What is a Restaurant Budget Plan?

A restaurant budget plan is a document that contains plans and implementations about the budget for a restaurant. It details the costs and expenses of a restaurant. This is done to make a better sales plan so that a restaurant can gain more profits. All the costs are included even the expenses for the marketing plan and sales plan. It has a complete analysis of all the financial projections of the restaurant. A restaurant budget plan is used so that entrepreneurs can run the business better. They will be aware of everything on their financials. They can adjust expenditures according to the budget plan. They can have a plan where they can ensure that all their expenses will suit the budget and they will not be short on anything. Even if you own a small restaurant, you still need to make a small restaurant budget or a small restaurant budget plan so that you will know how you can handle your financials well. Only through the budget plan can you make financial strategies because you are aware of the costs of your expenses. In creating a budget plan, you need a monthly expenses spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet so that you can calculate the costs better. Line-items should be listed and you should make a financial analysis. Even as a startup, you have to analyze the startup costs, startup expenses, or startup budget. This can make you spend your money well so that you can be sure of profit.

Elements of a Restaurant Budget Plan

If you have seen a restaurant budget plan template or a restaurant budget plan sample, you can see that it contains several things. It has important elements that comprise it. Do you want to know some of its elements? Read the following to know the elements of a restaurant budget plan:

Daily Reports

A restaurant budget plan should have daily reports. This includes the daily sales report. Through this, you can calculate the total sales of the restaurant. You will know how much money goes into your pocket. Without a daily report, you cannot monitor the sales of your restaurant. It is important so that you can keep track of the progress of your sales. You will know if your sales plan is effective. If not, you can take certain actions so that you will have the best chance to increase your budget.

Item Sales Report

This has the details about what items your customers like. Analyzing your best items can contribute to how you can set your budget. You can concentrate your budget on producing these products more. This is important in the budget because you have to make a balance with the budget so you have to know which items will cost more.

Prime Costs

To know your profit potential, the best way to do it is to make prime costs. Do you know that those who do not make prime costs have bad restaurant management? They do not know how they can handle the business well in regards to its financials. To manage your business well, use prime costs to maximize your profits. To calculate prime costs, you should add the food cost, beverage cost, wages, taxes, and benefits. You should calculate the prime costs weekly. This can make you monitor the costs better. You do not have to wait for a monthly financial statement. Do it weekly so that you will know if ever there is a problem. This will prevent you from having a loss of money.


Your overall sales are important to the budget plan. You should make a statement of your sales in it. Recording your sales can help you to make a better budget forecast. Your profit can be determined by knowing your sales and profit is a necessary factor in the budget plan. So, sales are something that should be written in your budget spreadsheet. Calculate the total sales and you will know how you can set your budget.

Controllable Income

The controllable income is the ‘operating income’ of your restaurant. You need to record this in your budget plan. You will know how to budget for your restaurant if you will know the usual income that you have for your restaurant in days or weeks. Through this, you will know how much you can spend on expenses so you can set aside the profit.

Net Income

The net income is the money that you can get from the restaurant after paying all your expenses. In other words, it is your profit. It is the money that you can set as a budget for future expenses. It can include your profitability which makes up ROI or return on investment. In calculating the net income, be sure that you are done with all the expenses. After that, you may use the money because it is your profit. Unless you will include it as a budget.

Non-controllable Expenses

Some expenses cannot be controlled. Some of these are taxes, insurance, rent, and other expenses. These costs may get higher unexpectedly and you have to set a budget for these. Make an allowance on the budget for this. You may not know when your expenses with these things will get higher. So you better be ready.

Profit and Loss Analysis

To keep your objective of making a profit, you should make a profit and loss analysis. Make a P&L account in a particular format. This will make you know your revenues and how you can calculate the costs to generate this revenue. Make a financial statement by stating a monthly income statement and creating a balance sheet. Make a summary of profit and loss analysis. You will know how your restaurant is performing.

Labor Costs

The labor cost is another element of a restaurant business budget plan. You should know how much you should allot to pay for your workers. Without them, your business will not work. So in your budget spreadsheet, allot spaces where you can assess the labor costs. You have to set a particular budget for it.

Marketing Costs

A marketing budget plan for restaurant is also a must. Marketing is a part of every business. Without it, you cannot get customers that will patronize your products. It can involve a little cost for you but it is essential to set a budget for the marketing plan. Marketing materials need money and implementation has certain expenses.

Tips on Restaurant Budget Plan

Maybe you need to set a budget for restaurant business plan. Or you simply have to do restaurant budget planning. If you want to make the best budget plan for fast food restaurant, you should have some tips that you can apply to your budget. Read the following and consider these tips that you can use in your restaurant budget plan:

Good Inventory: In order for you to save money on materials, you should maintain a good inventory of your materials. Be sure that everything is consumed properly. Nothing should go to waste. You should also have a good inventory of your products. Inventory can make you maximize your profits by making the most of your assets. You can give importance to everything and you will not waste anything in your production. Hire an inventory clerk to keep all things. You will see that you can save a lot if you will always do inventory.Good Percentage for Food Cost: Your budget should comprise a good percentage for the food cost. Remember, the more food you have, the more profit will it give to your company. So, be sure that your budget will have a sufficient amount for food. Do not worry. Your product will sell if you will only have the best techniques on sales for it. The average percentage that you can give for the food cost is 25% – 35%. Having this percentage, you can ensure that you can have a good profit for your restaurant business.Get the Best Suppliers: To save on expenses, you must deal with the best suppliers. You may not consider the supplier with the cheapest price. But get a supplier with the lowest price but the best quality. If your product will have the best quality, for sure, this will give a boost to your sales. You can record the best sales in your budget. If you will also get a good supplier, you will be sure that they will deliver to you the best supplies where you will not have any wasted supplies. Through this, you can maximize your profits. This can be a lot of help to your budget.FIFO Method: Implement FIFO (First In, First Out) in your restaurant. Through this, you will not have waste on ingredients. This will do a lot of good for your budget. You can be thrifty and be sure that everything is consumed properly. Train your workers in the FIFO method so that you can maximize the potential in your profits. All the materials, up to the last of it, can be converted into sales and profits. Remember, it is not good to waste on anything. So to have this virtue and to have more profits, use FIFO in your business.Hire an Accountant: If you want to have the best reliable restaurant business budget plan for your company, you can hire an accountant. Accountants can make a better assessment of your budget. Because they are professional, they can advise you on how you can make profits better. They can have a better financial analysis for you. You can have a more accurate observation of your business when it regards your financials. They may be costly but they can surely help your business.Expert Financial Plan: For you to create the best budget for your restaurant, you should have the best financial plan. Financial strategies are important so that you will know the direction of your money. This is an important rule in setting a budget. You must know the flow of your money. You must ensure that you can get profits after you make expenses. It is hard to set a budget without a financial plan. You will not have a framework for creating it. So make plans for financial analysis to set the right budget. When you are having a restaurant budget breakdown, you will know what to do. You will be guided in creating a budget.

How to Create a Restaurant Budget Plan

Do you know how to make a budget plan for the restaurant? How can you set a minimum budget for a restaurant business plan? Do you need a restaurant monthly budget template because you are about to create a budget plan? Well, we have some steps that you can consider in creating a restaurant budget plan. They are the following:

  • Step 1: Identify the Restaurant’s Costs

    For you to start having the restaurant business budget plan, you should know all the costs that you are having in your restaurants. Identify all of them. Usually, they are food, beverages, marketing, liquor, wages, supplies, office costs, insurance, and utilities. When you know the costs, you will know how you can assess the budget.

  • Step 2: Calculate the Costs

    After you have identified the costs that you need in creating a budget plan, you must list them. Then calculate them. You must know the total costs that you are paying each month. To give you more visibility, you must provide the payment method that you used in paying these costs. After you have calculated everything, you can observe how you can set your budget.

  • Step 3: Sales Forecast

    You need to make a sales forecast for your business. You must predict the sales that you are going to have for the next month. This is the reason why you make sales plan. To ensure that you will have great sales each month. To have a sales forecast, you can keep a record of your sales for every month. Through it, you can make an accurate prediction of what you can get for the following month.

  • Step 4: Sales Tracking

    You must have the best way on how you can track your sales. You can use software that can help you. Or you can use a restaurant POS system. You can create a good pricing strategy if you will do tracking sales. You will have KPI reports that will make you assess your expenses. This will lead to a good budget for your restaurant.

  • Step 5: Sales Against Costs

    Now, you can have an observation of your sales and you have calculated your costs. The next thing that you need to do is to use the profit margin formula. You can have a good budgeting strategy through this. When you set your sales against the costs, you will know your profits from your business. Afterward, you can make the strategies that you can use for your budget.

  • Step 6: Optimize Finance Management

    Now. it is time for you to make finance management to your business. Optimize your financials so you can maximize your budget. Do everything to increase your revenue. Apply all techniques to decrease your expenses. if you will do this, you can increase your budget. Your profits will become more.


What is the Use of Restaurant Budget?

A restaurant budget will guide you in your business. It can keep your eyes open in running your business. It can direct you and point you to specific destinations that can make your business grow.

How Much is a Restaurant Budget?

The budget of a restaurant may depend on the size of the restaurant, but the average budget is $16000 per month or $200000 per year.

To be sure that you can make profits on your restaurant, you must create a restaurant budget plan that can make you to assess everything. Restaurant budget planning can direct you to achieve your goals. Are you looking for a template for a restaurant budget plan? This post has 14+ SAMPLE Restaurant Budget Plan in PDF. They are downloadable and free. Use any that you will like. Do not wait anymore. Download now!