What is the Visitors Non-Disclosure Agreement?

The visitors non-disclosure agreement is concord between a company or place and its visitors to not disclose any propriety information or confidential information that the visitors will witness during the visit to the place. If you are about to visit any place, especially private ones, you may have come to learn some knowledge there that can be confidential for the owner. You may witness some trade secrets or important information that the company may have been keeping for years. Or you can witness its secrets about how they specialize on its products. Because you have known some secret, the company will want to protect its interest and will make you sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Do you have some knowledge about a non-disclosure agreement or a non-compete agreement? The visitors non-disclosure agreement is no different from other non-disclosure agreements. The same has to follow rules that the recipients should not disclose confidential information to any third party. It has the same use as a non-disclosure agreement to maintain the confidentiality of information by having consequences if the recipients will breach the contract. You may be asking, ‘Who is the recipient of a non-disclosure agreement?’. Well, anyone who has been disclosed confidential information is the recipient. The one who gets some knowledge that seems to be private to a disclosing party is the recipient.

Companies may have some difficulties how to get someone to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Sometimes, it will take you some serious encouragement to make someone sign a document. People may think that they are just visiting a place. Why do they have to sign a document? But it is at the company’s discretion to make visitors sign a non-disclosure agreement to be sure that their confidential information will not be disclosed to anybody, especially its competitors. It has to do it to protect its secrets on how it succeeds in its business and how it makes its products good. Even its littlest secrets matter. So, if a visitor is about to see them, they should secure a non-disclosure agreement.

NDAs go hand in hand with any confidential information. So, whether you are a contractor or just a plain visitor, you have to understand that companies should have to protect their right in keeping their confidential information. Refer to any contract template or agreement sample about NDA and you can see that companies have a valid reason for implementing this thing. They should not take the risk to ruin their success by having a leak to their secrets to their competitors that can destroy their business by defeating them. Before their secrets can be learned by others, the visitors non-disclosure agreement should prevent this. It is the only way how they can keep their confidential information.

Benefits of the Visitors Non-Disclosure Agreement

Whether you are having a volunteer confidentiality agreement or a non-disclosure letter by being a visitor, you have to assert that you will truly not disclose any confidential information that you will learn. To understand more about this undertaking, you may want to know some of the benefits of the visitors non-disclosure agreement. Consider the following and learn the benefits of the visitors non-disclosure agreement:

Gives Peace of Mind: The visitors non-disclosure agreement can give total peace of mind to the owner of the company. If the company has some propriety information and trade secrets that it does not want to be spread to the knowledge of others, it should secure a non-disclosure agreement that will prevent this thing. It cannot risk all its secrets to visitors that can spread word to other people. Even from the start, it has to protect its confidential information by having the visitors profess that they will not share the confidential information with others. Having a non-disclosure agreement, the company can have the peace of mind that nothing will harm its business. Its secrets will remain confidential and it does not have to worry about any risk to its business.Gives Confidence: Not only will the company has peace of mind, but it will also have confidence in sharing information. It will become at ease that even though confidential information can be included in the things that can be disclosed to the visitors, it does not have to fear anything. The company may trust any visitors that can come to the company. The visitors just have to sign the non-disclosure agreement and there will be no problem. The confidential information will remain confidential because no visitor will want to breach the agreement because they have to face the consequences. Because of the agreement, the company can ensure that its confidential information will be private.Brings Clarity: The visitors non-disclosure agreement brings clarity to the confidential information that the visitors should not disclose to others. If you will just plainly tell confidential things by mouth, the visitors may not be able to remember the urgency of your request. If it is written on paper, the importance of confidentiality will be emphasized. You will be able to identify all the confidential information. You can have them in detail in the agreement. This way, the visitors will be wary of this information. They will make sure that they will not tell anyone. They will respect the confidentiality of your propriety information and trade secrets.Limitations Can Be Set: There can be limitations to confidentiality. You may be able to set them through the agreement. Sometimes, there are things that visitors can disclose to other people. You can tell about all of them in the agreement. You should be able to tell when the visitors can speak something about your company. There can be things that can help your company instead, like things that can help to give your brand awareness to others. The visitors may do something to help your brand to be popular. They can speak about all these things. So, you have to be clear about the limitations of the agreement. The visitors have the right to know about the things that they can speak about.Consequences Will Be Enforceable: The purpose of a non-disclosure agreement is to ensure that no confidential information will be disclosed. You can ensure this through the consequences that you can put in the agreement. They are the reason why the recipients will keep the agreement. They will not want to face the consequences. Through the agreement, you can make these consequences enforceable. You can bring the case into a court of law if the recipients will breach the agreement. You can even get a fine from the recipient if that will be one of the consequences. And through these consequences, the recipients will keep the secrets and confidential information to not face any of these consequences.Maintains Business Relationship: You can preserve a good business relationship with your contractors if you will secure a non-disclosure agreement. They will know from the start that they should not divulge anything important about your company. They will follow the agreement and you will get your purpose. But what matters is you can create a good relationship with them. Disputes may happen if you will not create an agreement. They can disclose your confidential information and it will ruin your business relationship. To be sure that you will go along well all the time, you need to ensure that you will not have a dispute on anything. So, you have to secure a non-disclosure agreement that will take care of everything. This way, both of you will know what to do about your confidential information. When your contractors visit your company, you will not fear that anything will be lost with your confidential information. You will know that they will keep them in private.

Tips on Visitors Non-Disclosure Agreement

Maybe you want to know what is included in a non-disclosure agreement or how to get around a non-disclosure agreement. Maybe you are needing some tips that you can use in your visitors non-disclosure agreement. Well, we have good news for you. We can provide you with some tips that you can use. Here are the following tips:

Be Clear in Identifying the Recipient: To be sure that the non-disclosure agreement will be followed, you need to be clear with the name of the recipients in the agreement. You must properly address them so that they can take it to heart to obey the agreement. Write their names carefully in the agreement so that they can properly know that they are identified in the contract.Keep Records: The disclosing party should keep a copy of the non-disclosure agreement. This is essential because it is proof that the recipients cannot disclose any confidential information about the company. Everything should be documented because the paper may be needed in the future. It is necessary if the recipients will breach the agreement and you have to bring them into a court of law. Whatever you have to claim in court, it is important that you have a record. So, keep the document of the agreement and store it in a safe place where you can get it in times of need.Secure Hard Copies: It is vital that you secure hard copies of the non-disclosure agreement for both of you. You need a hard copy that both of you can refer to at any time in the future. Electronic copies are not enough. You need to secure hard copies which contain your signatures. Old ways still can apply. You can have electronic copies of the non-disclosure agreement, but also ensure that you will have hard copies of it.Be Careful in Labelling: You have to be careful in identifying confidential information. In every confidentiality clause, be careful in labeling all the information that you want to be confidential. You must be definite with the things that you want to be private and with the things that you do not care so much about. The recipients have the right to have limitations with the confidential information that you will require them to not disclose. And to avoid unnecessary arguments, you must carefully state which information do you want to be confidential and which is not.Use Passwords: To be sure that there will surely be a limit on the confidential information, you can make the visitors use passwords in accessing the information. In this way, it will be harder for them to disclose the information to anyone. It is one great way how you can protect confidential information.Give Advice: To make the dealing better with recipients, you must give them some advice. You may want to explain to them why confidential information is important to your company. You have to make them understand your point why you want it to be private. If the recipients will understand your purpose, they can have the heart to sympathize with your company and have the integrity to keep your secret.

How to Create the Visitors Non-Disclosure Agreement

Are you looking for a visitors non-disclosure agreement template or a non-disclosure agreement template? Are you going to create visitors non-disclosure agreement? Maybe you need some steps that can guide you in writing. Well, we can help you. Consider the following steps in creating visitors non-disclosure agreement:

  • 1. Acknowledgment Clause

    The first thing that you have to write in the visitors non-disclosure agreement is the introduction of parties. You need to make an acknowledgment clause that recognizes the parties involved in the agreement. State the name of the disclosing party or the name of the company that owns the confidential information. Then, state the name of the recipient or the name of the person who will receive the confidential information. Then, state the acknowledgment that they are both entering an agreement that will be binding in a court of law.

  •  2. Confidentiality Clause

    This is the section where you have to state the confidentiality that you want to have. You have to identify the confidential information. Be definite with the things that you want to be confidential. You should also state the limitations of the agreement. As much as possible, you should enumerate the confidential information. You must be clear with everything that you want to be confidential.

  • 3. Company Rules

    After the confidentiality clause, you should create a clause about the rules and policies of the company. The visitors should adhere to these rules during their visit to your company. It is compulsory that they will comply with all the rules of your company.

  • 4. Agreement Purpose

    You should also have a clause that will justify why the agreement is important. You have to explain why the confidential information should be private. This is to let everyone know the importance of your confidential information. In this way, you can encourage the recipients to not truly disclose any information from your company.

  • 5. Sign the Agreement

    The last thing that you should do is sign the agreement. Let the visitors sign it. You must also sign the agreement as the disclosing party. Be sure that the agreement has the right date. After that, you can be confident that your confidential information will be kept a secret.


What is the importance of the visitors non-disclosure agreement?

The company can truly protect its interest by having a non-disclosure agreement. No visitor can use the confidential information for their personal gain through the agreement. The confidential information will always remain the property of the company.

What happens in a breach of the agreement?

In cases of a breach, whatever are the consequences written in the agreement will be faced by the recipients. The disclosing party may sue the recipient and a fee may be required from the recipient if it is written in the agreement.

Companies are very private places. If you will visit them, visitors non-disclosure agreement will protect them from harm that can be caused by the disclosure of any confidential information. So, be prepared to engage in a non-disclosure agreement when you visit a company. Anyway, are you looking for a template for visitors non-disclosure agreements? This post has 5+ SAMPLE Visitors Non-Disclosure Agreement in PDF. Be free to select any that you will choose. Download now!