What is a Copy Writing Services Proposal?

A copywriting services proposal is a letter sent to a company by a freelance copywriter to provide copywriting services. Every company needs to promote their brand identity that they need a writer that can tell a unique story about their brand. The writer has to persuade the audience that the company’s products and services are great. Through their skills, the company can have many clients if they will find the reputation of the company attractive. This is where the skills of the copywriter go in. Their work is to advertise the brand by using convincing words that will persuade the readers to buy in that company. They should give a good description of the company. Providing good copies, they must make the company look its best.

Online proposal writing is being in the current trend nowadays. Companies can hire freelance copywriters that can work remotely. They just have to give juicy proposals to companies and they can get projects to make copies for them. Of course, they have to present copywriting samples or copywriting examples to companies. Anyway, it is a good thing that if you are a writer, you can present examples of your work that can make companies hire you. They can have something to look at to consider your skills. You can send a copywriting portfolio and a copywriter pricing guide, and you can easily get copywriting projects. There can be a ton of works awaiting a copywriter. Every now and then, companies need to enhance and boost their brand through amazing copies. Because of this, a copywriting services proposal is an essential thing for every writer.

Key Elements of a Copy Writing Services Proposal

If you have seen a free copywriting proposal template or a freelance copywriter template, you can see that it has essential components. A freelance copywriting proposal is made up of some things that make it complete. Read the following and know the key elements of a copywriting services proposal:

Executive Summary

There should be a brief summary in the proposal. You have to summarize your objectives. You need to state a particular approach in the project. An executive summary can make your proposal compelling because you can show your interest to do the project while telling a good story about your goals. It will make your writing succinct because you are going to emphasize the necessity of your project through this. So, you have to be a good storyteller in creating the executive summary. You have to amaze your readers. Remember, you are going to provide writing services. You have to show in the proposal that you are a great writer.

Copywriting Background

There should be a description of your work. Describe your experience as a freelance copywriter. State how many years have you been writing. Make a brief description of the projects that you have handled. You can tell your name and a background about you. You can include a short story about your profession as a writer. You have to introduce yourself to the reader and make them feel at ease with you. If you can introduce yourself well, you can get their approval for you as a person. Everything will go smoothly as they read your whole proposal.

Copywriting Services

Of course, the scope of work should be clear in the proposal. You need to state the work that you should do. What kind of copies do you need to provide? Is research included? Do you need to make some content strategies? What kind of deliverables do you have to submit? The scope of work is important so that your clients will know what to expect. Your work will also be accurate if you will state the details about your copywriting services. Thus, you can deliver a good job.


Give the specifications that you need for you to provide the copy for the clients. This includes the information about the company or the brand voice that they require. Requirements are needed so that you will be instructed well on what to do. You need to make an accurate job so that you will be able to boost the brand identity of your clients. How can you persuade others if you will not know the basic information of the brand? So, you need to seek the requirements that you need for the project. This will help you to finish your work better. Research may not be enough. You need to have the details from the company itself.

Price Quote

You should not forget about pricing in the proposal. Send a price quote to the client. You can use a copywriter pricing guide or you can set your prices yourself. Research the usual pay for copywriting services and find a rate that will be fair for you. Remember, you must not overprice your services or you may not win a client. But, you must not underprice yourself also. Set a price quote that is reasonable and will be enough for you to pay for your services.


There should be a call-to-action in the proposal. State the things that the client can expect from you after they have approved your proposal. Cite the things that they should do to start the project. Guide them and give them the basic steps that they should take for them to get your copywriting services. You can include a 5 bulleted list that contains the necessary steps to begin the project. Be encouraging when stating a call to action. You have to convince the clients to follow your guidance.

Terms and Conditions

The proposal will not be complete unless you state some terms and conditions. This is important because you are doing business with clients and boundaries are important. The clients should know what they should do in your whole dealings with them. If ever they can experience problems, they should know the resort that they should do. More especially when a dispute arises, you should have something to refer to so that you can settle the dispute. So, you have to lay down terms and conditions.

Tips on Copywriting Services

To be confident in the freelance copywriting proposal, you need to be sure that you can provide good copywriting services. You need to hone your skills and learn the expertise in promoting brands. Read the following and have these tips as you provide copywriting services:

Content Map: In doing copywriting, you must make a content map. You need to make an outline of everything that you need to write. This will serve as a guide when you write. Your ideas will be clear and you know that you can write in the best way. It will be easy for you to sort out your ideas as you write. You can write with a smooth flow and you will not have writer’s block. Through this, you can make the content better. You can make a clear copy always.Good Headings and Headlines: You have to ensure that you will provide great headings and headlines. Remember that your headlines are the first thing that readers see. It will decide whether they will read the whole copy or not. If it is good, you can catch their attention. Be sure also that the headline will be a summary of your content. Through this, the reader can understand what your paragraphs are all about. It is also true with headings. It must summarize your paragraphs. It should be compelling like the headline. So, give importance to these things to captivate readers.Front Load Importance: In writing copies, you must give importance to front-loading. You need to make your first sentences great. The first words are important because it is the only thing that people read when they browse. So, to make sure that they will read your copies, you have to apply this strategy. Focus on the first words of your copy and start strong. Include the relevant information in the first words so that readers will instantly get your message. Input keywords and links. This can also give a good SEO to your copy.Visual Appeal: To be sure that readers will not skim over your content, you need to give your copy a visual appeal. Be careful in choosing fonts. You may use the best ones like Courier, Verdana, or Times New Roman. Bold and italicize the letters when necessary. Make use of bullet points when you are going to list information. Put break-ups in every paragraph. You should also indent quotes. Do not forget to use headings and subheadings. You can also use images, multimedia, or infographics. If your content will be visually appealing, the reader may be encouraged to read it. It will not be boring in their sight. The truth that it will be pleasing can make them read it.Short Paragraphs: You must remember that you have to make your paragraphs short. Making long paragraphs will not be good because it can bore the readers. If the paragraph is too long, they might stop reading and abandon the site. To make sure that this will not happen, you must make sure that your paragraphs will be short and interesting. Concentrate on doing this because it can make your copy appealing. You will never want to bore your readers.Keywords and Phrases: Remember that you have to give importance to using keywords and phrases. Using keywords is a good way on how we can achieve SEO. SEO is important in boosting a brand. It gives organic traffic to a website and it gives an impressive ROI. The copy will rank higher in search engines if you will use keywords and phrases. This will help a company a lot to improve its brand identity. You can say that you have made good work with your copy when this thing happens. So, to help you in your writing, you must use keywords.Know the Audience: Audience is important in copywriting. You have to ensure that your copy will be appealing to them. Every copy is intended for a particular audience that can buy the company’s products and services. Remember, audiences seek answers to the problems that they have. They are searching for something that is why they have come to find your copy. Be sure that through your copy, you can provide the solution to them. They must think that the company that you are endorsing will be the solution to their problem. If this happens, you have one great copy that is proven to be effective. You have done a great job.Make Research: Yes, you should get the basic information for your copy from the client itself. But you have to know that you still need to research. You have to research the particular industry about the copy that you are about to make. Through this, you will gain knowledge on how you can promote their product. You can have a competitor analysis that you can use in your writing. You will have the necessary information that you need to be more knowledgeable about the subject. You can make the copy better in the end.

How to Write a Copywriting Services Proposal

Are you considering a Proposal For Copywriting Sample? Are you searching for a project proposal template because you have to create a copywriting proposal and you want to make it better? A proposal sample or proposal example can truly help you, but it is better if you will consider some steps in creating a proposal. You can apply the following steps:

  • Step 1: Greetings and Objectives

    The first thing that you need to do is to get the interest of the clients to engage in your service. Make a Cover Letter where you will tell them that you want to give them content writing or copywriting services. Greet them cordially in your letter. It is essential that you should make a captivating greeting so that you can get their attention and interest to consider your proposal. After your cover letter, make an executive summary. The executive summary should contain all your objectives for the project. Make your objectives appealing so that you can convince the clients to grant you the proposal.

  • Step 2: Give Introductions

    Then, you have to make a Letter Of Introduction. You have to introduce yourself and tell the clients about your background. You need to showcase your skills and your experience. The clients must know that you are capable of delivering the project so you have to let them know that you are skilled in copywriting. You can send them your portfolio that can be evidence of your great writing skills. If you are new in the field, you can send copywriting samples that will prove that you are also able to do the job. Through your introductions, you have to convince the clients that the project will be in good hands.

  • Step 3: Project Specifics

    Afterward the Introduction, you have to talk about the scope of the project. Cite the specifications that you have for the project. State the copywriting service that you can give. After you have stated the scope of work that you can do, ask for your requirements. Cite the things that you need for you to finish the project. These are the information about the client’s brand and the voice that they are requesting. If they have a particular request, it is your requirement to ask for these things.

  • Step 4: Proof and Testimonials

    To get the project that you want, you must include social proof and Testimonials in your proposal. This will let the client know that you are skilled in the job and you have a couple of clients that are contented with your work. Testimonials can make the clients choose you for the project because your work has been proven by others. They will know that you can deliver the work well. They will accept your proposal through testimonials and proof that can testify that you are a good copywriter.


How Much is a Copywriting Service?

In 2021, doing copywriting services for websites costs from $25 – $25000. The cost depends on the length of the project and the topic that you are going to write. The quote also depends on the skills and the experience of the copywriter.

What is the Difference between Content Writing and Copywriting?

Content writing provides informative content that can be useful to readers. While copywriting is a persuasive way of writing copies for companies to promote their brand. Copywriting services are usually more expensive than content writing services.

Copywriting can be a rewarding career because copywriting services can be expensive. You just have to harness your skills in copywriting and learn some good skills in writing a proposal. Are you a copywriter? Do you need a template for copywriting services proposal? This post has 5+ SAMPLE Copy Writing Services Proposal. You can pick any of them and use it in drafting a proposal. Wait no more! Download now!