What is A Vacation Leave Plan?

A vacation leave plan is a component of a company’s overall leave plan and policy. It aids in keeping track of the amount of leaves taken, including paid and unpaid leaves as well as sick and vacation time. It can take the form of an excel vacation leave planner or any vacation leave plan template. This would therefore assist the HR department in tracking the number of authorized leave days taken by their staff. It is an excellent human resource strategic action plan for monitoring their employees’ activities. After all, there are only a certain number of paid days in a year. It also assists in tracking and maintaining a log of employee leave schedules. It is an essential instrument for the proper execution of workplace policies. Employees do not have easy access to a vacation leave plan. Because it would contain information from other employees. However, an employee can definitely bring management up to speed on the possibility of paid leaves.

Reasons to Plan a Vacation

Needless to say, spontaneity always brings forth surprises. Good or bad. And impulsively, you can take a vacation now and then. It helps with your mental health and discourages burnout. However, leaving work abruptly without notice might bring a bad impression. Not only that but it might be labeled as AWOL (Absent Without Leave). Surely, you do not want that. You want to return from your supposed vacation and still have work to return to, right? Work aside, there are numerous reasons to plan a vacation ahead of time. Here’s some of them:

Peace of Mind: Vacation is all about relaxing! Having fun! Enjoying your time under the sun. Or inside your home with a book on your hand. It’s all about having that peace and tranquility. An ideal scenario away from your busy daily routine. Unless you are a very adventurous, spontaneously taking off for a sudden vacation often makes you anxious. Anxiety is not a good companion. That plan on reveling a quiet time for yourself would be thrown out the window. You’ll have too many worries to actually enjoy! Most especially if you are marooning off on an unfamiliar territory. Issues like your vacation rental house or your abandoned work reports would plague your mind constantly. Not to mention your safety or where you can eat proper food! Isn’t it better to walk around and enjoy sights without any worries? So, get on with that task checklist before you start packing for your vacation. Save More Money: Exciting, peaceful vacation. That’s a theme everybody wants to embody on their vacation. But money issues could throw you out of the loop. An unplanned vacation would more likely induce unrestrained and out of control spending. If there’s no exact plan ahead of time, it’s hard to know what activities could save you money. Let’s say, transportation. As a tourist in an unfamiliar place, you can get lost. Nope, that is not a totally unavoidable situation no matter how prepared you are. That being said, planning ahead routes you can take or places you can go to gives you a sense of direction.  It also helps that you can save large transportation money trying to get to your direction. It’s even harder to enjoy your day when you’re not exactly where you want yourself to be, right? Especially in a tourist hotspot where everything just seems appealing. All the foods look scrumptious and inviting! But all the more reason for the prices to hike when there’s greater demand. So, manage your money wisely. It might not be that encouraging, but it’s all part of freely enjoying your time.Ensuring Your Safety: If your vacation entails somewhere farther from home, it’s best to plan ahead of time. Safety is still a key factor wherever you go. Even in the familiar walls of your home. And as you write your vacation plan leave letter, why not also look around the internet safe places for tourist? In foreign lands where you might not know locals who can guide you, you are your own map. And the crimes against tourist like pickpocketing and fraud are still prevalent. More so if you are navigating in a strange city alone. You will always stand out like a sore spot for hawks to feast on. Planning ahead will allow you to take countermeasures that would ensure your safety.Work: The main purpose of creating a vacation leave planner is to track the amount of leave from all employees. That way, they can monitor the available paid leave one could get before it resets. And your vacation would often revolve around that availability. You have to get approval from your HR or your direct supervisor. And it’s always recommended to file your leaves months ahead. Its simpler to make adjustments in case there are factors that did not go according to plan. And you have more time in your hand to improve your planning.  Informing your supervisor that you are going to take time off will also inform them of your attendance. Since there are days where your presence is required for a crucial period within your company. 

Types of Vacation Locations

Now, we are on a more fun part. We can always think about vacationing without having clear picture of our destination. Understandable. There’s just too many places to choose from. Oftentimes, it’s all about the moment. A vacation is always fun just by having the right companions. However, it ain’t so bad knowing your choices.

Beaches: Oh, the sea! The white sand and the salty taste of the air as you take a deep breath. The humid air perfect for a natural tan. Glorious. Beaches are one of the best place for a vacation. It’s so far away from the busy crowded streets of the city. The total opposite of tall buildings and the billowing smoke from car exhausts. Distant from the fast pace of hurried steps and work schedules. And there’s so many activities you can do in beaches! Swimming, water sports, tanning or simply taking a walk along the shoreline! And sunsets look best out in the sea. The horizons make it easier to forget your problems and worries. Just the blue expanse of the water can help relax your mind. And it’s easier to enjoy yourself in a place where everybody else is also enjoying themselves.Camping: Bonfires under the starry night or the cicada buzzing in a secluded forest is where you can find the true quite. It’s also best for an impromptu getaway. However, availability of camping grounds may vary from place to place. So hold your camping checklist for a moment and do a quick internet check. Camping are also a great overnight activity. And if you pair that with a small trek, then you’re also exercising. Most of all, camping is a great way to have a family bonding. Or getting acquainted with other people around the campfires. Or maybe, the storytelling of traditional campfire stories. Camping is one of the easiest identifiable childhood memory. And so, as an adult, a part of us may yearn to go back in time. And camping does not necessarily cost a lot of money. As most essentials would come from your own pocket rather than from the camping ground. You can prepare beforehand and save more money.Road Trips: Road trips are almost one of a kind vacation. There’s an aimless almost freeing feeling of the wind in your hair while driving your car. It’s not the usual “stuck in the traffic” situation. And for once, you can appreciate the value of your vehicle. Essentially, road trips need vehicle to start with. It can be a rental or owned. Aside from gas expenses and food, road trips are less expensive than the normal getaway. There’s also the advantage of exploring and reaching new places in a short amount of time. You can get a quick look before taking off to another town. But road trips are only fun when you have more people. It’s quite dangerous to be the only person in a car in a long drive and straight highways. That does not mean you cannot spontaneously take off on your own. You can, just make sure you have enough money and is already excused from work.Tourists Spots and Activities: Vacationing off tourist spots are probably the most common and popular type of vacation. There’s almost a necessity to go at least once in your life. See what the buzz is all about. The grandeur of the Eiffel Tower or the popular streets of Tokyo! Or go skydiving in the skies of Abu Dhabi! Perhaps, go to the coasts of Tarifa and test your balance in surfing! There’s hundreds of popular spots like them. Engaging in sports and activities that are not a common action in your daily life. Testing the waters or the seeing the horizon in a different angle. We, humans, have a warrior’s blood in our veins. A result of evolution and wars that forged our ancestors. And so there must be that thrum that always seek the thrill. Although muted as we get lost in the repetitive motions of our daily lives. It’s not cliché to see why everybody deemed a place as popular. There must be a reason. You can treat it as another adventure.Cruise: Probably one of the most luxurious and expensive type of vacation is being on a cruise ship. And if you’re not afraid of seeing an endless sight of water in all direction, then this might be for you. The appeal of cruising, perhaps, is not simply for its luxury. There’s an indulgence of taking time off where nobody can reach you. Since cellular service does not work in the middle of the ocean. But you’re not just surrounded by bodies of water but also with strangers. Taking on a cruise is one of the best form of temporary escape. Its isolation takes you out of your comfort zone. And if you’re into that kind of thing, why not start looking for tickets now?

How to Create a Vacation Leave Plan

There are two ways to interpret creating a vacation leave plan. If you’re the employee, you can make your own planner using a template and plan your vacation. On the other hand, if you are part of the HR department, a vacation leave plan is your task. However, the two sides do still have the same steps.

  • Step 1: Pick a Format and Template

    To make information clear and orderly, deciding on a format or the template to be used is recommended. It helps soothe out the problems of mislabeling or unorganized data. It’s crucial if the company has a lot of employees. Since leaves are subject to each employee according to their employment status. And so, everyone is not offered the same amount of leaves. Some can avail more than others. Some also might avail frequently while others accumulate theirs. And so keeping track by using a vacation leave plan template is encouraged.

  • Step 2: Put Names and Dates

    Now, the most important aspect of your leave plan are the names of the employees who are availing them. And also the dates they plan to take a leave. It tracks the number of leave a person can have and the dates that they will not be working. Since, not everyone can take leaves on a holiday especially if it’s a crucial period, thus the vacation leave plan monitors it.

  • Step 3: Label Eligibility

    The foremost question of taking a leave is your eligibility. Some employees cannot take paid leaves if they are still on probation. There’s also the limit that they are guaranteed. Therefore, it’s best to be clear about whether they are eligible or not. Since it plays a role on it being paid or not. It should also draw the picture who can avail and when they could.

  • Step 4: Sort Out Additional Details

    More than eligibility, there are nuances that is part of the vacation leave plan. Crucially those who are subjected to restraint. Pointing these aspect help makes sure that there’s no bias. As everybody should be given the same fair treatment.


Why Is a Vacation Leave Plan Important?

A vacation leave plan organizes all of the approved leaves from various employees. As a result, it is easy to manage and track everyone’s available leave. It also aids in the creation of a strategy for how many leaves are available on specific days, such as holidays. A vacation leave plan will also include criteria for approval.

When Can an Employee Avail his Vacation Leaves?

When a worker becomes a regular employee, they are usually able to begin taking leaves. The amount of leave someone can take varies depending on corporate policy and rules. These are also subject to change in availability. Some can be accumulated and carried forward to the following months, while others must be converted into cash before the end of the year. You can get further information from your HR department for personal clarification.

Vacation is a break from the typical hustle and bustle of work-related scenarios. I t is easier to unwind and freshen your thoughts. You can also gain new insights and perspectives on your existing concerns and problems. A vacation allows you to travel and see sites that you would not normally see in your daily routine. Simply said, taking a trip every now and again is an excellent way to unwind.

There is nothing more fulfilling than taking some time off. Take your leave! Make plans for your holiday! Remove any worrisome thoughts from your mind. Don’t worry, your vacation leave is all recorded in an excel vacation leave planner. Alternatively, you can now suggest a sample vacation leave plan in PDF to your HR management. Just have a look above!