What Is a Split Agreement

The essence of having shared responsibility and tasks has been an unshakable foundation in the early childhood years of most people. In school, teachers encourage children to complete group assignments and to take part in activities. Growing up, these kids somehow understand the importance of receiving the credit they deserve from the things they’ve accomplished. When joining the corporate world as working adults, they have to recognize differences between group achievement and personal merit. To avoid distress caused by disagreeing parties, people use split agreements.

A split agreement contains the conditions and responsibilities of two or more parties in consensus to separate portions of their share in accordance with their contribution. In a contract signed by the parties, each one has compensation and benefits. By using a split agreement, the people involved in the project receive their fair share of percentage and specific merit for the work completed. Additionally, the document helps keep unwanted disputes from happening between parties.


Drawing the Line: Using Split Agreements

Whenever individuals start building bridges with other people through partnerships, there is a fine line between the distribution of benefits and rewards. In particular, some workers get more credit than others. Such situations push collaborators to create split agreements. The majority of the population know The Beatles—either as fans or a passerby who’s heard the tunes. The English rock band became one of the most famous icons in their time, having millions of fans all over the world. But after some years of popularity, The Beatles broke up due to numerous factors. One significant reason was the songwriting duties of the members. In the end, all strains coming from different sides took a toll on the group. Fast forward to the modern setting, many singers and producers have songwriter split negotiations and music contracts to lessen possible rifts. So, when do people use split agreements?

Commission on Work: Various companies offer job opportunities to many unemployed people. While some enterprises provide regular positions, there are also commission-based careers available for the public. Loan officers, real estate agents, stockbrokers, and insurance sales agents have commissions as their primary source of income. Hence, the agents require this document to outline the benefits of the work. Additionally, a buy and sell business venture, mainly when these are joint investments, needs a split commission agreement to reduce conflicts.Dividing the Music: The songs everyone hears on the radio, television, and movie scenes have various creators. Sometimes, the merit for songwriters is not enough. Or, in some cases, the writer gets no credit at all. With that, artists have royalty split sheets to make sure all the people involved in the creation of the art secure the praise they deserve. The sheets can have different formats depending on the producers and songwriters. When the maker receives recognition, they can even be awarded trophies (Grammys).Split-Dollar Arrangement: Now, the focus of this strategy is on life insurance. This life insurance plan, although not under any life insurance policy, centers on the shared insurance advantage of more than two parties. The people under this plan manage the agreement. The contents of a split-dollar contract or agreement concentrate on the party paying the premium and the amount the other individual(s) should pay. This insurance plan uses cash value. A split-dollar agreement can work for different relationships: employer and employee; colleagues at work; friends; and corporations and stockholders.Business Split: When owners of an enterprise decide to end their working relationship, a split agreement comes into play. The parties will utilize this document to lay out the division of the business, providing provisions on the areas that the business owner will receive. The separation of companies happens when executives no longer have the same objectives. Thus, the process of splitting the shares can be tricky and lengthy. However, this option becomes the priority for business owners to avoid legal battles in the court.

The Other Tools: Documents Similar to Split Agreement

Besides split agreements, other workers and individuals can use various documents to seal the deal. This specific document is only one of the few tools many folks use to realign goals and establish the common ground for human beings going into business partnerships and alliances. For instance, in recent events, Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) convened to formalize the union agreements for the upcoming seasons (2020-2021). The agreement produced by the organization was in line with the threats caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The material serves as a way to support and protect the players. So, what instruments are close to split agreements?

Separation Agreement

Compared to a split agreement, this document focuses on marriage and divorce. Couples going through a divorce make use of separation agreements to divide the assets acquired during the course of their relationship. Such valuables include furniture, jewelry, money, and properties. When married partners have children, the custody of the youngsters is also mentioned in the agreement. The lawyers submit the document to the court before the start of the divorce trials.

Equal Ownership of House

Unlike the previous section, equal ownership of house agreement centers on unmarried couples living together in a real estate property. As an investment, the owners of the establishment are the couple. Thus, each one has the right to have parts of the territory. In this agreement, each partner has responsibilities to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the property. Covered here are costs, purchase prices, maintenance plans, and taxes. In addition, the material has a clause for breakups, in case the couple—although unmarried—decide to end the relationship.

Data Sharing Agreement

In this formal agreement, the partners agree on the amount of information shared among their peers. It also states the procedures that will use the data presented by one party. Data sharing Agreement is a common practice perpetuated by business owners and service providers to guarantee accurate results. The document contains restrictions, obligations, and requests from each enterprise. A lawyer should be present when the two parties sign the agreement.

Shareholder Agreement

In some ways, a shareholder agreement has similarities with a split agreement. The prior document involves multiple people working in a specific company, each one receiving benefits from the involvement in the business proceedings. The shareholder agreement comprises sets of clauses and conditions, much like having percentages of income and advantages of being part of the enterprise. Furthermore, a stipulation in the agreement includes the processes the shareholder will do if the business stops the transaction and trading. When changes happen within the company grounds, the shareholder agreement needs to have revisions.

Roommate Agreement

Some tenants are excellent houseguests, keeping everything tidy and making sure the room is in great condition. However, some roommates are difficult to stay with or understand. To address the situation, homeowners use roommate agreements to avoid having a cluttered apartment. This binding document enumerates the obligations and rights of the people renting the area. Moreover, the deal safeguards the landlord’s assets and sets up rules for the convenience of everyone in the building or complex.

How to Make a Split Agreement?

A split agreement can come with another contract or can stand on its own. The material has varying sections and compositions to suit the needs of many people. In simple terms, the description of a split agreement seems easy to the eye. But making one is another story. Instead of grappling through different notes to know the procedures of the split agreement, you can find the answer here.

Step 1: Discuss the Work Relationship

The first thing to do when making the split agreement is to list down the working relationship of the parties. What benefits can come from this collaboration? Who are the parties involved? Which portion of the obligation goes to this particular person? By providing the details of the agreement, especially with specific terms and definitions, future disputes are less.

Step 2: Provide the Rundown of Percentage

An aspect of the split agreement that should not go missing is the percentage shares of each party. In most cases, a rundown of percentages takes place when the parties in the discussion have commission-based jobs. But this element also works for musicians, landlords, business owners, and friends. For this section, the details should be concise and accreted. Importantly, it must be fair.

Step 3: Add Necessary Details About People Involved

When those essential parts are complete, you can proceed with the basic details of the parties in the agreement. You can include the address, work, contact information of the party. Additionally, you should choose the information that proves relevant to the agreement. Refrain from adding unnecessary details, which will not be useful for the arrangement.

Step 4: Include Confidentiality Clauses

Some planners include confidentiality clauses in the agreement to secure the valuable information shared between the workmates. However, this portion of the document depends on the preferences of the writers. Having a confidentiality clause can help the agreement, but it is not necessary. But when the details of the arrangement are sensitive, this clause should be in the material.



Can I use a split agreement for my retail store business?

Many folks can use the split agreement for their respective businesses. In fact, a split agreement has no restrictions on the entities that use it. Whenever the situation demands an equal share of benefits and advantages, anyone can use the agreement form template. Retail stores can use this document to provide adequate distribution among tasks and compensations.

Should I consult an attorney to validate the contents of my split agreement?

In opportunities that arise, you can consult an attorney to ensure the accuracy of the contents in the agreement. For instance, some sections and statements are not valid or inconvenient to the other party. With the help of a lawyer, you can steer clear of heated debates. You can also have a lawyer during the signing of the material.

What if I want to change some parts of the agreement?

If you wish to amend the agreement, you need to inform the other party first. Write a letter citing your concerns and ask for feedback. You can meet with the partner(s) to discuss the matter and then decide on the possible changes. When the need becomes necessary, you can use extension agreements or create new contracts.

Do all split agreements have the same format?

The formatting style and contents of a split agreement rely on the requirements of the people involved in the business. Other contracts do not use confidentiality clauses. Hence, the appropriateness of the situation can alter the format of the legal document.

When different people go through the process of separating, the end-result can be distressing. Nevertheless, this undertaking becomes necessary to achieve a higher point of existence—growth. The act of separation can be in various forms, whether in work, personal life, or other outside forces. As mentioned before, people should receive the credit they deserve. And when there is none, that person needs to fight for his or her right of merit. As splitting up comes in two ways, either for development or praise, everyone should recognize the benefit of detachments.