What Is a Lodger Agreement?

A lodger agreement is a contract that allows a person to rent a portion of a house. The license allows someone to rent out a room in a house where someone else is residing for a price. It’s the preferable option for parties that want to rent out a portion of a property settlement but don’t want to engage in the official duties that come with being a Landlord and tenant. Lodger tenancy may be tricky to handle which is why selective duties are preferable. You can proceed to the sample lodger agreement for additional references.

How to Write a Lodger Agreement

There is no set layout for this type of document, although the various lodger agreement examples available provide you an idea of what should be included in the document. This is why this basic lodger agreement suggests the important sections of the Document. Read more about it in preparation for writing your own.

  • 1. Parties Involved

    For the very first section, you will need to state your personal information as the landlord. This includes your full name, your address, or the property you can be located at but not necessarily the area the lodger may be lodging, and a list of your contact details such as your Phone and Email Contact List. Followed by the full name of the lodger of whom this document is meant as well as their phone number or email address for easy communication means.

  • 2. Start date

    Lodgers may have different intended months or years of staying on your Property. That is why it is important to have a thorough and prior meeting to discuss with your lodger how they want to go about the process of lodging. Ideally, you have to state when the lodger will start staying in your property in this section and define the necessary process there is that goes with it.

  • 3. Rent

    The Rent is paid ahead of time. The first payment will be made on the first day of the month, and the following payments will be made on the first day of each calendar, month, or the same day of each week. If the Lodger fails to pay the rent, the Landlord may issue a notice of payment or removal, or seek payment or removal through the courts. State the definite amount as well and that any changes should be notified to the lodger.

  • 4. Terms and Conditions

    Setting the Terms of Agreements for the lodger is necessary to inform them of what they should be doing or what they have to avoid while living on your premises. This includes but is not limited to the responsibilities to manage the property or area they are lodged at, availability of pets, respect for other lodgers, and guests who may or may not be allowed to visit the premises. Some landlords will not allow for the opposite gender to visit the rooms. That depends on the state or city you live in.


Is a lodger agreement legally binding?

A landlord doesn’t need to issue a written contract to a lodger, although it is a good idea. A lodger agreement is a contract that defines terms that both the landlord and the lodger must agree to, as well as a legal remedy if the provisions of the agreement are violated. A lodger’s legal rights are generally limited compared to those of a tenant. A written Agreement describing both parties’ legal rights and obligations are likely to be provided by the landlord to their potential lodger.

How to end a lodger agreement early?

Terminating a lodger agreement needs due process. A lodger might terminate the arrangement by notifying you of their decision to leave. Unless there is a break clause, they cannot do so during the defined duration of the Agreement. If they leave before the conclusion of the defined term, they will still be responsible for the entire term’s rent. You should give them a formal notice stating the date on which they must depart. You should indicate that you are giving them 28 days notice to leave. It should also be signed and dated.

How many lodgers can live with the owner?

At the property, it is recommendable that you can have no more than two lodgers who are not related. The property may be classified as a house in multiple occupations if there are more than two. In these situations, you must adhere to additional restrictions and may be required to obtain a license, with substantial fines for non-compliance. Be sure to state in the lodger lease agreement that information or at least keep them aware of the limits of House or property visits from people they are friends with.

A lodger Contract may not seem like a strenuous process but just as any other dealing with matters, it could take a while to complete. The important aspect is that the lodger thoroughly understands what you are including in the document. Before sealing the deal, you both can meet up for a tour of the premises and also as a means to get to know them. Go ahead and view the free lodger agreement template provided in this article so you can have a means of assistance in writing one.