What Is a 90-Day Executive Plan?

A 90-day executive plan, also called a  90-day action plan, is a document that outlines the goals, strategies, and actions of executive members during their 90-day period to acclimate and educate new members of the group. It is a plan that allows executive members to relate work and educate their team members during their onboarding period, setting expectations on how each member should deliver their tasks in the long run. This document also contains SMART goals that discuss how executives will achieve success for the company. For new employees, the action plan will serve as their guide in easily adapting to their job description and work environment, knowing well that it details all business goals and performance goals required from them every week, month, or year.

Whether you are doing a 90-day plan for a new executive director or a 90-day plan for a new manager, you have to ascertain that you can achieve the benchmarks of your work. To easily follow a specific standard in achieving high-quality output, you may include metrics on this plan— you can even consider using a 30-60-90 day plan and an executive transition plan to make your work more detailed, as well as an onboarding checklist to keep you on track with your tasks.

Benefits of a 90-Day Executive Plan

A 90-day executive plan has other benefits besides being a detailed framework and guide at work. If you are eager to know what a 90-day executive plan can do for you, then read and consider the following benefits listed below:

Increased Productivity: Productivity may be compromised when we have just started with the job. Because we are not accustomed to our tasks, we may not have the best results. But this can be prevented if we can make a 90-day plan. By planning, we can be successful with our tasks. We can achieve the best productivity even if we are just new in our job. This can do a lot of things for the company because even if we are just in the onboarding process, the company can use us to the fullest. We can deliver great results for the job. So, we do not have to compromise productivity just because we are new to the job. We can do something. The 90-day executive plan can help us to be productive. We can be productive with all our tasks even if we are just beginning our job.Accuracy on Tasks: A 30-60-90 day plan for an executive assistant or a 30-60-90 day plan for an account executive is a must. If we do not want to fail our boss, we have to make a plan that can make us effective workers. Being new to a job means that we have to make ourselves familiar with all our tasks. While we are in the process, we may experience difficulties. Because of this, we may make mistakes on our job. To avoid this, we must make a 90-day executive plan that can direct us to do our tasks rightfully. We can achieve accuracy with our work through the plan. We can have a roadmap to follow so that we will not commit mistakes. We can have options every time we can face new challenges at work. The 90-day executive plan can offer us solutions to any problems we can have at our job. Thus, we can maintain a good job with our every task. This will do you a great thing because even if you are new to your job, you can finish your tasks efficiently.Saves Time and Energy: You may feel so hectic when you are on a new job. Every time, you still do not know what to do. You can spend time training yourself on your new tasks. But with a 90-day executive plan, you can make your work easier. You can be guided on everything that you have to do. Because you have planned everything, there will be a certain direction for every task that you have to take. You do not have to work with anything. You will have strategies that can help you to attain your goals. You can have complete direction on how you can finish your tasks easier. By having a plan, you can save a lot of time and energy. You will have everything ready for you. All you have to do is to follow what you have planned. You can avoid unnecessary delays and you can overcome every obstacle. You can have the best experience in your job even if you have just started at work.Gives Room for Perfection: Being an executive is not a simple job. You have a high responsibility on your shoulder. Perfection is expected on this job. Because this is a very serious job, you need to plan everything that you should do. This is the only way you can achieve perfection. So, you have to follow a 90-day executive plan that will detail every step that you should take to make your work perfect. So polish your plan so that it can fit your work. Put everything important in the plan so that you will not forget everything important to make your work good. Apply every good work strategy that makes you accomplish your tasks in the best way. You can be on your way to perfection through the 90-day executive plan. It can enable you to fulfill every task perfectly. You can be sure that you can reach all your business goals.Reaching Your Objectives: Goals cannot be reached unless we make plans to achieve them. A 90-day executive plan is what can direct you to achieve your goals and objectives. By following the plan, you can make tasks that can direct you to your objectives. You will not do anything that can be against your goals. Every day, you will work on things that you know can contribute to the fulfillment of your objectives. This will not be possible unless you make plans that can direct you to your objectives. So, planning plays a crucial role in all your goals and objectives. Plan for things that can show you how to reach your objectives. This may be a challenging task but if you will concentrate on your objectives, this may be possible. Consider all your objectives. Set goals that you can reach when you do your tasks. This is just a matter of discipline. If you train yourself to pursue your goals, you will see in the end that you will achieve them.

Tips on 90-Day Executive Plan

If you feel overwhelmed just by looking at or reading a 90-day executive plan, don’t worry because you are not alone with that aspect. It is normal for new employees to be unfamiliar with many things in the company, and a 90-day executive plan can be one of them. So, to lighten your worries, we provide you with essential tips on 90-day executive plans. They are the following:

Ask Questions: To be acquainted with your job, you need to ask questions. You will learn many things if you ask questions. You will know what to do on things that you do not know what to do. It is not bad to ask questions to your subordinates. This only means that you are willing to learn.Use SMART Goals: SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) can help you so you can set the right metrics for your tasks. You can allot a great standard for your work by using SMART goals. You will be able to know what to do to achieve your goals and objectives.Have Meetings: You should be able to have meetings with other people on your job. This will give you the right knowledge that you need for your job. Meet with stakeholders. Talk with your co-workers. You need to familiarize yourself with everything. So, your team can help you.Be Flexible: Flexibility at work will do you good. So, you must know that you should make your 90-day executive plan flexible, too. If there are unexpected things that will happen, you will know what to do. You can overcome any challenges that you can face at work.

How to Write a 90-Day Executive Plan

Now, did your boss require you to create a 90-day executive plan for the company? If yes, then you’re in luck! Not only do we have tons of ready-made templates prepared for you, but we also have a simple “how to” procedure written to assist you in making your 90-day executive plan. Listed below are the following steps:

Step 1: Talk with Your Manager

The first thing that you can do in writing a 90-day executive plan is to talk with your manager. You must ask your manager about your progress. Know your performance. This will tell you all the things that you need to do to make your work better. You will know your strengths and weaknesses. You will know whether you need support or not.

Step 2: Know Your Priorities

After talking with your manager, you should start to think about your priorities. This is important for the 90-day executive plan. Your priorities can direct you on what are the things that you need to give importance to. You should know where your focus should be after knowing your priorities. So, you must weigh all things. What are things that are more important to you? You will know how you will deal with your tasks if you will know your priorities.

Step 3: Make an Action Plan

After knowing your priorities, have an action plan. Make an action plan that will direct you to all the steps that you have to take. Remember that you should achieve many milestones. So, you should set metrics for every task. You need to reach every benchmark for all your work. Your action plan should be something that can make your work perfect. So, be careful in making strategies for the action plan.

Step 4: Determine Your Deliverables

Now, you should focus on the deliverables. Be sure that you can make the best deliverables for your work. To do this, you must determine all your deliverables. Set standards for every deliverable so that you can make each of them perfect. Remember that you need to have high quality for all your tasks. Giving high quality for all your tasks can make you have perfect deliverables.

Step 5: Focus on Development

The last thing will be your focus on development. You must not stop with the current quality of your work. You should know how to make every task perfect. So, you must have a development strategy that can make your work better. Through this, you can improve your work and have increased productivity. This is how you can make your 90-day executive plan effective.


When should I make a 90-day executive plan?

You should make a 90-day executive plan at the time of the interview or before starting your new job. The plan will help you to achieve great things at work.

Is a 90-day executive plan important?

Yes, it is important. Through the plan, you can monitor your progress at work. You will be able to fulfill your tasks more effectively. You can keep track of your goals and objectives.

If you are a new executive, the 90-day executive plan is the best weapon that you can have. It can make you adjust to your work perfectly. You can be efficient with your job and you can attain your tasks in the best way. Well, do you need a template for a 90-day executive plan? This post has 5+ SAMPLE 90-Day Executive Plan in PDF | MS Word. You can create a great 90-day executive plan by using these templates. What are you waiting for? Download now!