What is a Negotiation Strategy Plan?

What is negotiation strategy? What is negotiation planning? Is it a technique that we have to apply when we are negotiating in business? Do we truly have to plan before we step into negotiations? A negotiation strategy plan is a document that includes the tactics that an entrepreneur or an individual can use to make negotiations successful. In every negotiation process of an existing organization, the negotiators need to plan whatever they will say to clients or to the person they are making a negotiation with. For one thing, the negotiators have to get their purpose. To convince the clients with their suggestions and aims. To make them approve of whatever is to be negotiated. The negotiators need to have a negotiation matrix that will serve their purpose. Negotiation preparation is needed and negotiation styles should be done. For example, if you are a supplier, you need to do everything in negotiation to get clients that will order supplies from you. In the supplier negotiation process, you need to have procurement to be done in the negotiation so that you can ensure sales in the supply chain. You must ensure that your efforts will not be wasted when talking with clients. They should order to you using effective negotiation skills. So, you see, you need to plan the negotiation strategy. Negotiation strategy and planning are what can make your negotiation successful.

The Basics of Negotiation Strategy Plan

We should make negotiation strategies. They can bring many clients to our business. But how can we make a strategy plan? Do we have to refer to negotiation strategy examples or adapt some business negotiation strategies?  Do we have to explain the process of planning a negotiation strategy first? Or we should begin with its roots? Well, to create a negotiations strategy plan, you have to know its basics. Consider the following and learn the basics of a negotiation strategy plan:

Consider Human Behavior: To be successful in negotiation, you have to be aware of all the possible human behavior. You have to know that human behavior can be predictable. You know the things that a client may not want. You can also have an idea of the things that they approve of. In whatever you will say, consider the possible reactions of clients. This way, you may get what you need. Say only things that will point to your aims. If you know that something you will say will not be good, do not say it. Talk only about things that you know will catch the interest of clients. If you can give what they want, you can expect a positive response from them. They will approve of whatever you are suggesting. It will lead to a positive negotiation.Be a Leader: You have to know that you have to show leadership in negotiations. The clients have to see that you know everything that you are talking about. You can lead them throughout the negotiation process. Be the guide to whatever you are doing in business. If you are a successful leader, you can negotiate effectively. You can better explain your business and you can be clear with your purpose. You can also have the chance to get the clients to be impressed with you. And through that, you may get what you need in the negotiation. And as a leader, you can have the direction of your negotiation. It will be easy for you to achieve your goals.Proper Knowledge: In negotiations, you need to have the proper knowledge. Know the company structure so that you will know the things that you will say to clients. Be sure that if they raise any question, you can have the answers to it. You should be also knowledgeable of the deal structure. You should know how to negotiate well. You should know the steps that you should take. Negotiation strategy and planning will make you informed of everything that you can tackle in negotiations. It can help you to make decisions. You should have dynamic knowledge that can help you to accomplish your goal.Communications Protocol: You need to consider communications protocol in negotiations. You should ask the clients what kind of communication will they want to have. You can talk in person. You can talk by the phone. Or you can use email. Make the clients choose the best option for them. This courtesy is good so that even at the first time, the clients will see that you value them. You will have a greater chance that they will agree with you in the negotiation.Know Your Limits: There are certain boundaries and limitations in negotiations. You must know where you stand in the negotiation. You should know your current state so that you will know how to direct your discussion. You should be aware of the things that you can give for the negotiation and what are the things that you cannot permit. For example, if you can only give a certain amount of products for a particular price, you must stick to it and consider your profit. You cannot underprice your product just because the clients are requesting it. You should know your limitations. What is the use of negotiation if you cannot keep your goals? So, you have to get your purpose by considering all the limitations.Make Your Deal Durable: There should be durability in your deal. You have to ensure that it will not fall apart. In this, you need to have the best communication with clients. You have to build a good relationship with them. This will ensure that everything that has been agreed upon in the negotiation will take place. To ensure durability, you must keep in touch with clients to be sure that everything will fall into place. You cannot stop unless everything has been achieved.Illustrate Ethics: The first thing that you need to have in negotiation is ethics. You should show respect to the clients. The clients have to see that you can be good to have a negotiation with. Put honor in your words. You should keep whatever you will say. You should be sincere with everything that you need to discuss with the clients. Arrive on time, be decent always, and provide the necessary materials to the client. You need to be professional in what you do. These are the things that can make clients agree with you.

Tips on Negotiation Strategy Plan

Do you want to see a negotiation strategy plan template or a negotiation strategy plan example? Do you need it because you want to have some tips that you can use in creating a negotiation strategy plan? Good news for you. We can provide some tips for you that you can apply to your plan. They are the following:

Good Planning: In every negotiation, you have to make good planning. You have to plan whatever you will say to the clients. You need to foresee possibilities so that you can get your expectations. Poor planning can make gaps in the negotiation. The clients will not be content with whatever you are proposing. The result will be negative and you will lose your chance. But with good planning, you will be equipped with all the knowledge that you need for the negotiation. You can excel at dealing with clients. You can think of tactics and techniques that you can apply in the negotiation. You can come up with the best strategy.Strengthen Relationships: A good relationship is very important in business. You need to build a good relationship with your clients and you should maintain this relationship. When you have a good relationship with clients, it will be easier for you to convince them of all your goals. You can easily persuade them because they know you. They trust you and will believe whatever you will say. It will be easy for you to make them approve that your business goals can benefit them and they should try your suggestions. All the negotiations in an organization will be successful if the negotiators and the clients know each other.Be Positive: You should have a good outlook when you are having negotiations. You ought to be positive. Always think that you will get what you need. Negative thinking will not do you any good. It will destroy your faith that things will turn out positively. If you will be positive, it can give you a vibrant appearance and a spunk that can produce a good ambiance and can make the clients agree with you. Besides, it is a good way on how you can attract good things. You should believe that you should succeed so that you will be more energized with your work. You can be more enthusiastic thinking that you will get what you are aiming for.Think of the Outcome: You have to premeditate about the future when having negotiations. Think of the result after talking with the clients. Will things turn out positively? Or negatively? Will you get what you need? You have to think of the possible outcome so that you can say only positive things to the clients. Planning a negotiation strategy is necessary so that you can avoid negative results. You cannot risk being disappointed with the negotiation. You have to foresee the things that can make you rejected, so that you will not do them. Think ahead so that you can only do what is right and you can get positive outcomes.Be Articulate: You have to be the best negotiator, you should know. You need to be good at speaking and you have to communicate well. If you are good at communications, you can better explain everything. It is hard to say no with an effective communicator. Good communication skill is something that you should have. It is a key that separates an ordinary negotiator from a master. Have a strong belief and present your ideas in the best value. Be direct in approaching every situation. You should be clear about expectations. Engagingly discuss everything. Do not simply talk, but talk about consequences. Ensure the clients that they will benefit from your company.Maintain Give & Take: Know that in negotiations, both parties should benefit from the decisions. So, you must assure the clients that they can get something good from your company. Enumerate the things that they can benefit from you so that you will persuade them. But you should be clear also about the things that you can get from them. Both must have a win-win situation.

How to Create a Negotiation Strategy Plan

Have you seen a contract negotiation playbook? Have you considered any plan template because you are about to create a negotiation strategy plan? If you are out of ways of how you can create a plan, we can give you some steps that you can use. Read the following:

  • Step 1: Think of the Situation

    No negotiations are similar. You have to assess the current state of the negotiation that you are going to have. You have to know how you can address the situation. Remember, you have to negotiate with someone who may have different goals and objectives. They may have their standards and they have a different approach to every circumstance. So, you need to have effective negotiation skills.

  • Step 2: Consider the Type of Negotiation

    To be prepared for the negotiation, you should know the type of negotiation that you are going to have. There can be three types of negotiation. The first type is when you should have a one-time negotiation with a person. The second one is when you should have repeated meetings with the person. And the last is when you need to have a long-term relationship with the clients. You should be adept with every type of negotiation because each type may be different.

  • Step 3: Consider Conflicts

    There can be conflict situations in negotiations. You should know how to deal with them. Think of all the unique challenges that you can encounter. It is better to know them and be prepared than to have agreement conflict. If you have different views, you should know that strategic initiatives should happen. No trade dispute should take place and you should settle everything.

  • Step 4: Need for an Agreement

    After you have talked over everything, you should know when it is proper to have an agreement. You can discuss this in the negotiation process. An agreement can bind everything and both of you can work together better. So, be ready to draft an agreement that can help both of you.


What Do People Usually Want in Negotiations?

There are certain things that people may want in negotiations. Usually, they are driven by goals and objectives. They should get what they need and follow their motivations. That is the essence of negotiations. To get what could be best for your business.

What Can Happen After a Deal?

When a deal has been made, you are done with the negotiation. You can start to get what you need and begin working on it. The common thing that happens after a deal is having an agreement that both parties can rely on.

What are the Best Criteria for Being Persuasive?

To be persuasive enough, you need to show fairness. Do not take advantage of clients. You need to be fair so that when the other people will see it, they might not reject your offer.

Dealing with clients may be hard sometimes. We need to be persuasive and have effective negotiation skills. But if we will be respectful and willing to offer benefits to the clients, we may get what we need. Are you about to make a negotiation? Do you want a template for a negotiation strategy plan? This post has 3+ SAMPLE Negotiation Strategy Plan in PDF. Download now!