What is an Employee Equipment Agreement?

An employee equipment agreement is an agreement between an employee and an employer that allows an employee to use the equipment that will be provided by the company. The agreement assigns the responsibility to the employee to take care of the equipment upon working. The use of the equipment will be according to the terms and conditions in the agreement. Usually, the equipment should be returned after the work of the employee ends within the company. But there are also instances that the equipment can be owned by the employee.

Before engaging in an employee equipment agreement, it will be wise to consider templates like a company equipment use and return policy template, an equipment responsibility form template, a company property agreement template, or a remote employee equipment agreement template. Having an employee equipment agreement is better than any equipment rental. Sometimes, you can have a loan agreement with a company for the equipment. But mostly, companies can make you use company property for the work. So, in an employee equipment agreement, you ought to have complete responsibility for the resources that you are going to use.

What is Included in an Employee Equipment Agreement?

Certain things need to be included in an employee equipment agreement. These things are needed so that the terms within the agreement will be clear to the employee who will be given the responsibility for the equipment. Consider the following items in creating an employee equipment agreement:

List of Equipment: The very first thing that you need to include in an employee equipment agreement is the list of equipment that you will provide to the employee. If you are going to provide a laptop, phone, and other peripherals, you have to make it clear in the agreement. List everything that you are going to give to the employee. Many things can be needed in telework, but know that you have to list all of them. This is to ensure the accountability that you should get from the worker. Make sure that the list of equipment will be enough for the work plan of every employee. Provide everything that the employee needs. Just be sure to list them in the employee equipment agreement.Employee Information: Complete information about the employee who is going to use the equipment is needed in an employee equipment agreement. Write the name of the employee with the job title. You can also include the address and contact information of the employee. Usually, you can give the employee equipment agreement along with the employment contract. Through this, the employee will have everything needed before starting work. Be accurate when writing the information of the employee. Do not forget any important information that needs to be included.Date Borrowed and Date Returned: Dates are important in an equipment agreement for employees. The date when the equipment was borrowed should be included in the agreement. Also, you must write the date when the equipment should be returned. These dates are needed so that the employee can return the equipment to the company after use. Also, the employee will be given the right to use the equipment after the date that it has been borrowed. Dates should be clear which can denote the full responsibility of the employee on the equipment.Equipment Use: The way that the employee is permitted to use the equipment should be included in the agreement. It should be clear that the equipment cannot be used by the employee outside of the work schedule. The equipment must not be used in any personal matters or for any personal gains. The employees should know how to restrict themselves from using the equipment. They must not use the equipment for other things than work purposes. So, the company must be clear about the use of equipment. This way, the employee will know what to do regarding the use of the said property.Use of the Internet: There can be certain rules for the equipment regarding the use of the internet. An employee may be prohibited from using unsecured sites to take care of the equipment. Employees should grant access to the company to monitor communications that can be done with the equipment. So, some internet guidelines should be included in the agreement so that the employees will know how to take care of the equipment. Through this, the equipment will not catch any problems that can be detrimental to it.Equipment Security: The employee should be responsible for the security of the equipment. For this reason, you must not use the equipment as a personal device which can be the reason for possible harm to the equipment. Remember that the company owns all the data on the device. So, you must not put anything in it that is not about your work in the company. Also, you must know how to protect all the information of the company. Know that you should not disclose any proprietary information about the company. Remember all the provisions in the confidentiality agreement that you may have signed with your company. Because you have something that can expose the trade secrets of your company, you must know how to protect them as an employee.Consequences of Violation: There must be consequences for violation in an employee equipment agreement. This is important so that the employee will know how to look after the equipment. This is to give full responsibility to the employee to protect the equipment. If the employee will do some violations like using the equipment outside the company’s purposes, there must be some actions that can be taken against the employee. This way, the employee will do everything to follow the terms of the company regarding the equipment. There can be some penalties that can be imposed on the employee or some disciplinary action if any violation will happen. This way, the employee will take full responsibility to follow all the rules.Consequences of Damage or Device Loss: Some terms are needed for the times that the equipment will be damaged or lost. If it will not be the fault of the employee, you may put some terms on how you can replace the equipment. But if it will be the responsibility of the employee, you can put some terms that can make the employee pay for the loss or the damage. Especially, if the equipment will not exceed a monthly calendar. The employees should know that they have to take care of the equipment or else they can be required to pay for it for unexpected damages.Terms and Conditions: So, the employee equipment agreement will not be complete unless you will put in some terms and conditions. The company should be transparent with all the terms that they want for the equipment. This way, they will have the right expectations from the employees. The employees will do what is needed to protect the equipment. By being clear with the terms and conditions, what is needed can be done. The employees can follow all the rules and regulations of the company in using the company’s equipment.Signatures: The best aspect that can complete the employee equipment agreement is the signatures. Know that the signatures of the employer and the employee are needed in the agreement. If the employer cannot sign the agreement, HR can sign it. Signatures will be a seal that the agreement is valid. It means that every term in the agreement has consent from both parties.

Tips on Employee Equipment Agreement

Using the equipment provided by the company requires some responsibility. To ensure that you can keep your responsibilities, you may need some tips on the agreement. Tips can help you so you can follow all the terms and make the most out of the agreement. Have the following tips:

Be Responsible: The first thing that any employee should remember is to be responsible. Know that you are only borrowing the equipment of the company. Because of this, you ought to be careful in using it. Ensure that you will not damage the equipment. To be able to do this, you should have an equipment maintenance checklist that can enable you to take care of the equipment. You have to ascertain that the equipment will always be in good condition. Remember that you are going to use it every day in your work. So, you have to make sure that it is perfectly working.Consider Risks: Employees should know all the risks that they can encounter using the equipment. A risk assessment may be needed so that they can be prepared for all the challenges that they can face. They have to protect the equipment at all costs. They have to realize that they have the responsibility of taking care of the equipment so that they will have something to use every day. So, they have to foresee any obstacles that can hinder their work.Make Upgrades: For you to do the best work for your company, you have to ensure that you have the latest tools. So, an upgrade may be needed from time to time. You should have an agreement with your company to make upgrades to the equipment to ensure the best work.Provide Allowance: The company can provide an allowance to the employee for the necessary repairs that can be done to the equipment. This is to ascertain that the equipment will be in perfect shape all the time. This way, the company can secure productivity every day. There will be no hassle in the work of the employee.

How to Create an Employee Equipment Agreement

When you make an employee equipment agreement, this denotes that you are giving full responsibility to the employee on the equipment. You have to be careful in creating the agreement to ensure that you can keep the terms of the company. Maybe you need some steps so that you can create a good agreement. Take the following steps:

1. Have Complete Details

Be accurate on the details of the equipment and the employee. The list of the equipment is needed so that you can be clear on what you are providing to the employee. Be clear also to whom they will be given.

2. Set Your Terms

After the important details of the agreement, you must set your terms for it. Set clear terms so that both parties can have the right expectations. Make terms that will be beneficial to the company and the employee.

3. Cite Procedures

It is the responsibility of the company to instruct the employees on how to use the equipment. So, guide them in the procedures that they should use. Make sure that the employees will be adept at using the equipment.

4. Review the Agreement

Before you and the employee sign the agreement, you must first review it. Be sure that everything you need is written in the agreement. If you think that the agreement will be perfect for both you and the employee, then send the agreement to the employee for signature.


What are the benefits of an employee equipment agreement?

The benefits of an employee equipment agreement are better productivity, perfect workspace, work comfort, flexibility, and saving money.

Is an employee equipment agreement necessary?

Yes, an employee equipment agreement is necessary. It is a document that you can rely on if you want the employee to protect the equipment. The agreement is very beneficial to the company.

Having equipment for remote work is very necessary. If a remote worker has no equipment to use, the best resort is to have an employee equipment agreement with the company. Through it, the remote worker will have the means to work. But the agreement will be a part of the implementation plan on how to handle the employee’s work. Terms are needed to be followed to make all things work. Protect your equipment because it is your tools that can enable you to work.