What Is a Teacher Action Plan?

Education is the one thing that can never be taken by anybody and it is our educator’s role to prepare everyone for their lifelong learning. A teacher’s action plan is instructional plan support in a complete way and to assess the progress of the goals and objectives in multiples areas of education.  The action plan consists of different strategies to cater to the student’s needs, such as making student-centered activities or multi-activity to help individual growth. The primary goal of being a teacher is to help student’s learning journey easier and more fun, student’s attention varies to their skills and topic comprehension. Most of the classrooms got 20-30 students and providing them activities according to their ability would seem impossible, but if there is a thorough preparation then it can be achieved. An action plan doesn’t only help the student but also the teacher and the institution, an action plan can be used as a reference for the following years. As a teacher, knowledge of certain matters is not enough, you need to be holistically prepared from delivery of the lesson to evaluation or assessment.

The Objective of a Teacher Action Plan

A Learning action plan will contribute to the whole process of education and it greatly affects everyone inside the circle, such as the teachers, school, division, department of education, and students. The classroom wouldn’t be in order if there is no structured being strictly followed, the environment would be chaotic and not conducive to learning. An action plan serves as the teacher’s best friend as well in the classroom full of different students, it’s a great thing to have something to back you up. One of the objectives of a teacher action plan is to draw out the potential of every child because every child or student is special and they’ve got their own talents and skills. The teacher’s duty is not to choose talent for the students but to enhance their hidden talents and use it effectively in learning.

Structured Lesson – Structured lesson is something that can’t be impromptu, it is planned and organized according to what is the nature of the students from classroom observation report and what is the given objective from the departments of education. It is the role of the action plan to have a clear lesson, that is measured with the differentiated learning goal. A structured lesson plan is composed of the objectives, introduction to the lesson, criteria to meet the goal, the strategies that will accommodate the diverse skills of the students. It is also a role of the teacher action plan to create a structured lesson that anchors to the core values of the institution, for example in teaching science, it must be associated with the values such as integrity, equality, or quality. A structured lesson will also generate structured comprehension.

Organized Environment Behavior plan in classes can also be a struggle for the teacher, from lower years to higher years. behavior is influence by its environment and it is the role of the action plan to establish a healthy, safe, fun, and conducive environment. The action plan’s goal is to make it possible, the attention span of a person is very short leading to a boring class so the action plan will awaken the unlimited imagination of the students. An organized environment is not just about seating arrangement or posters on the wall, it also means setting the mindset of the students to what is the lesson is trying to teach. The students will be in a classroom or will be with the teacher for a limited time but the effect of the environment can be lifelong learning.

Teacher Aid – The teacher is the best visual aid inside the four corners of the classroom, with all eyes and ears on you, it can be challenging and pressuring as well. One teacher against 20-30 students, it is just right to have someone or something to help them get the lesson delivered properly. it is a part of the character of the action plan, to aid the teachers in the best way possible. Teachers are humans too, there are times when they won’t be able to remember everything but that is where the action plan comes in, to help the teacher get back on track and deliver the lesson with mastery. A teacher’s action plan will not only bring out the potential of the students but also the teacher’s ability to craft the syllables perfectly. You can consider the action plan as your best friend in the four corners of the classroom.

Develop Full Potential – One of the characteristics of the action plan is to develop the full potential of the students, teachers, program, and institution. Full potential is a process, it develops over the course of time and so it is the purpose of the action plan to contribute to that progress so that the person or institution can develop faster than the expected time. Human learning is like house construction, it is a process of building the fundamentals to making designs and styles to make it beautiful and outstanding. Therefore, once the student goes to a higher field, they are already equipped with the right skills.

Component of a Teacher Action Plan

An action plan is like a body system, it has its parts and different functions. All the parts of the action plan play a role to fulfill and make sure that it will be effective. Just like the body system if there is an error on a certain part, the body can’t function very well leading to delayed activities in life. The components of the action plan are the overview, objectives, lesson proper, strategy, and assessment. Everything is anchored to the competencies, competencies are the result of thorough research reports by scholars who studied the vital objectives of a certain program, in order for the competencies to be carried out, we need an action plan to make it detailed and understandable. Let us take a look at the components of an action plan, you can also check our samples to have more guidance.

Overview: An overview is the introduction of the action plan, it describes what the action plan is all about. It broadly defines why the lesson is important, what is the lesson, how it will be delivered, and when it will be implemented. It will also discuss the kind of philosophy statement used in the action plan, to provide a table of content to the action plan. Basically, it is an outline that composes of the preface and table of content. The main purpose of making an overview of the action plan is for the conductor and reader reference, it could be for future purposes as well.Objectives: An objective is like an expected outcome of the action plan, this is anchored to the school curriculum vitae. Objectives are associated with the core values of the institution as well. The objective is the blood of the action plan, it is distributed to the whole system. It provides essential elements so that the lesson would produce lifelong learning to the students, The objective composes of goals to enhance the cognitive skills, psychomotor abilities, and life lessons. It must be measurable, specific, attainable, realistic, and timely. The body system wouldn’t be considered a life due to its mere existence, it must have a purpose.Lesson Proper: The lesson proper is the technicalities of the action plan. It is a structured component that composes the lesson itself, the substance of the action plan is drawn out in lesson proper. The subject matter will be discussed in this component, the details about the subject, and the references as well. The lesson proper will make sure that the objectives are strictly followed, for example in history subject, the lesson proper would be about the world history, Asian history, economics, religion, etc. with different subtopics for each category. It will be thoroughly discussed in this area, it composes of facts about the certain matter. Lesson proper is like the output of the action plan with associated objectives.Strategy: Strategy is the style, just like the body system, the way you posture yourself is the strategy. The strategy will depend on what are the needs of the students, for example in lower years, you need to associate activities that are aligned with their ability. There are various strategies used in action plans such as visualization, differentiated activities, behavior management, inquiry-based, cooperative learning, etc. The strategy will fill in the gap in the attention span of the person so that the lesson will be effective and fun. The strategy must be anchored to the objectives and subjects matter, for example in history, you can make a strategy that is related to history such as inquiry-based, or in a science lesson, you can have an experimental strategy. It is very vital in establishing the setting in the class. Teaching is an art, the colors and materials used will awaken the imagination of every student that will make them relive the situation.Assessment: To make sure that certain requirements are met, teachers will need to assess the students. It will measure how much they’ve learned and what are the difficulties in the lesson as well. It composes of activities, tasks, quizzes, and also assignments. Activities can be in any form, it can be a debate for a lesson about social issues or a roleplay about revolution. The main purpose of the assessment is to be informed of what is the easy parts and the difficult parts that the students encounter, it can be a reference for the institution and teachers as well. There are two types of assessment that can be used in the class, pre-assessment, and post-assessments. The purpose of the pre-assessment is for the teacher and students to have an idea what are the things needed to fill in while the post-assessment will measure what they have learned after the lesson is discussed.

How to Make a Teacher Action Plan

An effective action plan is the core purpose of making it, there is an order to follow so that the action plan would be presentable and credible. The standard way in making an action plan is by having an introduction, objectives, strategy, references, and assessment. The action can always be modified so that certain competencies will be achieved. Below are the steps on how to make an action plan.

Create Goals

This is the first step in creating a teacher action plan, creating objectives anchored to the school curriculum. In creating the objectives, there are things to consider such as knowledge skills, higher cognitive thinking, and performance or psychomotor objectives. These three should be present in the objectives to assure holistic goals. You can start with understanding the curriculum, then make objective statements. For example,

Make Strategic Learning

The next part is making a strategy for the majority or minority of the classes. The diversity of learners will be the main concern in making a strategy, that is why it is very important to acknowledge everyone’s weaknesses and strengths. The very first thing to do is determining the level of comprehension of learners, the purpose of doing this is to set the right strategy for that certain level. The most common strategy used is the differentiated strategy as it copes up with the different learning styles of the students. Another strategy is the cooperative learning strategy, this will enhance the student’s ability to socialize, one activity for cooperative learning is the jigsaw method. Any strategy will always be the best once it helps the students understand more the lesson.

Provide Reference

The resources are very important, it will solidify the credibility of the information. The teachers are considered as bearers of truth, every information is vital as it influences the student’s minds and behaviors. There are a lot of resources so you need to organize and categorize the references as well. It can be a book, blog, vlog, website, etc. some information might differ from the others so it is your duty as a teacher to do research so that facts may prevail. The resources must also be anchored to the objective of the action plan. One thing to organized the references is to follow a certain format such as the:

Create Assessment

The last part of making an action plan is to make an appropriate assessment for the students. There are a lot of things to consider in what kind of assessment to do and when to do an assessment as well, you need to understand your student’s workload. Understanding your student’s struggle will help you realize when will be the best time to make an assessment so that you can achieve a quality result. It is also important to anchor the assessment to the lesson’s expected outcomes. In doing this, you need to provide clear instructions and a rubric as well, the purpose is to not be biased with the results.

What is a teacher action plan?

A teacher action plan is a systematic or structured way of presenting the competencies of a certain program.

What is an effective action plan?

An effective action plan composes of strategies that anchor to the objectives and are aligned to the level of cognitive skills of the students.

What are the steps in making a teacher action plan?

The first part is determining the nature of the institution, including the behavior of the students. Create objectives after, then make a strategy, including the references, and lastly the assessment.

Teachers are the pot makers of society, they mold students into a beautiful craft to become productive citizens. Teaching as a profession is a great responsibility because the knowledge and philosophies being instilled into the minds of the students will greatly influence them into who they wanna be in the future. The role of the teacher is to create successful individuals with a sense of purpose in life and it is the duty of the action plan to make it possible.