40+ Sample Sublease Agreements

Sublease Agreement: What Is It?

A sublease agreement is an official document commonly used in residential subleases. In this contract or agreement, a tenant with an ongoing lease with a landlord can invite a subtenant to also rent the tenant’s same property. And according to Investopedia, it is crucial for the property owner to approve the sublet arranged by the original tenant first and that it should go according to the local regulations and conditions.

Always take note that sublets should be approved by the property owner first before going with the sublease arrangement. More so, it should follow the local regulations and guidelines.

The Subparts of a Sublease Agreement

Since there is already an original lease agreement, a sublet is a variation of that existing agreement. And this variation also consists of many different subparts that can make the sublease agreement a whole. So in this section, find out the different elements of a standard sublease agreement.

Property Description: What property is being leased in the first place? Besides an apartment or any residential lease, it could also be related to a vehicle or equipment lease. Describe the property in this introduction.Parties Involved: A sublease agreement is a legally binding agreement among parties. And every concerned party should be identified right from the names of the lessor, the lessee, and the sublessee.Sublease Period: Write the amount of time for the sublessee to get hold of the property in the sublease period section. An accurate payment schedule should be given and that the sublease period should never be more than the original lease’s period.Rent: Parties will have to agree on the monthly rental amount which the sublessee should pay for the sublease. The same goes for the method of payment, advanced rent, security deposit, and time according to the sublease period.Terms and Conditions: Another very important element would be the terms and conditions. This part finalizes what is allowed or prohibited in using the property. Discuss what is okay or not towards the property’s function, the number of visitors, pet ownership, a roommate agreement, etc.

How to Prepare a Sublease Agreement

Making a sublease agreement with a template makes the process a lot easier. Have you seen all samples of sublease agreements listed above already? They are your ultimate guide to craft the agreement without beginning from scratch. Hence, you can finish preparing one within minutes only. But, there are important steps you must consider in preparing the sublet. So kindly follow these steps:

Step 1: Review the Original Lease Agreement

It is important for the lessor, the original lessee, and the sublessee to review the original lease agreement. That way, it will be easy to set the appropriate amount for the fees and payment schedules without breaking the law. The same goes for other information worth adding or not into the sublease agreement later on.

Step 2: Find a Responsible Sublessee

Extra reminder for lessees out there is to be careful in appointing a sublessee. Who knows? The sublessee might be irresponsible with settling the fees. And don’t forget that the original lessee can still be blamed for the problems committed by the sublessee. Choose someone who takes subleasing seriously wherein they pay on time and won’t break the regulations or conditions.

Step 3: Settle Terms with All Parties

All parties should at least talk and settle with a verbal agreement instead of putting things into writing immediately. This way, the lessee, the sublessee, and the lessor will be notified ahead of the sublease arrangement expected to commence. And the key is to open the information related to the sublease agreement’s parts, which were already discussed earlier. So from the property description down to the terms and conditions, discuss such matters.

Step 4: Use a Sample Sublease Agreement

Now for the most important part, write the sublease agreement using a sample template. You can choose from the many sample sublease agreements above. Be sure to set your preferred format and design too. Everything can be simple as long as the content is informative yet straightforward. Also, don’t forget the elements of the sublet to complete the agreement form. And once you are confident with the outcome, submit the form.


When does a sublease happen?

Sublease happens when a tenant wants to pursue lease termination early yet the landlord rejects it. Hence, a subtenant can rent instead to take the lease until its expiration date. Also, a sublease occurs when a tenant wishes to stay in the property while renting the room to another tenant or subtenant.

What other requirements should be discussed in a sublease agreement?

Besides the property description, parties involved, and other parts of a sublease agreement discussed earlier, expect to also tackle the utility payments, insurance fees, and damage or security deposit.

Is subleasing illegal?

Basically, subleasing isn’t illegal in most states. But you have to consider your local laws and regulations to avoid issues. In fact, it won’t have to be an issue if there is a clear agreement between the lessor, the lessee, and the sublessee ahead. Hence, ask for the landlord’s consent early to get approved.

Indeed, the sublease agreement marks the official legal transfer of one’s property to another party at a specific period. But, what is written and agreed in the sublet form cannot be overlooked. Ensure that its details are accurate and informative to prevent possible litigations that might follow. And with sample sublease agreements to use, rest assured, you won’t have to delay its process. Download now!