client. Nowadays, companies get the services of recruitment agencies to give them workers that they can use for their company. The hiring process for workers becomes easier. The company just has to rely upon the work of the recruitment agency and it can instantly have workers who can work for them. Getting the services of a recruitment agency is advisable because it can find workers more easily. The company does not have to move an inch and it can have the workers that it needs.

Staffing that can be done by recruitment agencies is good because as an employment agency, the recruitment agency is skilled in getting good workers. That is why companies should be confident in entering an international recruitment agreement. Companies can get key workers from around the world in countries like the Philippines where they do not have to pay for expensive labor. This is one great benefit that they can get by having a recruitment agreement. They can save a lot of money while getting the best workers.

A service level agreement is being made by the recruitment agency and the client to ensure that both parties can get what they deserve. Recruitment services are not easy and require a lot of hard work. There should be a fee agreement together with the contract. The recruitment agency has the right to request the right payment for the services that it can provide. In return, they will provide the best workers that are surely skilled for the needed jobs. No sweat for hiring on the side of the clients and they can have workers who can be good for their company.

The recruitment agreement is a staffing agency contract that gives income to the recruitment agencies. As they enter an agreement, they can be sure that they can have a regular client that will continually get their services. The agreement secures regular work for recruitment agencies. To find an employee for an employer is something that they are good at and they can secure clients through the recruitment agreement. Employees can enter an employment contract through them. As recruitment agencies continually provide manpower, they should keep on entering a recruitment agreement.

Provisions of Recruitment Agreement

A recruitment contract with clients may need certain things. You have to ensure that it has all the necessary provisions. Savvy staffing is not that simple. It requires some provisions in the agreement to ensure that you can get the most out of the contract. Consider the following and know the provisions of a recruitment agreement:

Payment Terms: There should be payment terms in the agreement stating that the client will only pay for getting qualified workers only. It will not pay for candidates that the company will not hire. Or with workers who will not be fit with the jobs. It is the right of clients to reject workers that they think will not be apt for the work. Because of this, the recruitment agency can get payment only from the qualified applicants that it has recruited.Calculation of Fees: The fee that the recruitment agency can get from its services should be calculated in the agreement. Recruitment agencies can get a certain percentage from the income of qualified candidates. It can include percentages in bonuses and other benefits. Or the recruitment agency can get a certain percentage from the annual income of the employee that will be given by the client. This can be a one-time fee that the clients should pay.Money-back Guarantee: This is a provision that states that if the employee will leave the company of clients after 90 to 180 days, the clients can get the payment that they have made to the recruitment agency. The agency can offer a partial payment, giving a replacement to the job that the employee has left. The terms of the money-back guarantee will depend upon the negotiation of the recruitment agency and the client.Non-solicitation: Because the recruitment agency has given access to the key workers, it should maintain confidentiality in the hiring process of the company. It cannot use any information that it can get from the company for its own purposes. Nothing should be used against the company. It must not recruit the same employees for other companies. By doing so, this will be a source of a breach.Confidentiality: Confidentiality should be stated in the agreement. The recruitment agency should not disclose any information that they will come to learn as they engage with the company. Everything that can reach its knowledge should remain private. The clients have the right to sue them if any important information will be disclosed. So, the recruitment agency should know how to maintain a confidentiality agreement.Law Compliance: The agreement should be according to all the governing laws of the state. There should also be a provision that will state that the recruiter should follow all the laws that are needed for headhunting. So, it is necessary that in the agreement the clients should make the recruiter comply with all the applicable laws. This will save the company from any lawsuit that can come its way. Be definite in stating the applicable laws that both parties should follow. This will prevent any issue to be brought to court.Indemnification: The clients should be held harmless if ever the recruiter will do anything illegal. The indemnification clause takes care of this. If ever the recruiter will do something bad, the indemnification clause states that the company is not reliable for any damage that has been done. The recruiter should indemnify them. So, if the recruiter will lie or mislead, this will not be the responsibility of the clients.Hiring Decision: It should be stated in the contract that the hiring discretion will remain with the clients. They will be the ones who will choose the suitable workers from the applicants that the recruiter has recruited. It is only the responsibility of the recruiter to gather applicants. After getting probable applicants, they will leave the hiring decision to the clients.

Tips on Recruitment Agreement

Maybe you want to have a good recruitment agreement format. You are having a sample recruitment agreement that can be your pattern in creating. But you must know that you should also have some tips that you can use for the recruitment agreement. Have the following:

Get the Right Recruitment Agency: Before engaging in a recruitment agreement, you must be sure that you are dealing with the right recruitment agency. You must research agencies first before engaging with them. You must look for the best recruitment agency. Be sure that they are skilled in getting the best workers. You must get qualified applicants only. If you will not find the best agency, you may get mediocre workers that can destroy your company. So, if you want to ensure that you can get key workers, get the service of a reputable recruitment agency.Work with a Good Consultant: To be sure that you can work well with the recruitment agency, you must look at their consultant. Work with a consultant who can build a good relationship with your company. This will make you to better state your company’s needs. You must ensure that the consultant is good so that it will be easy for your company to work with the recruitment agency professionally. You can have what you need if you can work with the best consultant.Stay with the Agency: If you want a continuous flow of manpower for your company, then you must find a good recruitment agency for your company. When you find an agency that will provide for your needs, you must stay with them. This way, you will have no problem hiring new workers. There will be a continuous supply of workers for your company, even if some of your workers will unexpectedly resign. This will make your workplace always productive and your company will have no problems in all its operations.Give a Good Percentage: To energize a recruitment agency to give you key workers, you must offer them a good percentage. If you will make their fee good, they will ensure that you can get the best workers. They can be loyal to your company, ensuring that you will not get unqualified candidates. You can rely on them better because they are justly paid. You can also build a good relationship with the recruitment agency. This will be the best way how you can get key workers for your company.Good Business Relationship: You must build a good business relationship with clients. This is how you can get regular clients. Be nice and polite to them. Be sure that you can always provide good and qualified workers for them. If possible, give them key workers. If they can see that they can benefit from your company, they will continually get your services. This is how you can keep your clients.

How to Write a Recruitment Agreement

Are you looking for a recruitment agreement template or a recruitment agreement sample? Do you need it because you are going to write a recruitment agreement? Maybe you need some steps that you can follow in writing. Well, we can provide them for you. Have the following steps:

1. Prepare Information

The recruitment process is a tough job. You need to prepare all the information about candidates so that the clients can choose the best candidates among them. You have to ensure that the clients will have applicants with all the skills that they need. Aside from preparing the personal information of the job candidates, you must also prepare their portfolios so that the clients will have something to look at. You must present the candidates to the clients with all the complete information or data.

2. Have Privacy Considerations

You have to know that you should have privacy considerations in the agreement. You should not disclose any important information about the clients. You have to keep everything that is private. If you will know some pertinent information, you must remain them to your knowledge only. This is how you can work well with companies. You should not invade their privacy just because you are having access to their personnel.

3. Taking Care of Payments

You should discuss with the candidates how you will charge them. If your payment will be from the employees, you must agree on how they can pay your agency. Will they make a monthly fee? Will there be any fee for the introduction? What are the fees that you are going to get? You have to discuss with the candidates if ever you will require fees from their bonuses and allowances.

4. Provide Key Workers

After you have recruited a certain number of candidates, you must introduce them to the clients. Wait for the clients’ decisions on whether they will hire them or not. If clients will hire many employees, then you have been successful in your recruitment process.


What is not included in a recruitment agreement?

Any overreaching situation is not included in the recruitment agreement. For example, the clients are not required to pay for unqualified applicants. There should be restrictions on things that can harm the clients and the candidates.

Is a recruitment agreement necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. You can secure that clients can get your services through the recruitment agreement. You can keep them to get workers from you if you have the agreement.

One good way to get key workers is through a recruitment agreement. You can have a regular supply of manpower for your company. You do not have to go through all the difficult ways of the hiring process. Well, do you need a template for a recruitment agreement? This post has 50+ SAMPLE Recruitment Agreement in PDF. You can have any of them that you think will serve your purpose. What are you waiting for? Download now!