What Is an Influencer Agreement?

An influencer agreement is a formal agreement between a social media influencer and an external party, usually for commercial purposes such as brand partnerships. Typically, the other party is an advertiser or a company that seeks to boost its marketing strategy through the social media influencer. 

According to an online article by Shopify, 61% of consumers trust recommendations from social media influencers. And as of 2021, the influencer marketing industry was estimated to be worth around $13.8 billion. There are also different types of social media influencers based on their follower count. The same article enumerates these influencers as nano influencers, micro influencers, mid-tier influencers, mega influencers, and celebrities.    

Tips For Social Media Influencers

If you are a social media influencer or an aspiring one, the internet can be a pretty complicated space to navigate. The digital world is quite different from the real world. And with fierce competition and an endless buffet of online stimuli, influencers constantly compete for their audience’s attention. However, there are ways to boost your social media presence. If you are a social media influencer looking to establish more quality connections and content, the following are some tips that can help you achieve that. 

Create engaging content. This may seem like an obvious one, but the internet is unfortunately ridden with poor quality content that many people find it difficult to sift through the noise and trash. Social media influencers are in a unique position to reach out to people in an unconventional way that was previously unthought of. Whatever your niche, interest or expertise, content is perhaps the most important success factor in an influencer’s career. Not only should content be interesting and engaging, ideally it should add value to the viewer as well. What can your followers gain or learn from the content you post? Of course, this is highly dependent on the kind of influencer you are, but it should not stop you from producing useful and quality content. It is important to note that consistency is key too. This is especially applicable if you have a decent or considerable social media following. You want to be able to maintain a relationship with your followers by being consistent in what and when you post. Maintain a community. By the very word itself, social media influencers are in a position of power and influence. By using a plethora of social media platforms, they are able to share and spread ideas not just to their followers, but to the general public. Like any leadership position, it is a role that comes with a lot of responsibility. And since influencers have people who look up to them or simply follow them for their content, there is great potential for creating a sense of solidarity and belonging. If you are seeking a deeper or more personal relationship with your followers, you can use your platform to foster a strong sense of community. Even if it is just an online community, you have the power to set the dynamic and tone of interaction between you and your followers and also amongst the followers themselves. It does not matter if your follower count doesn’t hit the millionth mark, a smaller and more intimate group can actually be an advantage. It has greater potential in creating a close-knit community. At the end of the day, what truly matters is showing up for your online community and cultivating a sense of support within your sphere of influence. Seek collaboration. Another common way of growing and realizing your potential as a social media influencer is by seeking outside collaboration. Do not just limit yourself to you and your followers. As an influencer, you need to constantly be thinking outside the box. Those who fail to innovate or adapt rarely find it easy to sustain their influence. Try reaching out to other influencers either within your locality or even those miles away; the internet has made the world smaller after all. Collaborate with people who share similar interests, invite guests to your platform and learn to share the screen with others. Doing these could open a lot of doors and lead to a host of opportunities. The possibilities are endless if you know how to work with others instead of relying solely on yourself.

Examples of Niche-Type Influencers 

Social media influencers can be categorized in various ways. They can be classified according to their number of followers or the content they share. With the latter, there can be thousands of influencers with the same target market or niche. And based on interest or niche, there are all kinds of influencers simply because there’s also an abundance of topics that generate public interest. The examples below are just some of the most common types of influencers. 

Beauty Influencers. A popular subject that many social media users are concerned with is beauty and fashion. Influencers that fall under this category are deemed experts in their fields or at the very least, have a deep passion for anything that is beauty or fashion-related. They offer product reviews, rate all kinds of merchandise, and share beauty tips and techniques. The more established or famous influencers sometimes even bag sponsorship deals with major brands as well. Cosmetic companies and fashion brands tap social media influencers to access their network or followers with the aim of potentially swaying sales in their favor. Fitness Influencers. Another common type of influencer is the fitness or sports influencer. With the increasing number of users on popular platforms such as Instagram and YouTube and even the current TikTok craze, it has become much simpler and easier to share workout videos online. And since the COVID-19 pandemic, health restrictions forced many gym-goers and outdoor sports enthusiasts to shift to home workouts. Fitness influencers not only help people stay fit and active, others share useful diet tips or inspire and motivate their followers in addition to just posting workouts. Within this category are also several subtypes of influencers. There are health and fitness influencers who focus exclusively on a particular form of activity such as yoga or indoor walking. While others combine various forms of exercise and customize their workouts according to the needs of their followers. Self-help Influencers. The self-help industry has been a booming industry long before social media took center stage. Millions of self-help books and other related material have already attracted a substantial following. Today, the industry has simply been given another avenue for reaching out to more people. Whether it is about Buddhism, overcoming addiction, meditation, or building stronger relationships, it’s safe to say there is definitely a market for people who are interested in self-improvement and development. Social media influencers who focus on self-help place a high premium on offering motivational and inspirational advice to their followers. These types of influencers strive to be a positive force for their followers, guiding them and teaching them ways to lead better, more fulfilling lives. Ideally, fostering a sense of community is also evident or is the goal for a majority of these influencers. Travel Influencers. In today’s rapidly changing and globalized world, travel has become more accessible thanks to advancements in transportation and communication. The advent of social media has not only made it easier for people to access information about other places and countries, but has cultivated a collective craving for exploration to some extent. Social media influencers who have carved a career out of their travels and adventures are fortunate to turn their passion into a lucrative venture. With enough followers and advertisers, a travel influencer can monetize their trips and gain a lot of travel perks and benefits in the process. Normally a travel influencer will explore and do a video blog about a particular locality or country. Topics can range from local cuisine, travel hacks or tips, tourist attractions, and even to staycations.

How to Create an Influencer Agreement

To create an effective influencer agreement, its contents must be detailed and clear. If you are looking for more convenience, using an existing template can help you get the job done faster. You do not need to start from scratch with a ready-made template. Once you’ve selected a template of your choice from the collection above, follow the step-by-step guide below. 

Step 1: Establish the Parties

Just like any formal agreement, the first step is identifying the parties involved in the contract. This crucial section serves as the introduction to the entire agreement. Make sure that the complete name and address of both participating parties are indicated. In the case of a social media influencer agreement, it is typically the name of the company or advertiser and the influencer. But the other party can also be anyone who engages the services of the influencer either to promote something or spread awareness. The format of this introductory section should be clear, simple and straight to the point. A few paragraphs or lines should suffice.   

Step 2: Set Realistic Expectations

When you’ve established the parties entering into the agreement, the next step is defining the roles and setting expectations for each party. Social media influencer is a relatively new occupation and there are still a lot of assumptions that must be ironed out. So this must be clarified and addressed as directly as possible within the contract. The specific responsibilities will obviously depend on the kind of business partnership the parties have. Regardless, it is still crucial to set and manage expectations right from the beginning.     

Step 3: Outline the Terms and Conditions 

A key component of all formal agreement contracts is the stipulations. These terms and conditions act as a guide and help direct the course of the relationship. Ideally, the terms should cover not just the work itself but also establish a clear scope of work along with its limitations. Provisions regarding duration of contract, payment terms, content creation, commencement of agreement, and termination of contract are just some common examples. The purpose of setting terms and conditions is to promote clarity and prevent conflict in the event that problems arise or plans don’t unfold as expected.    

Step 4: Formally Declare the Partnership 

Lastly, formalize the agreement by including a declarative statement at the end of the document. A good way to close an agreement is by officially confirming it. It can be as simple as a single or two-sentence statement. The declaration is merely confirming that the terms and conditions previously set are agreed upon by both parties. In addition to the statement, make sure to leave adequate space for both the social media influencer and the external party to affix the date and their respective signatures.  


What should an influencer contract include?

An influencer contract should include several sections including a concise definition of responsibilities and expectations and a comprehensive list of terms and conditions.

Do influencers need contracts?

Social media influencers need formal contracts especially when entering into business arrangements and ventures with external parties. Whether it’s a major brand or an advertising company, formal agreements are forms of insurance that help protect both parties’ interests.

How long do influencer contracts last?

The duration of the contract would greatly depend on the mutual agreement between the influencer and the advertiser or company. However, it is quite common for influencer contract agreements to be short-term, ranging anywhere from six to twelve months then subject to renewal.

The social media influencer is a modern force to be reckoned with. Whether you are an influencer in your own right or a corporation looking to explore influencer marketing strategies, you need a solid and reliable agreement contract. Browse the sample templates above and customize your own agreement now!