With the customer’s relaxation and comfort in mind, most spas or salons are built as a sort of small getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But what is the recipe that puts all of these together? What is it that makes you sigh with relief whenever you think about your favorite spa or salon retreat? Is there a secret sauce that makes people crave for these kinds of services more? What you’re looking at is a successful Spa and Salon Business Plan, the mastermind tool behind this type of business.

What Is a Spa and Salon Business Plan?

An Investopedia article defines a business plan as a written document that describes in detail how a business-usually a startup-defines its objectives and how it is to go about achieving its goals. A business plan lays out a written roadmap for the firm from marketing, financial, and operational standpoints. In this case, a spa and salon business plan is a written document that outlines its business, financial and marketing strategy plan for a spa and salon business. The North American Industry Classification System, known as the NAICS, classifies spa and salon services under category 8121, which is the Personal Care Services. Technically speaking, a spa is different from a salon service, in which the former offers services in a more controlled environment, usually medical, and benefits the body as a whole; while the latter’s more done in a general way, focusing mainly on hair and nails.

Nowadays, we’re seeing an increase in the number of businesses combining both spa and salon services. Hence, we’re also seeing skilled workers upping their games as well to be able to accommodate doing both spa and salon services. One of the advantages of a combined personal care business of both a spa and a salon is that it saves clients, or customers, the time and convenience of traveling from one personal care service location to another. Why go the distance for one service when you can have them all in one place? Another is the personalized comfort it offers to regular customers. Customers would love to be attended to by the same therapist or stylist who can, at the same time, do also their hair and nails. That familiarity that exists between the therapist/stylist and the customer develops that trust between them, knowing that the therapist/stylist already knows what kind of massage style or hair style or overall treatment that customer wants.

Also, another advantage of having a combined personal care services can be in the form of a marketing strategy. In this case, the owner of the business can offer discounts or promos for availing combined or package services, like free facial massage for every hair cut availed. All of these are parts of a good spa and salon business plan. The overall marketing and financial plan determines the success of the personal care service business. In this article, we will be focusing more on the combined personal care service business, which is the spa and salon business.

Strategies of a Successful Spa and Salon Business

Out of all the competitors out there, what makes one spa and salon business stand out among the rest? What makes that particular establishment click with its customers? A good guess would be that the owner of that spa and salon has a good old business plan tucked away. A good business plan is just as sacred as a magician’s secret. Never to be revealed. Well, most of the time anyways. Treat your business plan as your secret sauce why your business is more successful compared to the rest. The trick there is that in order to have a successful business, you need to have good strategies in place. The treat is the result, which is a booming business.

There is no hard and fast rule as to the strategies of having a successful business plan for a spa and salon business. You just need to focus more on what your goals are and why you are putting up that personal care service business in the first place. The customers are, will, and will always be the end goal of any business. Customer relationship and satisfaction counts as the top priority. Aside from being out your A-game skills on board as the owner, here are some of the common steps involved when making a good spa and salon business plan.

Your Brand Says It All: All businesses are about images, images that you project to your customers. Investopedia once again defines brand as a business and marketing intangible concept that helps people identify a particular company, product, or individual. Simply put, it’s a business name that serves as your business concept and represents your business at the same time. It is something catchy, draws out the inner wants or needs of your customers, or perhaps even creates those needs or wants, whenever they hear or see your brand. That’s basically the goal of any brand, that is to attract customers and drive more sales. Consider the aesthetic logo design as well. With the spa and salon business, a sample goal here when making a brand is that whenever your customers hear or see your brand, words such as relaxing, pampering, comfort, great style should be floating on their minds. These are some of the successful brand names out there are Coca Cola, Pepsi, Starbucks, Amazon.Location and Size Matters: Of course, you want the location of your business to be accessible and convenient to your customers. With the help from a good old trustworthy real estate agent, you can be able to find a location that your customers can easily access, a location that fits your budget, and of course, with other considerations in place such as the size of the building you have in mind, what it looks like, the neighborhood, local competitions in the area, et cetera. Probably best if you grilled down your real estate agent into the nitty gritty details of the location. Now, once you have the location, consider the existing building, or the kind of building structure that you plan to put up. Since you’re going to offer a combination of both spa and salon personal care service, you need to have areas within the building that can either do both services or separately. In this case, size of the building structure does matter.Fundings in Place: Perhaps the boring part of a business plan? Well, not if you’re an accountant, or someone who eyes lits up whenever they see numbers. Fundings, or the finances, is and will always play a big, if not the biggest, part of any business. You may have the best branding concept in the world, you may have a paradise-like location and building structure for your business, but if you do not have the funds to support that, well, let’s just say there’s a hundred percent chance your business will not come to fruition. If you do not have the capital to put up your spa and salon business service, you might consider a financial lending institution, such as your local bank. Make sure to be prepared with a good loan presentation, good enough to even impress the president of the bank. Ask assistance from a good accountant on how to draft your needed financial plan. Once approved, you’re one step closer in achieving your dream spa and salon business.Good Marketing Plan: This will be your overall game plan to achieve that goal of a booming spa and salon business. Find your target market. Always put your target market, or your target customers as your top priority when strategizing your marketing plans. Make your target customers’ needs and wants out of a spa and salon business as your basis later on for making your products and services. Word of mouth is great, but so are the other popular trending platforms of marketing, such as through social media marketing. There are so many great ideas out there for marketing a spa and salon business. All you have to do is just to pick one and customize it according to your brand concept.

Producing a Successful Spa and Salon Business Plan

Creating a successful spa and salon business plan is like a journey. You need a map to get you to your destination of a successful thriving and booming business. It can be exciting and scary at the same time. That’s why you need a business plan. A business plan guides you, sets your pace, keeps you focused and on track. 

To make things easier for you, there are a lot of business plan templates up for grab out there that you can use to start your personal care service business journey. Selecting the best one out there is the key. Check out our existing business plan templates on our website. We have loads of templates to choose from, especially one that caters to spa and salon business. It’s ready for download and is easy to use as 1-2-3! But if you wanted to find out how to start making a spa and salon business plan from scratch, read on.

Create your Brand and Logo Design

Before you write down anything else, plan out your brand name and concept. Keeping in mind the goal of opening up a personal care service business, make a logo design that’s reflective of that goal. Check out your competition. Aside from avoiding any copyright infringement, you want to make a brand and logo that stood out from the rest. Keep it simple yet catchy. It should be something that clicks and sticks in their head whenever they think about a spa and salon. Your logo design needs to communicate your brand’s concept.

Prepare your Cover Page

This is where you introduce the name of your spa and salon business. Write the name, the brand name, the concept description of why you came up with the brand, your mission and vision or your goal for the personal care service business. Write down your management structure as well. Explain why you chose that brand concept and logo. Avoid being too wordy. Mention as well your demographics, your location, your target market. Make a good description of your business establishment, the specific address, how customers can get there, the parking area, what equipment you had installed in place, the lounge, and other types of facilities located inside your building.

Create a Market and Financial Analysis

Identify your target market. Identify who your competitors are. Identify your market value. Using your financial capital put up to start the business, how much products should a customer avail over a certain period of time in order to catch up with your capital. If you’re applying for a loan, outline the steps such as how much loan amount you need, your plans to use it, and what are the steps you’ll be taking to repay it. Get the assistance of a good accountant if necessary to assist you in making your financial analysis and planning. This is the part where you break down your budget, expenses, and expected revenue stream.

Produce Enticing Product Services and Offerings

To reach that revenue goal, you need to get your creative juices flowing in making your product services and offering. Again, the end goal of your business is your customers’ satisfaction. Create services specifically catering to specific needs. Look into product variety. It may be the type of equipment you use or the type of products that you use. For the services, go for specialization. What does your spa and salon specialize in when it comes to spa services? Do you have a signature massage? For your salon, do you have signature styles or signature services? Are your therapists and stylists well trained? Also include promos, discounts, and freebies. All customers love value added services to their purchases.

Spread the Word

This is your sales planning and marketing campaign. How people will find out about your business, and how they will choose you over your competitors. Spread the word through different types of media. There are lots of different media out there where you can get the word out. Some of them are email marketing campaigns, ad campaigns, social media campaigns, even through the word of mouth from your satisfied customers. With your budget in mind, choose the type of media campaigns where you can easily reach your target customers.


What kind of a business is a Spa and Salon business?

The North American Industry Classification System, or NAICS, categorizes spa and salon business under personal care services. In particular, a spa and salon business is a combined business offering both spa and salon services in one establishment.

What are the different types of marketing campaigns I can use for my business?

There are lots of different marketing campaigns out there, but it really depends on who is your target customer market. After you have identified who your target market is, identify which marketing campaign is effective in reaching them the most. Some of the different marketing campaigns to choose from are email campaigns, social media campaigns, ad campaigns, contest campaigns, and product launch campaigns.

How can my spa and salon business stand out from my competitors?

Be unique. Focus on your target market. Identify what their needs and wants are whenever they think about a spa and salon. Create your products and services around those needs and wants. Create a visually appealing logo. Create a brand that reflects your goals.

A spa and salon business caters to both men and women who are in need of that self-love, self-indulgent pampering after a day of hustle and bustle, or on any other day that they want to feel beautiful both outside and inside. A go-to place for the stressed out person, it is a must that a spa and salon business should thrive and be successful. In fact, your tool to make your spa and salon business successful is a well carved out business plan.

Creating that successful spa and salon business plan can be both exciting and daunting. It shouldn’t be daunting once you have your business ideas and structure in place. To help you in creating a successful business plan, there are lots of available business plan templates out there to choose from. Check out our site. We have lots of ready-made business templates available, especially ones designed for spa and salon business owners. See how we make it easy and simple for you. Download our templates, and enjoy the life of a successful spa and salon business owner!